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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Ronald Weinland, a Prophet Behind Bars

Ronald Weinland, minister of the Church of God Preparing for the Kingdom of God, became a self proclaimed Prophet, one of the Two Witnesses also baptising his wife in the bath, making her the second of the Two Witnesses.

Authorities in America didn't take too kindly to have a Prophet making millions from his book, did an investigation into his tax returns. The Prophet was soon facing a prison term.

From 2012 NEWS:

A federal judge sentenced self-styled doomsday prophet Ronald Weinland to three-and-a-half years in prison Wednesday for failing to pay taxes on income he earned while running a worldwide ministry from his Union home for more than a decade.U.S. District Judge Danny Reeves also ordered the 63-year-old to pay $245,176 in back taxes and a $7,000 fine. Weinland was found guilty in June of five counts of income tax evasion for failing to pay taxes on $4.4 million in income from 2004 through 2007, according to court records.

…Reeves said Weinland used ministry donations to pay for his son’s schooling and then tried to mischaracterize the expense as a scholarship. Weinland also used donations to pay for his son’s BMW, daughter’s living expenses and his wife’s trips around the world.McBride said Weinland used donations to pay for everything right down to the designer suit he wore at his own trial.

Herbert W Armstrong predicted persecution was coming on those people who believe in "Jesus Christ and believe in obedience to the commandments of God" (Rev 12:17).

I am another follower of Herbert W Armstrong, accused of being one of the Two Witnesses, have a laser beam placed on me, radio waves and synthetic telepathy beam to the head 24/7. Every day voices are talking to me and do not rest even on the Sabbath. They are targeting people everywhere now, a silent persecution of people whom have different religious and political opinions. Some they set up, others are killed, some they just drive crazy by putting them on mind control programmes.

The future is transhumanism. A technocratic dictatorship under Aquarius and Uranus--the planet of technology. Technology will enslave mankind for the "beast" system. They are doing this today. We need to wake up before it is too late. God heed the day. May Jesus Christ return and smash the final resurrection of the "beast" system (Rev 19:11).

Super Soliders, Dave Corso, Duncan O Finioan Testimony

An Unconventional Friendship : Duncan O'Finioan and David Corso

Pahrump, Nevada, January 2007

We interviewed Dave Corso at his home in Pahrump, Nevada, together with Duncan O'Finioan. Both were part of PROJECT TALENT, an unacknowledged MK-ULTRA military program. These unconventional friends have a strikingly similar background involving Vietnam, a mysterious military base on an island off St Thomas, and frequent symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Both have been known to draw the blinds and sit in the dark with a loaded gun, armed against some hidden threat just on the other side of the front door...

Corso's substantiation of important parts of Duncan's story is significant. Their joint testimony strongly suggests that the US military has a program of super soldiers, not only those like Duncan – with psychic abilities and uncommon strength – but also those in command, who were trained to spot military talent and were skilled in psychotronics, that is: mind control.

Controller and soldier? Who rescued who in the middle of that Cambodian jungle? Their relationship is unclear. But somewhere in the murky waters of the past, two men, from vastly different backgrounds, have come together as friends only to discover that what brings them together may be far more mysterious and sinister than either is prepared to remember.

David Corso Audio

Duncan Finioan

Source: Project Camelot

Monday, 30 December 2013

Quran in Key of the Mysteries

Dabbling around in the occult books to find any information on the Prophet Mohammed and the Quran, the following was found from THE KEY OF THE MYSTERIES (LA CLEF DES GRANDS MYSTERES) BY ELIPHAS LEVI

Mohammed is the shadow of Moses. Moses is the forerunner of Jesus. What is a prophet? A representative of humanity seeking God. God is God, and man is the prophet of God, when he causes us to believe in God. The Old Testament, the Qur'an, and the Gospel are three different translations of the same book. As God is one, so also is the law. O ideal woman! O reward of the elect! Art thou more beautiful than Mary? O Mary, daughter of the East! caste as pure love, great as the desire of motherhood, come and teach the children of Islam the mysteries of Paradise, and the secrets of beauty! Invite them to the festival of the new alliance! There, upon three thrones glittering.

...Nevertheless, do not let us take away from Mohammed the glory of having proclaimed the unity of God among the idolatrous Arabs. There are pure and sublime pages in the Qur'an. In reading those pages, one may say with the children of Ishmael, "There is no other God but God, and Mohammed is his prophet." There are three thrones in heaven for the three prophets of the nations; but, at the end of time, Mohammed will be replaced by Elias.

The Quran came down from the God of Israel and is an extension or a translation of the existing scriptures from the same God. What an admission! Mr Levi was committed to the Roman Catholic church (source Wikipedia) and in fairness has made other comments about Islam in his Key of the Mysteries which are non sensible. Mr Levi accuses Islam of being backward in progress however whilst the Catholic dark ages in Europe where under Inquisitions, the East became a haven of progress even producing notable Jewish scholars. Levi has even harsher words for the Protestants, he remarks, "the Protestants, those eternal regulators of anarchy, who have broken down dogma, and are trying always to fill the void with reasonings". A common theme in occult literature tends to denote Protestantism as having any real moral basis for its existence, Levi is of this class. Under my current surveillance the "perpetrators" have blocked access to some occult literature, videos and books. Research will always be limited as to what the occult really believes about Islam and the Quran in general, although it would be an interesting subject to research.

The Quran shows many things left out of the Bible. For instance it shows what is going to happen to people on the Great White Throne Judgement (Surah 56) known as the Second Resurrection (Rev 20:11-15). People are divided up into three classes. One group that appears are those part of the first resurrection (Rev 20:4-5; Surah 56:10-15). The great part of humanity will be divided up into two parts: Those on the left who will go into the fire (Surah 56:9) and those on the right who will inherit salvation (Surah 56:8). The same is true in the Bible with the separation of the sheep and the goats (Matthew 25:31-46). The Quran is the most misunderstood book on the earth, more so, than the Holy Bible. Universal salvation will happen in the age of the return of Jesus Christ, but during the Second Resurrection, all of mankind will be judged by their own Personal Record, the Bible and how they lived their lives. The overwhelming majority will inherit salvation and those who are the incorrigible wicked will not be in paradise. The Quran compliments the Bible when properly understood.

Robin Cook and Sen Paul Wellstone

Robin Cook, a Member of Parliament, died shortly after criticising the Blair government, and going into war against Iraq. He died on Saturday 6 August 2005, while out walking in the Scottish highlands.

In America, Sen Paul Wellstone, a Jewish politican was also killed before his chance to vote against the Iraq invasion. In 2002, he was the only Senator facing reelection to vote against the congressional authorization for the war in Iraq. Eleven days before his 2002 U.S. Senate election, Wellstone died in a plane crash in Eveleth. (source: Wikipedia).

It may surprise some but the power elite murder Jews to enable political Zionism to succeed under Rome's firm hand. Political Zionism is not based on Judaism, nor is it linked to the Torah or British Israelism but to the Catholic order of the Jesuits. True Zionism will promote the 613 Laws of the Torah, British Israelism and will be an outspoken voice against Catholicism. This is "Armstrongism", one of the true forms of Zionism. Eric Jon Phelps has six definitions of Zionism, here is his assessments from a letter: (Source:

Dear Brother Troy,

The six Zionisms are:

1. Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists—who worked for the pope during WWI, WWII and the founding of Israel which Rome considers to be its revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.

2. Revisionist Zionists—led by Jabotinsky who was murdered in Hunter, New York, and whose followers were neutralized or murdered by the Labor Zionists. The classic on Vladimir Jabotinsky is Lone Wolf in two volumes.

3. Orthodox Talmudic Zionists—led by extreme Orthodox rabbis who believe that the racial/religious Jewish people have no right to live in the land of Israel until the Messiah arrives. Thus, they are ignorant of their own Hebrew Scriptures which clearly state that when Messiah appears there must be a nation of Israel and a Jerusalem inhabited by Jews to save from invading Gentile armies.

4. Christian Zionists—led by pro-Jesuit futurists who back both the government of Israel and the right of the Jewish people to the land of Israel. They refuse to distinguish between the government of Israel (which is evil and ruled from Rome via the Order’s Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists) and the Lord’s beloved Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic people living in the land promised to Abraham and his seed forever in Genesis 15:18.

5. Anti-Jesuit/anti-Vatican Christian Zionists—led by anti-Jesuit, biblical futurists holding to a literal reading of the prophets, maintaining that the beloved Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic people have a right to live in their promised land apart from obedience to the law of Moses, now done away. They abhor the government of Israel as being totally controlled by Rome through the pope’s New York City-based Council on Foreign Relations to the detriment of the Jewish people living in Israel. They oppose the government of Israel, but defend the Jewish people’s right to live in the promised land of Israel to the exclusion of all Arabs and non-racial Jews.

6. The Lord Jesus Christ—the foremost Biblical Zionist who will restore the Kingdom of David upon his return, will smash all Gentile political and military power, and will rule the world bringing comfort to Zion (Jerusalem).

These are the six Zionists. I am of the fifth catagory.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric

Eric Jon Phelps may hold views that are not necessarily mine. But I like to disseminate as many views as possible. Many Orthodox Jews oppose Political Zionism. Zionism is used by Rome to keep Israel (Judah) under her control so a newly rebuilt Temple can be established then Catholicism will rule from Jerusalem in a final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire (Rev 13, 17, 18). Evangelicals understand and know this as the final Antichrist.

