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Friday, 31 January 2014

The Encyclopedia Of Demons And Demonology

An interesting source for people who want to know more about individual demons, their characteristics, appearance and history. Detailing a comprehensive list of names, some may be known by Christians.

Demons come in many strange shapes. They appear more animalistic. They have faces of animals and some times in human form ride animals like horses. This is a must have book for anyone interested in demonology. Consider buying a legitimate paperbook edition for your reference. One of Lucifer's rulers is Adramelech, a horse who is President of the Devil's General Counsel and Governor of the Devil's Wardrobe.

To download:

David Cameron, Sherlock Holmes and Snooping Powers

David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain is inspired by watching crime fictional on television using their methods as a means to push further intrusion into people's lives. The Torah allows for unresolved crime where an animal sacrifice has to be made (Deuteronomy 21:1-9).

God knew in advance not all crime would be resolved this side of God's Kingdom on the earth. We have to have the grace to accept the validity of the Torah. Punishment comes in the after life in any case.

David Cameron's views are in the article, TV crime dramas like Homeland and Sherlock show why we need snooping laws to catch terrorists, the article writes:

The Prime Minister said he wanted to resurrect plans to allow the police and security services to eavesdrop on the public’s internet and mobile phone use.

The contentious legislation was dropped last year amid a storm of protest from civil liberties groups and the Liberal Democrats.

The UK government already listens in to everyone's telephone calls. The Jews blew the whistle on this in their book: The Secret Wars Against The Jews. They admit GCHQ routes all calls through a computer system in Menwith Hill. Some Jews who are no fan of the British or her spy network will often spill the beans in their books. Ironically, David Cameron is part of the Conservative Friends of Israel. Obviously this book is missing from his library shelf.

The article continued:

He told a parliamentary security committee that monitoring private information was essential to keep citizens safe from terrorist attack and serious criminals.

He said: ‘In the most serious crimes [such as] child abduction, communications data... is absolutely vital – who called who and when, and where was the telephone at the time. Not the content, but the communications data.

‘I love watching crime dramas on the television. There’s hardly a crime drama where a crime is solved without using the data of a mobile communications device.’

The argument is that mobile telephone records are essential to catch hardened criminals. Hardened criminals will not commit a crime whilst carrying a mobile telephone knowing it is a tracking device nor will they talk about their crimes on a mobile. This defeats the object of his argument. Terrorists will not openly discuss their plans on mediums liable for interception.

These measures only seek to spy on the ordinary citizen gaining as much private information as is possible, sometimes, they use this for black mail purposes. As in the case of the News of the World scandals, where telephones were hacked into, details of private lives were soon splashed onto the front pages of the newspapers.

All the information David Cameron wants to get from the public is already in the computers of GCHQ in Menwith Hill. They have data collection going back years, probably personal files on each citizen. His arguments do not match existing revelations with Edward Snowden and the NSA surveillance network targeting innocent American's for surveillance. A new law is wanted for Internet Providers to store a year of internet activities. With the computers at the intelligence service they can hack into anything and can quite easily snoop on people's computers through backdoor programmes built into Windows and other applications.

The reality of what goes on is different to what is aired in a newspaper or on a public platform. They play the "pretend" game that nothing evil or sinister is happening in the world contrary to the evidence gained from whistleblowers.

The article concluded:

The police can already tell when, where and who made a mobile phone call or sent a text message.

But they cannot always trace the origin of an email, a message sent via instant messaging or a phone call made over the internet.

Revelations by US whistleblower Edward Snowden, who lifted the lid on the scale of GCHQ’s role with America’s National Security Agency in monitoring electronic communications around the world, have also seen demands for the law drop down the agenda.

The News of the World were hacking into mobile telephones to listen to conversations. Technology exists that allows this. It is likely the police, knowing about this technology will make full use of it. They may gain useful information listening to people who think their conversations are not being heard or recorded. The technology allows eavesdropping even when the mobile telephone is switched off. Cameras can also be hacked into remotely attached to the mobile telephone and turned on, recording everything that is going on. The police and government who want to know juicy bits of information about people could easily make use of this technology. It would be difficult to prove eavesdropping.

We are living in a time when the government has been taken over by people determined to usher in a New World Order which the Bible calls The Antichrist system (Rev 13, 17, 18) that will rule for a short time before the return of Jesus Christ. For a global conspiracy to finally emerge on the world people have to be behind the scenes plotting and planning it before hand.