Veteran's Today is convinced Sen Paul Wellston was murdered. In their article, Sen. Paul Wellstone: More Proof of Assassination, a former CIA snitch, believes it was a hit, he said:

“having played ball (and still playing, in some respects) with this current crop of reinvigorated old white men, these clowns are nobody to screw around with. There will be a few more strategic accidents. You can be sure of that.”
The article questions the investigation work of the authorities and believes some form of microwave activity may also be to blame.

The article writes, "What had struck me about the crash was the apparent cessation of communication commensurate with the loss of control, an event that had happened shortly before the crash, which took place about 10:20 AM. The possible causes I considered were a small bomb, a gas canister, or some type of high-tech weapon in the RF (radio frequency) or EMP (electromagnetic pulse) family. One advantage of such weapons is that the public generally does not know they exist."

Laser beams can blow out electrics from my experience. They make my lights go on and off. They blew out my hi fi system leaving it smelling of electrics. My car radio was also blown out, and giving me over 4-5 flat tyres in three different cars. They could easily stop a plane's electrics from working. Not difficult with a laser beam. Mine is blue/purple which can be viewed when pointing a camera at a heat source and have several witnesses who also saw it.

We will never really know what happened to Robin Cook and Sen Paul Wellstone but both met with untimely deaths shortly after speaking out against two military invasions. We are living in an age where Jesus says there will be great tribulation and they will kill the true servants of righteousness (Matthew 10:17-25; 24:9). Thy Kingdom Come!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

A.L.I.C.E Chatter Boxes

Brain entrainment software:

- Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity – A.L.I.C.E.

ALICE is a synthetic telepathy audio software package designed to drive people temporarily insane. In his book ‘Project Soul Catcher‘, Robert Duncan describes a software automation tool known as a chatter ‘bot’ – short for robot – that can hold a conversation with a human indefinitely, using the same technology as synthetic telepathy.

ALICE will not stop talking to you unless you stop thinking. The moment you think, it will pick up on the thought and play it back to you in some way. It can deliver a subvocal non-stop chorus of male/female synthetic voices and sounds – scornful laughter etc, using invective, and comments on TI feelings.

For example, if a Targeted Individual had received a letter reminding of failure to pay a utility bill on time – something quite likely to happen given perpetrator application of memory reduction, the robotic chorus might say “He didn’t have something important to remember, did he?” This could be repeated many times, with an echo of binaural beats in the background.

The object is to change the frequency of the TI’s mind patterns to one imposed by the perpetrators – referred to as brain entrainment. In my case, the robotic system was applied non-stop for the first two weeks of mental targeting. After that was withdrawn.

The robotic system is usually pre-programmed with recordings of a TI’s thoughts over a period of several weeks. It can be totally automated or interlinked with perpetrator real-time input. If the TI stops participating, invective or sounds like laughter or hissing may follow. Shortly afterwards the software starts again on some other topic.

It is possible to block the system temporarily by replying to its questions with new questions that can send the system into a closed feedback loop. For example if you ask ‘how are you’, ‘how happy are you’, ‘how old are you’, or even ‘who is your leader’, the system will temporarily pause. But it is a lot simpler just to listen to music that drowns out the sound, and many TIs report that they use this method, with some success.


My Comment

The individual who wrote this article only had two weeks of these chatterboxes. Mine has been 24/7 for 10 months now. They use these chatterboxes on me. Male and female voices, use phonetic speech at times so that you will deliberately mishear them. Voices usually tell me to kill myself, or say they are the police or some occult society or Israel who are going to arrest me later to kill me in police custody. It appears to me from my research to be one of the most vicious systems to put on me, because others only have these voices either part of the day or it ends after several weeks or months. This system is designed to kill people. They also create car accidents which I have survived. The torture is senseless in the extreme. They talk about conspiracy and the occult to name a few relentlessly. Another trick of theirs is to use forced speech, where they will force you to talk about conspiracy subjects out in the open, even when walking down the road, to make you look crazy.

Wonder Weapons

The Pentagon's quest for nonlethal arms is amazing. But is it smart?


Tucked away in the corner of a drab industrial park in Huntington Beach, Calif., is a windowless, nondescript building. Inside, under extremely tight security, engineers and scientists are working on devices whose ordinary appearance masks the oddity of their function. One is cone shaped, about the size of a fire hydrant. Another is a 3-foot-long metal tube, mounted on a tripod, with some black boxes at the operator's end. These are the newest weapons of war.

For hundreds of years, sci-fi writers have imagined weapons that might use energy waves or pulses to knock out, knock down, or otherwise disable enemies--without necessarily killing them. And for a good 40 years the U.S. military has quietly been pursuing weapons of this sort. Much of this work is still secret, and it has yet to produce a usable "nonlethal" weapon. But now that the cold war has ended and the United States is engaged in more humanitarian and peacekeeping missions, the search for weapons that could incapacitate people without inflicting lethal injuries has intensified. Police, too, are keenly interested. Scores of new contracts have been let, and scientists, aided by government research on the "bio effects" of beamed energy, are searching the electromagnetic and sonic spectrums for wavelengths that can affect human behavior. Recent advancements in miniaturized electronics, power generation, and beam aiming may finally have put such pulse and beam weapons on the cusp of practicality, some experts say.

Weapons already exist that use lasers, which can temporarily or permanently blind enemy soldiers. So-called acoustic or sonic weapons, like the ones in the aforementioned lab, can vibrate the insides of humans to stun them, nauseate them, or even "liquefy their bowels and reduce them to quivering diarrheic messes," according to a Pentagon briefing. Prototypes of such weapons were recently considered for try out when U.S. troops intervened in Somalia. Other, stranger effects also have been explored, such as using electromagnetic waves to put human targets to sleep or to heat them up, on the microwave-oven principle. Scientists are also trying to make a sonic cannon that throws a shock wave with enough force to knock down a man.

While this and similar weapons may seem far-fetched, scientists say they are natural successors to projects already underway--beams that disable the electronic systems of aircraft, computers, or missiles, for instance. "Once you are into these anti materiel weapons, it is a short jump to antipersonnel weapons," says Louis Slesin, editor of the trade journal Microwave News. That's because the human body is essentially an electrochemical system, and devices that disrupt the electrical impulses of the nervous system can affect behavior and body functions. But these programs--particularly those involving antipersonnel research--are so well guarded that details are scarce. "People [in the military] go silent on this issue," says Slesin, "more than any other issue. People just do not want to talk about this."

Projects underway

To learn what the Pentagon has been doing, U.S. News talked to more than 70 experts and scoured biomedical and engineering journals, contracts, budgets, and research proposals. The effort to develop exotic weapons is surprising in its range. Scores of projects are underway, most with funding of several hundred thousand dollars each. One Air Force lab plans to spend more than $100 million by 2003 to research the "bio effects" of such weaponry.

The benefits of bloodless battles for soldiers and law enforcement are obvious. But the search for new weapons--cloaked as they are in secrecy--faces hurdles. One is the acute scepticism of many conventional-weapons experts. "It is interesting technology but it won't end bloodshed and wars," says Harvey Sapolsky, director of the Security Studies Program at MIT. Says Charles Bernard, a former Navy weapons-research director: "I have yet to see one of these ray gun things that actually works." And if they do work, other problems arise: Some so-called nonlethal weapons could end up killing rather than just disabling victims if used at the wrong range. Others may easily be thwarted by shielding.

Sterner warnings come from ethicists. Years ago the world drafted conventions and treaties to attempt to set rules for the use of bullets and bombs in war. But no treaties govern the use of unconventional weapons. And no one knows what will happen to people exposed to them over the long term.

Moreover, medical researchers worry that their work on such things as the use of electromagnetic waves to stimulate hearing in the deaf or to halt seizures in epileptics might be used to develop weaponry. In fact, the military routinely has approached the National Institutes of Health for research information. "DARPA [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] has come to us every few years to see if there are ways to incapacitate the central nervous system remotely," Dr. F. Terry Hambrecht, head of the Neural Prosthesis Program at NIH, told U.S. News. "But nothing has ever come of it," he said. "That is too science fiction and far-fetched." Still, the Pentagon plans to conduct human testing with lasers and acoustics in the future, says Charles Swett, an assistant for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict. Swett insists that the testing will be constrained and highly ethical. It may not be far off. The U.S. Air Force expects to have microwave weapons by the year 2015 and other nonlethal weaponry sooner. "When that does happen," warns Steven Metz, professor of national security affairs at the U.S. Army War College, "I think there will be a public uproar. We need an open debate on them now."

Laser ethics

What happened with U.S. forces in Somalia foreshadows the impending ethical dilemmas. In early 1995, some U.S. marines were supplied with so-called dazzling lasers. The idea was to inflict as little harm as possible if Somalis turned hostile. But the marines' commander then decided that the lasers should be "de-tuned" to prevent the chance of their blinding citizens. With their intensity thus diminished, they could be used only for designating or illuminating targets.

On March 1, 1995, commandos of U.S. Navy SEAL Team 5 were positioned at the south end of Mogadishu airport. At 7 a.m., a technician from the Air Force's Phillips Laboratory, developer of the lasers, used one to illuminate a Somali man armed with a rocket-propelled grenade. A SEAL sniper shot and killed the Somali. There was no question the Somali was aiming at the SEALs. But the decision not to use the laser to dazzle or temporarily blind the man irks some of the nonlethal-team members. "We were not allowed to disable these guys because that was considered inhumane," said one. "Putting a bullet in their head is somehow more humane?"

Despite such arguments, the International Red Cross and Human Rights Watch have since led a fight against antipersonnel lasers. In the fall of 1995, the United States signed a treaty that prohibits the development of lasers designed "to cause permanent blindness." Still, laser weapons are known to have been developed by the Russians, and proliferation is a big concern. Also, the treaty does not forbid dazzling or "glare" lasers, whose effects are temporary. U.S. military labs are continuing work in this area, and commercial contractors are marketing such lasers to police.

Acoustic pain

The next debate may well focus on acoustic or sonic weapons. Benign sonic effects are certainly familiar, ranging from the sonic boom from an airplane to the ultrasound instrument that "sees" a baby in the uterus. The military is looking for something less benign--an acoustic weapon with frequencies tunable all the way up to lethal. Indeed, Huntington Beach-based Scientific Applications & Research Associates Inc. (SARA) has built a device that will make internal organs resonate: The effects can run from discomfort to damage or death. If used to protect an area, its beams would make intruders increasingly uncomfortable the closer they get. "We have built several prototypes," says Parviz Parhami, SARA's CEO. Such acoustic fences, he says, could be deployed today. He estimates that five to 10 years will be needed to develop acoustic rifles and other more exotic weapons, but adds, "I have heard people as optimistic as one to two years." The military also envisions acoustic fields being used to control riots or to clear paths for convoys.

SARA's acoustic devices have already been tested at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, near the company's Huntington Beach office. And they were considered for Somalia. "We asked for acoustics," says one nonlethal weapons expert who was there. But the Department of Defense said, "No," since they were still untested. The Pentagon feared they could have caused permanent injury to pregnant women, the old, or the sick. Parhami sees acoustics "as just one more tool" for the military and law enforcement. "Like any tool, I suppose this can be abused," he says. "But like any tool, it can be used in a humane and ethical way."

Toward the end of World War II, the Germans were reported to have made a different type of acoustic device. It looked like a large cannon and sent out a sonic boom like shock wave that in theory could have felled a B-17 bomber. In the mid-1940s, the U.S. Navy created a program called Project Squid to study the German vortex technology. The results are unknown. But Guy Obolensky, an American inventor, says he replicated the Nazi device in his laboratory in 1949. Against hard objects the effect was astounding, he says: It could snap a board like a twig. Against soft targets like people, it had a different effect. "I felt like I had been hit by a thick rubber blanket," says Obolensky, who once stood in its path. The idea seemed to founder for years until recently, when the military was intrigued by its nonlethal possibilities. The Army and Navy now have vortex projects underway. The SARA lab has tested its prototype device at Camp Pendleton, one source says.

Electromagnetic heat

The Soviets were known to have potent blinding lasers. They were also feared to have developed acoustic and radio-wave weapons. The 1987 issue of Soviet Military Power, a cold war Pentagon publication, warned that the Soviets might be close to "a prototype short-range tactical RF [radio frequency] weapon." The Washington Post reported that year that the Soviets had used such weapons to kill goats at 1 kilometer's range. The Pentagon, it turns out, has been pursuing similar devices since the 1960s.

Typical of some of the more exotic proposals are those from Clay Easterly. Last December, Easterly--who works at the Health Sciences Research Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory--briefed the Marine Corps on work he had conducted for the National Institute of Justice, which does research on crime control. One of the projects he suggested was an electromagnetic gun that would "induce epileptic like seizures." Another was a "thermal gun [that] would have the operational effect of heating the body to 105 to 107" degrees Fahrenheit. Such effects would bring on discomfort, fevers, or even death.

But, unlike the work on blinding lasers and acoustic weapons, progress here has been slow. The biggest problem is power. High-powered microwaves intended to heat someone standing 200 yards away to 105 degrees Fahrenheit may kill someone standing 10 yards away. On the other hand, electromagnetic fields weaken quickly with distance from the source. And beams of such energy are difficult to direct to their target. Mission Research Corp. of Albuquerque, N.M., has used a computer model to study the ability of microwaves to stimulate the body's peripheral nervous system. "If sufficient peripheral nerves fire, then the body shuts down to further stimulus, producing the so-called stun effect," an abstract states. But, it concludes, "the ranges at which this can be done are only a few meters."

Nonetheless, government laboratories and private contractors are pursuing numerous similar programs. A 1996 Air Force Scientific Advisory Board report on future weapons, for instance, includes a classified section on a radio frequency or "RF Gunship." Other military documents confirm that radio-frequency antipersonnel weapons programs are underway. And the Air Force's Armstrong Laboratory at Brooks Air Force Base in Texas is heavily engaged in such research. According to budget documents, the lab intends to spend more than $110 million over the next six years "to exploit less-than-lethal biological effects of electromagnetic radiation for Air Force security, peacekeeping, and war-fighting operations."

Low-frequency sleep

From 1980 to 1983, a man named Eldon Byrd ran the Marine Corps Nonlethal Electromagnetic Weapons project. He conducted most of his research at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute in Bethesda, Md. "We were looking at electrical activity in the brain and how to influence it," he says. Byrd, a specialist in medical engineering and bio effects, funded small research projects, including a paper on vortex weapons by Obolensky. He conducted experiments on animals--and even on himself--to see if brain waves would move into sync with waves impinging on them from the outside. (He found that they would, but the effect was short lived.)

By using very low frequency electromagnetic radiation--the waves way below radio frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum--he found he could induce the brain to release behavior-regulating chemicals. "We could put animals into a stupor," he says, by hitting them with these frequencies. "We got chick brains--in vitro--to dump 80 per cent of the natural opioids in their brains," Byrd says. He even ran a small project that used magnetic fields to cause certain brain cells in rats to release histamine. In humans, this would cause instant flulike symptoms and produce nausea. "These fields were extremely weak. They were undetectable," says Byrd. "The effects were nonlethal and reversible. You could disable a person temporarily," Byrd hypothesizes. "It [would have been] like a stun gun."

Byrd never tested any of his hardware in the field, and his program, scheduled for four years, apparently was closed down after two, he says. "The work was really outstanding," he grumbles. "We would have had a weapon in one year." Byrd says he was told his work would be unclassified, "unless it works." Because it worked, he suspects that the program "went black." Other scientists tell similar tales of research on electromagnetic radiation turning top secret once successful results were achieved. There are clues that such work is continuing. In 1995, the annual meeting of four-star U.S. Air Force generals--called CORONA--reviewed more than 1,000 potential projects. One was called "Put the Enemy to Sleep/Keep the Enemy From Sleeping." It called for exploring "acoustics," "microwaves," and "brain-wave manipulation" to alter sleep patterns. It was one of only three projects approved for initial investigation.

Direct contact

As the military continues its search for nonlethal weapons, one device that works on contact has already hit the streets. It is called the "Pulse Wave Myotron." A sales video shows it in action. A big, thuggish-looking "criminal" approaches a well-dressed woman. As he tries to choke her, she touches him with a white device about the size of a pack of cigarettes. He falls to the floor in a fetal position, seemingly paralyzed but with eyes open, and he does not recover for minutes.

"Contact with the Myotron," says the narrator, "feels like millions of tiny needles are sent racing through the body. This is a result of scrambling the signals from the motor cortex region of the brain," he says. "It is horrible," says William Gunby, CEO of the company that developed the Myotron. "It is no toy." The Myotron overrides voluntary--but not involuntary--muscle movements, so the victim's vital functions are maintained. Sales are targeted at women, but law enforcement officers and agencies--including the Arizona state police and bailiffs with the New York Supreme Court--have purchased the device, Gunby says. A special model built for law enforcement, called the Black Widow, is being tested by the FBI, he says. "I hope they don't order a lot soon," he adds. "The Russian government just ordered 100,000 of them, and I need to replenish my stock."

The U.S. military also has shown interest in the Myotron. "About the time of the gulf war, I got calls from people in the military," recalls Gunby. "They asked me about bonding the Myotron's pulse wave to a laser beam so that everyone in the path of the laser would collapse." While it could not be done, Gunby says, he nonetheless was warned to keep quiet. "I was told that these calls were totally confidential," he says, "and that they would completely deny it if I ever mentioned it."

Some say such secrecy is necessary in new-weapons development. But others think it is a mistake. "Because the programs are secret, the sponsorship is low level, and the technology is unconventional," says William Arkin of Human Rights Watch Arms Project, "the military has not done any of the things to determine if the money is being well spent or the programs are a good idea." It should not be long before the evidence is in.


Please Note: This information was made available in 1997

Microwaving targeted individuals: End rights abuses Barrett tells government

by Deborah Dupre

Bush and Obama administration's widespread human rights abuses includes assaulting Targeted Individuals with Directed Energy Weapons says famous author Dr. Kevin Barrett

The U.S. murdering, disappearing, torturing, terrorizing and assaulting with Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) innocent targeted individuals, its own citizens, has no business criticizing other nations and needs to clean up its own act to have any credibility on human rights, according to controversial author Dr. Kevin Barrett on Thursday afternoon, also asserting that the U.S. needs to heed former President Jimmy Carter’s call to obey its own Constitution.

“A government that extra-judicially murders, disappears, and tortures its own citizens should clean up its own act before it criticizes other nations," blasted Dr. Barrett Thursday, joining many other rights defenders hailing Jimmy Carter's written recent statement since he released it in the New York Times.