People in the New Age movement are behind bringing in an age of the Christ. Leaders in the Catholic church are determined to have the world ruled by the Vatican ruling from Jerusalem. The Jews are determined to bring the world to a point of redemption with the rebuilding of a newly rebuilt Temple and a reformed religion throughout the world. Radical Muslims want to purge Judaism and Christianity off this planet to bring us under the final Islamic rule. Satanists and black magic magicians conspire to destroy Christianity and Judaism through controlling and manipulating evil spirits in magic circles hoping to bring a golden dawn age on this earth under the Laws of Thelema.

The conspirators are many in this world who want to destroy the remaining peace in this world. A Kingdom of Darkness will soon descend on humanity before experiencing the true light of Jesus Christ. God heed the day, He sends His son to return.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Diary Post: 29 January 2014

Today the website has been hacked into and even as I write the website is not working. It was temporarily fixed and managed to gain access. Had over 100 spams if not more with viruses and links to illegal material sent to my email address. Had to change this and now use a form as a method of contact.

There appears to be a concerted effort to keep the "targeted individual" information off the internet. Why do they send me hundreds of illegal spam emails? Why they enjoy taking the website off? It was hijacked to another website.

It has just worked again. I am not impressed at this harassment.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Dr Thomas Rid, Rand Corporation

Dr Thomas Rid, aired on Sky News stated that we shouldn't be afraid of GCHQ who are not monitoring innocent people in the UK.

Dr Ridd worked for the Rand Corporation in the United States. The Rand Corporation are behind mind control using hypnotic techniques which they studied from Russian research. Hypnos is the God of Sleep which resides with Hecate. Hypnosis is therefore, Hypnos is. They also looked into applying electricity to the brain.

From the book Operation Mind Control by Walter Bowart:

From one such think tank, the Rand Corporation, came a report entitled Are the Cominform Countries Using Hypnosis Techniques to Elicit Confession In Public Trials? Dated April 25, 1949, it helped set the stage for using national security as the rationale for resorting to mind control to motivate criminal acts, both at home and abroad. "The successful use of hypnosis," the report said, "would represent a serious threat to democratic values in times of peace and war. In addition, it might contribute to the development of unconventional methods of warfare, which will be widely regarded as immoral. The results of scientific research in the field under discussion would obviously lend themselves to offensive as well as defensive applications and to abuse no less than to use. It must be assumed that almost all of the scientific personnel in the field of hypnosis are keenly aware of these social implications of their work and that they are interested in limiting the practice of hypnosis to therapeutic applications." That assumption proved to be untrue.

The Rand report recommended "that these moral and Political implications of experimental research on hypnosis be explored as fully as possible prior to official encouragement or sponsorship of such research, so as to establish the most effective safeguards against its unintended consequences."

The Rand study dwelt at length upon Soviet experiments in hypnosis dating back to 1923. "At the State Institute of Experimental Psychology in Moscow," the report stated, "it was demonstrated that hypnosis could be used in inducing an innocent person to develop intense guilt feelings and to confess to a criminal or immoral act which he did not commit. In 1932 the experiments on hypnotically implanted 'crimes' were reported (in English translation) by A. R. Luria, who at that time was a professor in the Academy of Communist Education."

The Rand report itself suggested that this trick of hypnotic suggestion might be used on a defendant awaiting trial. The defendant could be "prepared" in a series of hypnotic sessions to accept guilt about a criminal act he did not commit, and then, if placed in a hypnotic trance while in the courtroom, the prosecutor's interrogation would elicit a false confession.

The Rand document expressed fear that Soviet investigators had found other techniques which could produce deep hypnosis in perhaps 90 percent or more of all individuals. Anticipating future advances, the report speculated on more efficient ways to develop greater depth in hypnotic trance. It suggested that a subject could be placed in a trance many times each day until a sufficient depth of trance was achieved. It was thought that hypnotizing the subject and then awakening him several times in the same session might speed up the process. This technique of successive and rapid trance induction would, it was hoped, make the subject easily susceptible to deep trance in a few days. To increase speed and depth of hypnosis, special uses of hypnotic drugs were also suggested. "For example, a series of drug-induced trances, as against only one such treatment, might serve to develop the majority of cases into somnambules.