"The US should heed former President Carter and start obeying its own Constitution if it wants to have any credibility on human rights,” human rights defender Dr. Barrett asserted in a written statement released by Press TV on Thursday afternoon titled, 'Disable the purveyors': Is US secretly liquidating dissidents?

President Carter has accused the current president of “widespread abuse of human rights.”

As other American rights defenders also wonder under today’s administration, Barrett asks, “Will writing this article put me on a US government hit list? “Twenty years ago, such a question would have sounded absurd. Today, with the USA becoming more of a banana republic every day, it sounds increasingly realistic.”

Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America's best-known critics of the War on Terror. He has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host. He's co-founder of the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance, and author of the books Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie (2007) and Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters (2009). His website is there are worse places to be a dissident than the U.S.?

Barrett asserts that until recently, if American dissidents wanted to cross the line to get arrested, they’d have to actually threaten to physically harm the President or another high official.

“But the post-9/11 USA is no longer a beacon of human rights. As former President Jimmy Carter recently wrote in the New York Times, ‘The United States is abandoning its role as the global champion of human rights.

"In his article, Carter points out that top US officials are now openly targeting US citizens for political assassination, ‘disappearance,’ unlimited surveillance, and other forms of gross human rights abuse.’”

ABC News reported Thursday, "Carter criticized the current president for keeping the Guantanamo Bay detention center open, where prisoners 'have been tortured by waterboarding more than 100 times or intimidated with semiautomatic weapons, power drills or threats to sexually assault their mothers.

"The former president blasted the government for allowing 'unprecedented violations of our rights to privacy through warrantless wiretapping and government mining of our electronic communications.'"

Barrett, however, takes the covert abuse to a new level, that of Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs), one in which thousands of targeted individuals have alleged for years, many taking their claims of abuse to the president's Bio-ethics Commission in 2011.

Defense Update, the international online defense magazine reports that lasers, high power electro-magnetic pulse and directional acoustic weapons are part of the so-called "non-lethal weapon" arsenal.

“Since we now know that a secret National Security committee is ordering the murder of American citizens, and since we know the CIA has the power to easily simulate deaths from illness and accident, we might as well assume that every time a dissident dies unexpectedly, he or she has been murdered by the US government," Barrett asserts, as targeted individuals have been trying to tell the public for over a decade, especially since September, 2001, well before such orders and technology became more mainstream.

Microwave weapon assaults and death threats against innocent people seeking truth and exposing about high-level crime

President Obama's information czar Cass Sunstein has openly advocated in his article, “Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures,” that the US government should “disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories.”

“Sunstein's article “Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures” argues that “conspiracy theories” (by which he means the 9/11 truth movement) are so dangerous that the government should ‘cognitively infiltrate” 9/11 truth groups, ‘disable’ those who spread these ideas, and possibly even make the ideas illegal,” explains Barrett.

“One way to ‘disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories’ is to terrorize them with death threats. This is precisely what happened recently in Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia.”

On June 13, Dr. James Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, was scheduled to speak at the University Heights Community Center in Seattle. Shortly before the event, the Community Center received a letter that read:

““Community Center, the 9/11 truth event on June 13th is going to be attacked to Kill Jim Fetzer because he says 'Space Beams' brought down the Twin Towers. The attack may be a bomb or fire bomb or maybe just gun fire. The Bombing may come at a future date to pay you back for supporting the 9/11 truth movement. Kill Jim Fetzer and the 9/11 truth movement. Kill Jim Fetzer (repeated 6 times).

“Kill University Heights Community Center (repeated twice)

“Kill you now.””

Detective Kerry Hays of the Seattle Police Department is investigating the case, according to Barrett who says that the Community Center hastily canceled Dr. Fetzer's talk. Another venue was found at the last minute.

“Then a few days later, a similar death threat was emailed to the owner of the Denman Theater in Vancouver, British Columbia, where Dr. Fetzer was organizing the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings.

That time, the threat named Barrett, Press TV Canadian correspondent Joshua Blakeney as well as Dr. Fetzer.

"Fortunately, the theater owner was too busy hosting the event to read his email, so he did not become aware of the threat until the Hearings were over," Barrett reports, saying, "Death threats are one way to “disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories.” Actual assassinations are another.

A long list of targeted individuals trying to expose the truth of 9/11 met untimely, suspicious deaths. Many have experienced and reported being assaulted with DEWs.

(Watch embedded YouTube video on this page with Barrie Towers explaining the DEW assaults burns and other injuries, physical and mental, that targeted individuals are experiencing and consistently reporting.)

Barrett reminds the reader about Barry Jennings, Dr. David Graham, Mike Ruppert, Byron Belitsos, Justin Raymondos, David Ray Griffith, Bob Bowman, Lyn Margulis and many others :

““Barry Jennings, the deputy director of Emergency Services Department for the New York City Housing Authority on 9/11, appears to have been murdered after speaking publicly about explosions he witnessed that partly demolished World Trade Center Building 7 on the morning of 9/11. (The demolition of WTC-7, begun in the morning, was completed shortly after 5:20 that afternoon, after WTC owner Larry Silverstein and colleagues 'made the decision to pull' the building according to Silverstein's own statement.)”

““Dr. David Graham of Shreveport, Louisiana, was murdered - apparently by the FBI - for writing a book about two of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, who were obvious intelligence assets controlled by people at Barksdale Air Force Base. Graham was poisoned with ethelene glycol (antifreeze). The case is discussed in Sander Hicks' new book Slingshot to the Juggernaut.”

“"It might be objected that Jennings and Graham were murdered because they were eyewitnesses to a State Crime Against Democracy, or SCAD, not because they were dissidents. Is there any evidence that the US government (or a rogue network infiltrating it) is “disabling the purveyors” of dangerous ideas by killing or otherwise physically harming them, even if they are not eyewitnesses?”

““Mike Ruppert, the original leader of the 9/11 truth movement, writes that his office was attacked by microwave and/or EMF weapons after he began publishing critiques of the official story of 9/11. The attacks may have contributed to Ruppert's poor health and distraught frame of mind, which led him to quit the 9/11 truth movement and temporarily flee the USA in 2006.”

“"Publisher Byron Belitsos, told Barrett that he and many other 9/11 truth organizers in California were targeted by EMF or microwave weapons during the first years after 9/11.”

““Belitsos says the weapons were wielded by men in plain white vans that would park in front of the victim's house, and that victims suffered immediate and sometimes extreme health effects including headaches, ringing in the ears, nausea, vomiting, severe depression, dizziness, and loss of consciousness.”

“"Justin Raimondo, the pioneer investigator of Israeli complicity in 9/11, was warned away from the subject - and after he disregarded the warning, he suffered a severe heart attack, despite his relative youth and excellent physical condition. Since his mysterious heart attack, Raimondo has stayed away from the subject of 9/11, and has remained in good health.”

“"David Ray Griffin, the world's leading voice of 9/11 truth, suffered a partially-disabling stroke in the summer of 2010. While he has recovered sufficiently to continue to write and research, the stroke left him with a slight aphasia that has ended his career as a prolific public speaker.”

“"Dr. Bob Bowman, the former head of Star Wars under two US presidents, has had his 9/11 truth efforts slowed by his struggle with cancer.”

“"Even more tragically, the most prestigious scientist ever to take up the cause of 9/11 truth, Lynn Margulis, died of a stroke November 22, 2011. When I last spoke to Lynn, less than a year before her death, she told me she did not want to speak publicly about 9/11 any more, because “politics is too dangerous.” She sounded scared - like someone had warned or threatened her.”

"Steven Jones, the physics professor who was forced out of Brigham Young University for researching the demolition of the World Trade Center, was warned to stop by a “connected” colleague. Jones did the right thing: he immediately went public about the apparent threat.

Barrett says that Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, might have also "been attacked by the type of EMF or microwave weapon described by Ruppert and Belitsos."

"In the summer of 2009, in Washington, DC, Gage suddenly suffered vertigo and hearing loss. Activist colleagues who were present suspect some kind of covert attack. Today, Gage still suffers from the after-effects: partial loss of hearing in one ear.

Thousands of targeted individuals who have tried to raise awareness about their plight to survive being attacked by EMF weapons would find comfort in Barrett's following words: "Though some consider microwave and EMF weapons the stuff of science fiction, Maj. Doug Rokke, Ph.D., the former head of the US Army's depleted uranium clean up project after Gulf War I, says these weapons are very real, and commonly used in military circles."

Rokke described to Barrett he personally used such weapons on a regular basis while training with Special Forces at US Army facilities:

““'We had them van-mounted, truck-mounted, plane-mounted, and hand-carried. We would go around zapping each other for fun. This was during exercises, or sometimes just as a practical joke.' Rokke assured me that, based on his first hand knowledge of US military mind-set and capabilities, 9/11 truth activists have undoubtedly been targeted by exotic non-lethal (and lethal) weapons.”

"Will writing this article put me on a US government hit list?" Barrett again asks.

"Twenty years ago, such a question would have sounded absurd. Today, with the USA becoming more of a banana republic every day, it sounds increasingly realistic."


Barrie Trower Talks with Victims of Non-Consensual Microwave and EMF Experimentation and Testing

Diary Post: 29 December 2013

Last night, 28 / 12/ 13, had synthetic telepathy all night in bed as usual, but this time full of death threats. Masonic numbers here, 2,8,1,2 = 13. Year 13. Masonry uses the "odd" numbers according to their own literature (i.e. 3,9,11,13). Continually had people telling me all night to kill myself, do the world a favour, they were coming around with the police and arrest me and I would be found hanging in a police cell. We'll it wouldn't be down to me and this is on the record here. They would have to murder me.

13 is the number of rebellion. From

The enemies of God and his people, as named in Scripture, are generally multiples of 13. The primary example of this is the great enemy himself, Satan. Although we may give the English for the sake of clearness, the Gematria (the values formed by the letters of the words themselves) are always based on the original Hebrew or Greek.

The number thirteen is associated with rebellion and depravity and is used fifteen times in the Bible. All the names of Satan are divisible by thirteen. Nimrod, the chief rebel after the flood, was the thirteenth in the line of Ham. In their thirteenth year of servitude, the kings of the nations rebelled (Genesis 14:4). Twelve represents the government of God and thirteen represents the governments of men in rebellion against God.


Thirteen refers to death and resurrection into new life; it thus connects with the regeneration typified by the bath. wenty-six is the number of Jehovah. In the Authorised Version the same Psalms appear as 14 and 27.

The people behind the harassment (possibly GCHQ) or a mind control programme connected to a University obviously know the importance of numbers and meanings. They were hoping for a death and rebirth by telling me to kill myself on a 13, 13. They also tried to kill me off in a car accident on the anniversary of the President of Kennedy who was outspoken against secret societies. See the video below.

The people behind these mind control programmes are Masons who know about numbers and like to use important anniversaries to prove points to others. President Obama was given a picture of President Kennedy as a reminder to him to tow the party line or he will end up the same way.

They target people who look for occult knowledge since the mind control programmes are designed by esoteric societies These societies use magical powers to gain secret knowledge and to compel people against their wills. Mind control works by compelling against individual will, a form of black magic. Read Arthur's Waite The Ceremonial Magic book to learn about this type of black magic. The mind controllers hide behind the occult when wanting to section someone into a mental hospital if they are targeting someone who has studied some occult material. Then the government can blame a secret occult group for the targeting.

Most occult groups wouldn't waste their time and money tracking and mind controlling a Christian, if they had any real power, they would use a "familiar" spirit to do their bidding. Governments have unlimited black budgets that use this type of technology having the ability to carry out heinous acts. Jesuits would use the "intelligence" agency, particularly in America where most of those who run the CIA are Roman Catholic. But we can never be certain who these people really are because they will hide under many different fronts.

Anyway, it doesn't get any better with the mind control programmes. The powers that be do not let up even during the Festival of Saturnalia (which we call Christmas). The voices continued and just as evil as always. But since the festival was historically a bloody festival often with mobs in Europe, putting a Jew to death, called the "fall guy". Later, this went over to the rich. Law was suspended during Saturnalia, mobs would then roam the streets to target the rich. Today we have abandoned that old custom, with the rich robbing the poor instead through merchandising the festival with people getting into heavy debt. How times change.

My experience shows democracy is a lie. There is a secret unaccountable government. People in power give lip service to God or Jesus Christ. They talk about the poor whilst they experiment on them with mind control. They talk about freedom whilst using radio waves, microwaves to sneak into people's computers, turning cameras on or off, listen to every telephone call. The UK government has been listening to every telephone call since the 1980s from Menwith Hill. So nothing is ever what it seems. These experimental tools are used to kill people off, since when do they tell people with voices that they are under surveillance to the head or from the sky? They are getting rid of people silently through a quiet holocaust, behind closed doors. The targets tend to be well educated, over 40, single with very little support. Most will end up crazy under this system and nobody would be righteous enough to enter Paradise under mind control. Considering Jesus' teaching that even a wrong thought is sufficient to leave one outside of Paradise (Matthew 5).

The people in power worship a physical being they can describe in their occult books, as Lucifer or Azazel or Samael. Christians, Jews and righteous Muslims worship the God of Israel. Azazel is the ringleader of the demons, and runs this earth, according to the righteous judgement of YHWH. God has allowed this because the demons are given a reprieve until Judgement Day, the Day of Atonement for Lucifer. God steps in and stops whatever may conflict against His will, but to enable free will, evil is allowed to be in power, and to reign until the "redemption" or return of Jesus Christ. Mind control takes away this God given right of free will, a heinous crime against humanity. One has to be literally insane to support such a concept, or believe in the works of Azazel and Isis. Demons can repent believe it or not, few probably do in fairness, so even the concept of compelling demons is a violation of "free will" (see Quran, Surah 55). Christians, Muslims and Jews understand evil will be in power before the return of the Messiah, each has their own version of events. Let's hope that Jesus Christ returns soon.

President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech version 2

Kabbalists and Quran

For some time I thought that I was going insane when reading the Quran and understanding it from my Judeo Christian heritage and listening to Wade Cox of the Christian Churches of God explain some of its contents.

It now transpires from my research others (some who are Kabbalists) are aware of the Quran and the role of Muhammed, yet this is not preached to the masses of the people. Christians, Jews and Muslims would be aghast that kabbalists see the Quran as a continuation of the same God in the Bible. Perhaps leaving the shackles of political Zionism frees the mind to accept many possibilities. We have already learned that some Karaite Jews, a small number, also accept the authority of Muhammed and the Quran. Now, one Christian Jewish church also accepts the Quran and the Prophet Muhammed.

Now from the Works of the Chariot provides an interesting religious assessment of Judaism From Works of the Chariot Chapter One:

The authority of the Pharisees evolved from the growing prominence of the academies of Jewish learning that started to appear in the late fifth century BCE under the tolerant regime of the Persians, after hundreds of years of Assyrian and Babylonian repression.

... Their special knowledge drew an excess of reverential regard from the masses of people who were not privy to it, for which Master Yeshuvah (Jesus) and later Master Muhammad chastised them. The masses hence became the laity outside of this elite community of Pharisees.

The intense and complicated levitical focus of the rabbinical sect developed from the codes of behavior and traditions institutionalized by the priesthood (kohanim) of the centralized Temples in Jerusalem. The strict codes reflected the extraordinary level of levitical purity that had to be maintained to enact the high level rituals performed in the First Temple, which housed the Ark of the Covenant. Within that context, the priests needed to be like angels who attend the Throne of the Lord hvhy. The kohanic codes had a significant impact on the development of the Pharisaic rabbinate centuries later. They were redacted much later in the Talmud Yerushalmi and Talmud Babli, which contain voluminous commentary garnered from over four centuries of rabbinical dialectic.

Jesus Christ, then later, the Prophet Muhammed came to bring the religion of Judaism back from its corruption under the Pharisees which happened centuries earlier. It is not certain what role the Quran plays in The Works of the Chariot and other existing scriptures of the God of Israel. They are too aware of the Roman corruption of our age. Rome has abandoned Judeo Christianity replacing it with Pagan Babylonian Mysteries linked to Egypt (Osiris and Isis) secrets which occult groups also believe in and encourage. Babylon is Isis which must be the same as the marriage between Lilith (harlot)and Samuel (beast)(in occult lore). These Egyptian myths have taken the Torah and thrown it into the sea whilst still using God's sacred names in magical circles and practices subjecting the earth to tyranny. The Torah and the people of Israel, who profess to believe in Jesus Christ and the prophet hood of Muhammed, will be part of the "first resurrection" gaining eternal life in God's eternal kingdom. Until then a corruption is on this earth, Christianity is divorced from its Jewish origins, as The Work of the Chariot explains.

From the Works of the Chariot provides an interesting religious assessment of Judaism From Works of the Chariot Chapter One:

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the law (i.e. Torah) or the prophets; I have not come to abolish but to fulfil. For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not one letter, not one stroke of a letter, will pass from the law until all is accomplished.”18

But what began as a small Jewish sect centered around a Jewish Messiah and understood in contemporary Jewish terms, not Greek or Roman, came to be transformed into a major religion composed almost exclusively of Gentiles. In the process of this transformation, the legacy of the Jewish heritage upon which Christianity was founded was largely modified and assimilated into the Greek language and Hellenistic worldview. As the new religion of Christianity emerged estranged from its Jewish roots, it developed in accordance with Roman political organization and social conventions. When Christians later “brought civilization” to the indigenous tribes of Western Europe, they adapted Christian theology to the languages and cultures of those tribes, and absorbed many of their conventions and observances as a means to facilitate and expedite their conversion. The resultant version of Western Christianity thereby evolved into a historical phenomenon significantly different than Near Eastern Christianity, and even farther removed from its Judaic roots.

Today, a growing body of scholars is questioning many aspects of Christianity that have been popularly held for a long time. A picture is emerging that shows that the history, theology, and practice of Christianity have been directly effected and shaped by dominant factions, resulting in the marginalization and suppression of the mystical element as being in opposition to accepted doctrine. As soon as Paul entered the picture, a dichotomy arose among the early Christian devotees between those coming from a traditional Jewish background and the growing group of Gentile Christians. In this regard, it is interesting to consider the letter written by Master Yeshuvah’s brother James, the leader of the Jerusalem Church, as an indicator of the opposition that emerged to some of Paul’s central teachings.