...In 1949, Dr. Irving Janis of the Rand Corporation had recommended that the air force undertake a study of the "effects of electricity on the brain." His report said that, in research based on the literature of the 1940s, there were at least some indications that electric shocks to the brain might be conducive to mind control. Janis wrote: "Many studies have shown that there is a temporary intellectual impairment, diffuse amnesia, and general 'weakening of the ego' produced during the period when a series of electroshock convulsions is being administered." Dr. Janis was not talking about electronic brain stimulation; he was referring to electro-convulsive therapy (ECT),a crude treatment for schizophrenia originated in Hungary in the 1930s, which consisted of passing a strong electrical current through the entire brain at once.

Unlike ESB, ECT was not aimed at the microscopic neural centers of the brain. It was just one large jolt of electricity, which produced, rather than a specific neural event, a massive convulsion. Electrical current administered in such a way temporarily affected the electrical properties of all the neurons in the brain. It produced sharp biochemical changes in the levels of glucose, oxygen consumption, protein synthesis, and other functions. It also produced amnesia, sometimes temporary, sometimes permanent. As biochemist Steven Rosen said, "The [ECT] treatment is analogous to attempting to mend a faulty radio by kicking it, or a broken computer by cutting out a few of its circuits."3 Often the extreme convulsions induced by ECT produced such strong muscular contractions that the bones of the subject's body snapped like breadsticks. But Dr. Janis did not seem to think it too severe a treatment for use in mind control. "From my own and others' investigations of the psychological effects of such treatments," he wrote, "I would suspect that they might tend to reduce resistance to hypnotic suggestions. It is conceivable, therefore, that electroshock treatment might be used to weaken difficult cases in order to produce a hypnotic trance of great depth."4

I would take Dr Ridd's opinions on GCHQ monitoring which aired on Sky NEWS with a pinch of salt. The Jews admitted in the book, The Secret War Against the Jews that every telephone call is routed through a GCHQ computer in Menwith Hill. Either Dr Ridd is not very knowledgeable about these matters or he is not telling us the truth. They target people in the UK who are not terrorists. We featured the story of a pagan Witch who was targeted by GCHQ for her exposure of the Forestery Commission. We also have the story of the old woman in the 1980s, campaigner against nuclear energy, who was battered to death on the Spring Equinox as a type of human sacrifice, put under surveillance by the government.

Society is changing. A New World Order is being set up by people involved in black magick. Go and read the 20,000 occult manuscripts yourself if you doubt this. Jewish Christians esoterics like myself can see their evil, as a studier of the Jewish Kabbalah.

Germans are behind some of these things, for instance the Golden Dawn, is a UK version of a German society. The Rothschilds who control the UK Corporation are German. The Queen and her family have German roots. The Illuminati, founded by a Jewish Jesuit of Roman Catholic Canon Law came from Germany.

The Bible calls this the Antichrist system. Lucifer will persecute the "saints of the Most High" and particularly those who keep the commandments of God and have the Testimony of Jesus Christ (Rev 12:17). The Antichrist will be destroyed by the return of Jesus Christ (Rev 19:11). God speed that day!

University of Rockefeller Funds Mind Control Research

From Walter Bowart, Operation Mind Control:

One young scientist at Rockefeller University, Dr. Adam Reed, is working under a Department of Defense contract to change all that. At a 1976 symposium of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Dr. Adam Reed said, "Ideally, the computer of the future should be an electronic extension of the natural brain functioning in parallel with some of the existing brain structures and using the same program and data languages."

According to Dr. Reed, within two decades it will be possible to encode and transmit brain waves from a small device implanted inside the skull. It will be linked by radio control to a large computer with a huge memory bank which, he said "will have stored in it everything you might want to know about foreign languages, mathematics, music, history—and any other subject you would want to add. You'll enjoy instant recall. The information stored in your own memory cells and in your computer will be readily accessible. You won't be able to forget things . . . You'll also be able to calculate even the most complicated problems with split-second speed."

But Dr. Reed admitted that there were very real dangers to mental freedom posed by the brain technology now being developed. "It is essential that people be able to use them [the computers] for their own purposes rather than for purposes imposed on them by the political structure." While Dr. Reed conceded that it was "conceivable that thoughts could be injected" into a person's mind by the government, he indicated that he did not believe it had already been done. "If the political system changes and massive abuses appear likely," he said, "that would be the time to disappear from the society."

Gangstalking, Usually Isn't

Many people who are also "targeted individuals" report gangs harassing them or people coming into their lives to cause further harassment.

The technology is advanced it often puts thoughts into other people's minds who may be in the vicinity. This often makes it look like gang stalking.