The diversity of perspectives of the early followers of Master Yeshuvah was later replaced by the monolithic homogeneity imposed by emperors to make Christianity a uniform religion throughout their empires. As the Pauline Gentile faction grew in numbers and power, and the Catholic Church of Rome assumed orthodox authority over Christianity, it absorbed and codified Mystical Christianity in much the same way that Rabbinical Judaism assimilated and obscurated the Mystical Qabalah. The essential Jewishness of early Christianity was virtually wiped out by the massive revisionism of the Pauline Gentiles. We will have to wait for further windfall discoveries of source documents to be able to establish a clear picture of what happened during the earliest stages of Christianity after the departure of Master Yeshuvah.

The biggest challenge will to bring back the Quran to its original audience with its original message. In order to do this research must be encouraged not stifled. The original message of the Quran is repressed by political Zionism which is under Roman Christianity. We have to leave the shackles of political Zionism linked to these Papists, and follow the God of Israel, His Torah and Gospels and Quran. Below is the best song showing the pagan occult society we live in.

Best Illuminati hiphop song (K-rino - grand deception)

Holy Spirit in Quran

The Holy Spirit is in the Quran, often the Arabic word for Ruh is used, some times mistranslated angel Gabriel. This word is close to the Hebrew, Ruach ha-kodesh. We must remember vowels like Hebrew would not put in the original Quran so the Arabic/Aramaic may borrow from the Hebrew. There was also a Jewish community in the area where the Prophet Muhammed journeyed so he may have come across a mixture of languages.

The Hebrew word Shekhinah can also be found in the Quran. It is the Arabic word As-Sakinah. Notice how similar these words are, both meaning "spirit". The Quran does not give the word justice translating it "peace or tranquillity" but should be rendered "Holy Spirit" or the "Shekhinah".

From Wikipedia:

Karen Armstrong notes: "The sakinah it will also be recalled, seems to be related to the Hebrew Shekhinah, the term for God’s presence in the world." ... Sufi writings, in expounding the inner peace of Sufi contemplation, which dwells in a sanctuary or in the heart, confirm the association with both Sakinah and the Shekhinah. Sufi reference to sa-ka-na as meaning both stillness and habitation adds to the identity with Shekhinah's indwelling nature.
Surah 48:26, "... then God sent down His Sakinah (heb Shekhinah) upon His Messenger and upon the believers and made them stick to the word of piety; and they were well entitled to it and worthy of it".

Surah 48:18, "... He knew what was in their hearts, and He sent down As-Sakinah (heb Shekhinah) upon them, and He rewarded them with a near victory".

God sends the Shekhinah to the Prophet Muhammed and the believers. We have a similar story in the New Testament on the Day of Pentecost.

Acts 2:1-4, "When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord[a] in one place. 2 And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. 3 Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. 4 And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance."

We have the God of Israel in the Heavens sending down His Holy Spirit to Prophet Muhammed saying that they are entitled to it. This makes the prophecy of Muhammed a continuation of the "congregation of Israel". Jews and Christians who contend the Quran is not an inspired book have difficult questions to answer. We can haggle over translations and misinterpretations but it's overall message is the same as Christianity and Judaism: The resurrection of the dead, The Great White Judgement, Reward and Punishment, Seven Heavens, Hell and Heaven, Gardens of Paradise and the Shekhinah. These concepts can be found in all three religions.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Antonin Scalia, a Staunch Romanist

Rome owns America, it is a corporation of Rome. Do not be deceived by the Romanists and apologists in power, and again we can see how Catholicism rules in Protestant nations. Right at the top.

Herbert W. Armstrong, of the Worldwide Church of God taught for over 50 years, the Romanists would gain power, take over nations to form a resurrection in Europe. Today the Romanists control Europe and America. Prophecy is fulfilled before your very eyes!

In America, we have the Vice President, Joseph Bidden, a Roman Catholic at the helm of power assisting President Obama. In the Law Courts we can also see Rome's influence. See the book The Secret History of the Jesuits for more information on Rome's influence and the Spiritually Smart website.

Antonin Scalia, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court is a staunch Roman Catholic. In an interview with the New York Times, articled entitled, In Conversation: Antonin Scalia:

What do you make of the new pope? He’s the Vicar of Christ. He’s the chief. I don’t run down the pope.

I’m not inviting you to run down the pope. But what do you think of his recent comments, that the church ought to focus less on divisive issues and more on helping the poor? I think he’s absolutely right. I think the church ought to be more evangelistic.

We have a staunch Romanist deciding constitutional affairs in America, founded by Protestants, many of whom decided to flee the persecution of Rome under the Inquisitions. Bible prophecy tells us a "harlot" (Rev 17) will unite the world economically, militarily and religiously in false worship over the entire earth called the "Antichrist" (Rev 13, 18). This will culminate in Jacob's trouble, a time of great persecution for the true Israel of God ushering the final confrontation of a returning Jesus Christ to Jerusalem (Rev 19:11).

Tehudah Reformed Karaite Movement

One Jewish scholar laughed at the idea of George W Bush meeting a group of Messianic believers remarking that it would be like Christians accepting the Prophet Mohammed. Such a Jewish scholar obviously does not know about a Karaite Jewish Group which accepts the Prophet Mohammed as leading the religion back from a Roman corruption. Christian groups do accept the Prophet Mohammed, one such is the Christian Churches of God. Most Christians and Karaites do not however accept the Quran or the Prophet Mohammed.

The Tehudah Reformed Karaite movement is a form of Judaism that accepts the message of the New Testament with Jesus Christ as the "suffering" servant. Also accepting the Koran as authoritative alongside the Old and New Testaments.

From one of their articles:


Although being attributed with the founding of Islam, Mohammed's actual history is surprising to most. Mohammed's brother in law served as a Arabic New Testament translator for the Vatican. During his experience and eventual interactions with his brother-in-law, Mohammed, who converted to monotheism from paganism, began to realize there were serious problems with Rome's remake of the New Testament and the history of the middle-eastern prophets (which were better known in Arabia, than they were in Vatican Rome).

Not content to allow Rome to continue to convert the masses to it's modeified form of polytheism, Mohammed, considering himself a New Testament prophet after the manner of the charismatic gifts, and even being encouraged by a possibly equally troubled Catholic priest, begin his work as a prophet..and calling his work a 'restortion' and a 'continuation' of all that had come before, not the beginning of a new religion. His primary goal was restoration of New Testament monotheism in Arabia. What came later in Islam, much like what came later in Christianity at the Vatican, were based on traditions which were attributed to him, and are not found in the scriptural texts (in the Quran) originally associated with him. And like the New Testament itself, there are instances were certain critical doctrinal diversions were interpolated into the texts at a later date to support the changes being introduced by the various empires. It is quite possible historically, that Mohammed's ownn claim,t hat there was no distinction between his own ministry and the ministry of the New Testament apostles, and Old Testament (Tanak) prophets was actually real before the historical revisers and redactors and interpolators began their work.

Original source: Website: There YOUTUBE channel can be viewed here.

Seven Heavens in Talmud and Quran

The Babylonian Talmud (B. Talmud),and the Quran both agree in the existence of seven heavens. Islam and Judaism agree on this yet few Jews will venture into the Quran to find its hidden depths. Few Muslims will venture into the Talmud or Zohar to find agreement with their existing scriptures. Jews who dismiss the Quran must explain the seven heavens in the Quran and Muslims who dismiss the Torah must explain the seven heavens in the B. Talmud. Christians have to explain why this information is missing from the standard Canon.

B. Talmud, "Hab. III, 11; according to tradition, there are seven heavens, of which zebul is one. What were they doing in zebul, seeing that they are set in the rakia’ — a lower heaven, translated in Gen. I, 4, ‘firmament’?"

B Talmud, Mas. Menachoth 39a:19,20 "What is the minimum length of a joint? — It was taught: Rabbi says, [In a joint] the thread must be wound once, twice and a third time. It was taught: If a man wishes to make few, he should not make less than seven, and if many, he should not make more than thirteen. If few, he should not make less than seven, to correspond to the seven heavens; and if many, he should not make more than thirteen, to correspond to the seven heavens plus the six intervening spaces."

B Talmud, Mas. Pesachim 94b:4-5, "Now from earth to heaven is a five hundred years journey, the thickness of heaven Is a five hundred years’ journey, and between the first heaven and the next lies a five hundred years’ journey, and similarly between each heaven, ‘Yet thou shalt be brought down to the nether-world, to the uttermost parts of the pit’ - This is [indeed] a refutation. ..." Mishnah(4) According to the ancient tradition there were seven heavens."

Quran, Surat Al-Baqarah 2:29, "It is He who created for you all of that which is on the earth. Then He directed Himself to the heaven, [His being above all creation],and made them seven heavens, and He is Knowing of all things."

Quran, Surat Al-'Isrā' 17:44, "The seven heavens and the earth and whatever ..."

Quran, Surat Al-Mu'minūn 23:17, "And We have created above you seven layered heavens, and never have We been of [Our] creation unaware."

Quran Surat Al-Mu'minūn 23:86, "Say, "Who is Lord of the seven heavens and Lord of the Great Throne?"

Quran Surat Fuşşilat 41:12, "... them as seven heavens within two days and inspired in each heaven its command. And We adorned the nearest heaven with ..."

Quran Surat An-Najm 53:12, "Will you then dispute with him (Muhammad SAW) about what he saw [during the Mi'raj: (Ascent of the Prophet SAW over the seven heavens)]."

Quran Surat Aţ-Ţalāq 65:12, "It is God who has created seven heavens and of the earth, the like of them. [His] command descends among them so you may know that God is over all things competent and that Allah has encompassed all things in knowledge."

Quran Surat Al-Mulk 67:3, "[And] who created seven heavens in layers. You do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. So return [your] vision [to the sky]; do you see any breaks?"

Quran Surat Nūĥ 71:15, "Do you not consider how God has created seven heavens in layers".

Quran Surat An-Naba' 78:12, "And constructed above you seven strong [heavens]".

Qlippoth in Kabbalah

The world elite are using the Jewish Kabbalah system to implement a system of tyranny on the world. The Kabbalah is often called the "tree of life" but is dual with an evil side attached called the "Qlippoth". The Kabbalah tree corresponds more closely to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, than a permanent tree corresponding to eternal life.

From the book: Thomas Karlsson - Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic.pdf">Thomas Karlsson - Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic:

The Tree of Knowledge also seems to be located in the center of the Garden of Eden. The Qabalists believed that the trees must have sprung from the same unity. The Sod Ets Ha Daath explains:

You already know that the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge are the same tree below, but two different trees above: The Tree of Knowledge is from the northern side, but the Tree of Life from the Eastern side, from, where the light emanates into the whole world, and Satan’s power is there.

… The Tree of Knowledge dominates man’s existence. Existence under the influence of the Tree of Knowledge is characterized by disruption, manifoldness and duality between good and evil. The Zohar states that the two trees represent two different possibilities in which man can live. The Tree of Life represents a utopian and paradisiacal existence beyond all limitations and borders. The Tree of Knowledge represents distinction and separation, the necessity of laws and decrees of tradition. The Tree of Knowledge rules man’s present situation and only by following and fulfilling the rules and laws that are associated with this tree can man reconnect with the Tree of Life.

To learn more of the Qlippoth download this book: Thomas Karlsson - Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic.pdf

The powers of the world use the Qlippoth as their power base. There are ten demons attached to each emanation of the Qlippoth. Demons can also be summoned up in magical circles using King Solomon magic, using the circle as a symbol of protection whilst bringing in the spirit into a "triangle of art". The occultists never inform people how it is all performed in their magical books, leaving many unanswered questions to the casual reader or observer.

In the Testament of Solomon, about 72 demons were captured by Solomon being placed in a brass vessel. The story goes someone from Babylon found the vessel, unsealing it, releasing the demons back into the world. Today our world's system is called "Babylon" in Revelation 17; 18. These demons must run our world's system on the earth, in the sphere of "malkuth" - the tenth emanation on the tree of the kabbalah corresponding to this physical earth.

The Qlippoth is the dark side of the tree of the Kabbalah. From the book, Practical Kabbalah by Robert Ambelain (pdf).:

The Tree of Death

MALKUTH is the “nadir” of evolution, the lowest point – in “ASSIAH” – which the Being in process of elaboration can normally face. Its extreme aspect is thus the “World”, but this “World” of Souls, is called to climb up again towards KETHER. We have seen that these necessarily incarnate souls, during the course of this incarnation, bear the name of the last category of Ishim, that of the Elect. Opposing them, and in the “World”, are lined up the “Damned Souls”, synthesizing these two categories of the front line in the eternal combat of GOOD and EVIL, two Powers equally opposed: HELI, who was Enoch, John the Baptist, and all the great leaders of Humanity, and BEHEMOTH, the personification of all the Antichrists permanently incarnated. This latter is also the “Great BEAST”, whose “Number”, in the sayings of the Apocalypse, is 666.

But, because it is situated at the last rung of the TREE OF LIFE, MALKUTH is in osmotic contact with the TREE OF DEATH, the inverted Tree. Just as the Secondary Tree of MALKUTH is called the “Queen”, the “Bride”, the “Virgin”, and the SPOUSE of the Microprosopus, to this inverted Tree is given an analogous but contrary name: it is called QELIPHAH, the “Prostitute”.

It is effectively this Hebrew term which recurs the most often in the metaphorical expressions of the Prophets, admonishing the people when they degrade themselves or abandon the “WAY” of the Lord. It is this same term which the Apocalypse also employs to designate the BEAST, and we are going to see that this term was not at all an exoteric expression unconsciously chosen by misogynistic ascetics or exaggerating puritans!

All that is corrupt in Life, contrary to the eternal designs of the ABSOLUTE and eternally rejected by Him, must be expelled, and this type of metaphysical “execration” takes place in the inverted Tree the TREE OF DEATH (as opposed to the TREE OF LIFE), beyond the SPOUSE, in the PROSTITUTE...

For we cannot ignore that GOD, in Whom reside all “Possibilities” of good and ill as a result of his absolute Omniscience, operates for all ETERNITY an eternal discrimination between what He keeps, chooses, adopts and realizes by means of His “Emanations”, and what he refuses, rejects and reproves.

That which He rejects constitutes the Evil Powers, the sinister “KINGS OF EDOM” who existed before all that is now drawn from the Nothingness. These are the broken VESSELS of which the Zohar speaks

.Magic is what makes the world go round. Much of the technology gained in the world is black magic. Mobile telephones are equipped with spying mechanisms also giving out radio waves which interfere with brain waves. Television, used to give false information to the people, keep them in a state of hypnotism.

Cars are created with reliance on petroleum causing global emissions rather than alternative energy such as a water source. Electricity is created for the people, occultists acknowledge in "evocation magic" this energy source keeps the spirit world away from humans creating a barrier. Free energy sources are available but seldom encouraged. Chemicals are created and put into foods. The Church of Satan in the Satanic Bible informs their own members not to take pharmaceuticals which is given to the masses. Remedies that can help cure diseases are never encouraged.

Music is full of subliminal messages for the masses encouraging all manner of vices. Credit cards are created to monitor purchases, with the intention of eliminating cash eventually.

Microchips invented to implant into human beings and animals, for a health or security benefit which later turn out to have more capabilities than what people imagine. The Internet is created to provide information, later to track and monitor people through emails, IP addresses. Cameras are created into computers and televisions which are later hacked into by spy agencies who have the capability to turn these on remotely. Microwave internet is created for laptops on the go, which later is used by spy agencies to remotely hack into computers without anyone realising.

Every benefit has a sinister plan behind it. You can learn this from the Kabbalah tree. Good and evil both have a counterpart. The good side of the tree is called the tree of life. The evil part of the tree is called the qlippoth or tree of death. Just as there are ten angels assigned to the tree of life, ten demons are assigned to the tree of death. Just as our earthly home has Presidents, Dukes, and Prime Ministers, these can also be found amongst the demons. Some demons are Dukes, others Presidents, some may be Vice Presidents. (Source: Solomonic Magic).

This lower world with all of its pleasure is a grand delusion of some mad occultists who want to keep humanity servants to demons placed over malkuth. We know it as MYSTERY BABYLON, through magic, deception and sorcery her power continues on the earth. The "harlot" of Revelation is sometimes referred to as Lilith in the occult world, is the fallen woman of the 10th kingdom of malkuth. The beast and harlot will unite under a final resurrection in the Bible to unite the world under the final Antichrist system (Rev 13, 17, 18).

Friday, 27 December 2013

University of Reading

Brain computer interface research has gone on since the 1970s if not earlier. There is an interesting article on Wikipedia, called Brain-Computer Interface, showing the history of some of this research.

As my general research into this subject is based on being put into one of these mind control programmes using synthetic telepathy and laser beam technology, it shocks me to find research has been going on secretly for years.

We are often told by our own doctors that we are crazy yet a simple google search on "brain computer interface" will reveal some unlikely sources.

Universities are funded for this research, one of them being the University of Oxford, now another is the University of Reading. From the UK BCI Research Community (University of Reading):

The UK BCI Research Community is a multi-institution, multi-disciplinary group of researchers from across the UK who are interested in all aspects of Brain Computer Interface research and development. Its members include; neurologists, psychologists, engineers, computer scientists, biologists and experts in Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

BCI is a growth area internationally and in order for the UK to be competitive collaboration and communication between UK institutions is essential. There are a number of ways we can help each other and further the cause of BCI research in the UK. This site aims to address, among other ares, the following ...

Other groups involved in this research are The Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council, UK, and Newcastle University amongst others. Source:

Other Links of Interest:

Brain Computer Interface 2013

UK BCI Links

University of Reading Brain Embodiment Laboratory

Brain Vision UK

University of Southhampton

Despite what our doctors say there is valid research going on with the human brain, computer interfaces, and secret technology linked to satellites used to track individual brain waves to harass them through technology. Intelligence services take advantage of this technology to beam synthetic voices to the brain, sending down laser beams from satellites, linking it to EEG software on computer screens, using chatterboxes to send targets insane. Those who work on these technologies must realise our government is using it to kill and discredit individuals through targeted assassination programmes.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Zionism and Catholicism: Bed Fellows

The UK government has defended its position to spy on its citizens. Blogs one predominately Anti Zionist, Craig Murray, in the article, Edward Snowden Gets Sam Adams Award:

There has been a determined attempt by government to justify the need to intercept everybody’s communications, all the time. We have, yet again, had MI5 claim there are many thousand violent Islamic terrorists running around the UK, (yet somehow not managing to kill anybody).

Zionism today is in the bed with the Roman Catholic church. The two are inseparable. Jews and Catholics work together. See the article, Is a Jesuit good for the Jews?. Shimon Peres, in the Israeli government went to a Jesuit University (source: The Rabin Memoirs and Barry Chamish website). Shimon Peres is the leader in sponsoring and wanting mind brain technological research to be carried out in Israel. Joseph Biden, Vice President of the United States is a Roman Catholic and a Zionist. Rupert Murdoch, Papal Knight promotes Zionism on Sky Media, and in his newspapers. The Rockefellers gave land to Georgetown University: "In December 1979, the Marquesa Margaret Rockefeller de Larrain, granddaughter of John D. Rockefeller, gave the Villa Le Balze to Georgetown University." (source: Georgetown University Wikipedia)

Wikipedia which tends to be anti conspiracy even admits that Lord Rothschild is in charge of Papal treasures. Lord Rothschild is an Austrian Jewish baron who promotes Zionism.

On Lord Rothschild from Wikipedia:

The C M de Rothschild & Figli bank arranged substantial loans to the Papal States and to various Kings of Naples plus the Duchy of Parma and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. However, in the 1830s, Naples followed Spain with a gradual shift away from conventional bond issues that began to affect the bank's growth and profitability. The Unification of Italy in 1861, with the ensuing decline of the Italian aristocracy who had been the Rothschild's primary clients, eventually brought about the closure of their Naples bank, due to declining forecasts for long-term business sustainability. However, in the early 19th century, the Rothschild family of Naples built up close relations with the Vatican Bank, and the association between the family and the Vatican continued into the 20th century. In 1832, when Pope Gregory XVI was seen meeting Carl von Rothschild, observers were shocked that Rothschild was not required to kiss the Pope's feet, as was then required for all other visitors to the Pope, including monarchs.[37]

“ "Rothschilds... are the guardians of the papal treasure." -Encyclopedia Judaica, 1901–1906, Vol. 2, p.497

As an interesting side note, "The Rothschild family has been in the winemaking industry for 150 years" owning many Château's in France. Someone takes the Bible seriously! Take note, Revelation 6:6, ""A quart of wheat for a denarion, and three quarts of barley for a denarion, but don't damage the olive oil and the wine." The wine and oil will not be touched by the famine coming on the earth.

Anti Zionists mislead the people. Zionism, Jesuitism and Roman Catholicism work together in maintaining the holy land under the vessel of the Papacy to ensure a Temple is rebuilt under Jewish control. The papacy then using its powers to fulfil Bible prophecy will lead the world into damnation until Jesus Christ returns.

Edward Snowden received the Sam Adam's Award for outstanding journalism. It will be interesting to see if he reveals the microwave technology the US has been working on since the 1970s.

Sean Hoare Death Revisited

Sean Hoare, a journalist for News of the World, a publication of Knight of Malta, Rupert Murdoch (whose wife is Roman Catholic by the way and he gives money to funding Catholic cathedrals), was found dead shortly after making allegations of corruption and phone hacking in the Murdoch empire.

Rupert Murdoch, is known to be a Knight of Malta (source: Eric Jon Phelps; BibleBelievers). Rupert Murdoch has been awarded a papal knighthood from Pope John Paul II into the Order of St Gregory, along with Walt Disney.

From The Independent: Catholic anger at Murdoch's papal knighthood:

Senior Catholics are said to have been "mystified and astonished" when they heard that the purveyor of newspaper sex, scandal and nudity was made a Knight Commander of St Gregory...

Catholics have reacted with anger that Mr Murdoch, who is not a Catholic, appears to have been honoured purely for donating large sums of money to the church. He and his wife, Anna, who is a Catholic, are known in Los Angeles as large contributors to the Archdiocesan Education Foundation, although specific amounts are not known.

The knighthood is bestowed upon people of "unblemished character". It was presented by the Cardinal at St Francis De Sales Church in Los Angeles on 11 January. Other recipients included Bob Hope and Roy Disney, of the Walt Disney empire.

Ann Widdecombe, the Tory MP who converted to the Catholic church, said she was "astonished" at the award. But she added: "I hope that now ... he might feel obliged to make some of his newspapers conform to Catholic teachings. It is never too late for a sinner to repent."

Sean Hoare exposed a man connected to the Roman Catholic church and we know shortly after he was found dead believing he was being monitored by the government shortly before his death. Readers of this blog will know the Catholic church is the final Antichrist system on this world, under Rome organising the world through a network of secret societies fulfilling Biblical prophecy (Rev 13, 17, 18.).

In the Daily Mail article: Police say 'no-one else involved' in death of phone-hacking whistleblower who 'feared someone was out to get him'

The man who launched the entire phone hacking scandal had become a paranoid recluse who believed someone was out to get him, a friend has revealed.

Sean Hoare, who was found dead at his flat in Watford, Hertfordshire, had spent much of the last weeks of his life 'hiding' in his flat with the curtains drawn.

A friend and neighbour claimed Mr Hoare, 47, had become increasingly reclusive and paranoid in recent weeks.

‘He would talk about someone from the Government coming to get him,' he said.

'He’d say to me, “If anyone comes by, don’t say I’m in”.

'He was physically going downhill. He was yellow in colour and wasn’t looking well for the last month.

Sean Hoare believed someone from the government was coming for him. He was probably placed on one of these mind hacking technological programmes, which eventually sent a laser beam to the heart (called remote control heart attacks) causing his death. Remote heart attacks was first developed by the Russians. See Robert Duncan's book, Project Soul Catcher, former CIA who worked on these mind control programmes now turned whistle blower himself, even though receiving death threats, he continues to expose it.

Incidentally my assassination type programme started with voices from the "sky" telling me they are the police and they were coming to kill me and my family and I had to kill myself. It appears the power brokers in the world have no shame. Because of my firm faith in God and Jesus Christ, it enables me to ride out some of the torture, though not all of it. Later the freaks put me on synthetic telepathy which continues to this day with the usual death threats. But God has saved my life three if not four times through his intervention. The last time they tried to kill me off on the anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy by trying to cause a car accident. Thank Yeshua, my Lord and Saviour I am here to tell the tale. God's angels are more powerful than their demons.

We will never know who ordered the untimely death of Sean Hoare, but statistically you have more chances of winning the national lottery than a known whistle blower dying shortly after exposing a media mogul who is connected to the Vatican.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Some Comfort to Israel, Obama also put on Spy List

With all the controversy at the moment with America's NSA along with GCHQ spying on Israel, some comfort may be gained that Barack Obama was also put on a spy list by the Bush administration in 2004/5.

Whistle blower, Russ Tice, former intelligence analyst revealed the scale of NSA activities at that time. Including spying on Obama. No honour amongst the thieves at the top.

In the article, Russ Tice, Bush-Era Whistleblower, Claims NSA Ordered Wiretap Of Barack Obama In 2004

"Here's the big one ... this was in summer of 2004, one of the papers that I held in my hand was to wiretap a bunch of numbers associated with a 40-something-year-old wannabe senator for Illinois," he said. "You wouldn't happen to know where that guy lives right now would you? It's a big white house in Washington, D.C. That's who they went after, and that's the president of the United States now."

Obviously hasn't made any difference to President Obama who has continued the snooping on US citizens and enemies of America's around the world, putting them on silent assassination programmes, increasing funding into secret technology and mind hacking technologies.

The spying scandals are nothing compared to what has been going on since the 1960s. Spying has been done routinely without warrants, all data collected, possibly every google search going into a super computer filtering out potential suspects. NSA and GCHQ both filter all telephone calls through a super computer. All telephone calls listened to even in the 1980s. Mind hacking technology was used on people in the 1980s in Europe.

Mind hacking technology was being worked on by various Universities in America in the 1970s and labs exist today working on computer to brain interfaces. Monkeys are used in experiments to change behaviour by microwaves. The biggest tool of the elite are these microwave weapons used against people. They mind rape people injecting thoughts into people's head, changing people's behaviour with microwaves and laser beams. Russia has also been working on the technology and now Israel wants to get a piece of the action, sponsoring mind computer interface systems.

Few people want to face the reality because it is so dark and evil. Who would believe governments are sponsoring mind hacking technologies using it against their own citizens? It is time we wake up and face the truth.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Israeli Anger at NSA Spy Tactics

Israelis are angered at the gall of the American NSA who authorised spying on Ehud Barak. The US has kept an Israeli imprisoned who spied for Israel called Pollard.

In the Guardian newspaper, article entitled, Israeli PM condemns US and UK spying on predecessor as 'unacceptable'

Several Israeli ministers had already broken ranks and protested publicly about NSA surveillance. Israeli anger at the US was exacerbated by a report in Yedioth Ahronoth, the country’s largest-selling newspaper, that a US marine rented an apartment in June 2009 directly opposite the private home of Ehud Barak, a former prime minister and military chief of staff who was then Israel’s defence minister.

“Israeli intelligence detected sizeable amounts of electronic equipment delivered to the US-rented apartment,” Yedioth reported, together with diagrams of the sophisticated laser spying devices that might have been used to eavesdrop on Barak’s private conversations via the vibrations of the windows of his home.

Lasers were pointed at the windows at Ehud Barak to eves drop on conversations. They pick up the conversations from the vibrations at the window. America could point the laser beam down from a satellite if they really wanted to do it. They are purple blue in colour and called particle beams. They would equally do the job of spying on conversations.

The article ended: "Oved Yehezkel, a former military intelligence officer who was cabinet secretary to then prime minister Olmert, said it was assumed that communications between Israeli leaders were being monitored by their closest friends in Washington. “Of course we knew. Anyone who thinks that friends and allies don't spy on each other should re-read John le Carré,” Yehezkel said.