An example. One night the people harassing me mentioned in the night, it is not like we are living in a police state. The next day, an old man stopped me on the street to have a chat, typically British thing. He said to me, "it is not like we are living in a police state" mentioning some of the things the people behind the technology were discussing the previous evening.

Many people would freak out and claim he was a gang stalker. But in reality the technology is able to put thoughts into his mind so that he would say similar things to what I heard the previous night. In one of my previous blogs, it was mentioned that the Russians demonstrated being able to beam microwaves to people outside the building telling them to stop work and come inside. They did exactly that.

Most gang stalking isn't gang stalking but highly efficient technology interfering with the brain patterns of other individuals close to you. The system simply would not have the financial means to spend millions of pounds or dollars having a trail of individuals following people.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Death of Hilda Murrell

Hilda Murrell, a 78 year old woman, was murdered on March 21 1984, the time of the Spring Equinox. She was a campaigner against the building of a nuclear plant.

In an article entitled, The mysterious death of Hilda Murrell

Trade unionists, peace activists and almost anyone else who disapproved of the Government watched for signs of the security services tapping their phones or reading their letters or bugging their meetings and, while Ministers sneered at their anxiety, hard evidence trickled out from the hidden corners of the corridors of power to confirm the worst of their fears.

West Midlands Special Branch were caught spying on a housewife whose only offence was to have written to a newspaper about nuclear weapons. The European Court accused London of tapping phones illegally. Devon and Cornwall Special Branch were ordered to weed their files when the new Chief Constable discovered the extent of their surveillance. The Government tried to suppress the evidence of Peter Wright and Cathy Massiter, but both of them emerged to disclose how their former colleagues in MI5 had bugged and burgled and opened files on “the enemy within”.

she was an "active member of several anti-nuclear groups and speculated that she had been killed by an intruder who was looking for a paper which she was due to present at the public inquiry into the construction of the Sizewell B nuclear power station. Other newspapers began to wonder out loud whether this was the British version of the death of Karen Silkwood, who died mysteriously as she was about to blow the whistle on the American nuclear industry."

She had been stabbed and kicked in the head. It was thought the British Intelligence Service was behind her murder from insiders who studied the case.

From the article:

In the House of Commons, on December 19 1984, the Labour MP Tam Dalyell produced an entirely different theory. Listing the same discrepancies which had been noted by the New Statesman, he declared that there was nothing at all in the Sizewell theory since Miss Murrell’s paper was “elegantly expressed but unoriginal”. The answer, he said, was that Miss Murrell had been killed by “men of the British Intelligence” who were looking for documents concerning the Belgrano, the Argentinian cruiser whose sinking had been turned by Dalyell into a devastating political attack on the Prime Minister.

Dalyell said he had a source who had told him that Miss Murrell’s nephew, Commander Robert Green, had been working as an intelligence officer with the Royal Navy during the Falklands war and had personally sent the signal which ordered the sinking of the Belgrano. According to this source, Green had been appalled by the sinking and had taken early retirement, making him a suspect for the security services when they started hunting around to see if anyone had removed any paperwork about the incident.

Some thought it to be the nuclear industry which was behind her untimely death, the government and even the freemasons were used to scare the police.

From the article:

After months of inquiry, the retired naval intelligence officer listed his conclusions: “I used to think that only MI5 and their private detective stooges, over laid by the CIA and Westinghouse thugs, were likely to be involved. But now British Telecom, the Post Office, the Fire Service and the police themselves seem to be up to their necks in it… I can think of only one secret, all-pervasive organisation which could pull all these strings and which might have the motive to do so: the Freemasons.” Masonic symbols had been sketched in the pebbles in his aunt’s drive, he surmised, to warn off the police.

...Three of Miss Murrell’s friends reported that Miss Murrell had been frightened in the weeks before her death. One was an 83-year-old woman, Con Purser, who took nearly two years to produce this information and volunteered that she had recently seen Hilda in a cloud over her garden, smiling at her. Another was a Shrewsbury peace campaigner, Laurens Otter, who took more than a year to produce the information; his latest theory is that Miss Murrell was not only under surveillance before her murder but that on the day of the crime she attracted two different hit squads who turned up to kill her and ended up squabbling about who should do the job. The third witness, Gerard Morgan-Grenville, has always maintained that Miss Murrell rang him in fear one night. Maybe she was frightened. Everyone else was.

It looks like they were killing people off in the 1980s-the old fashioned way. Today they hide behind the skirt of a satellite link. These days they hide behind energy weapons, microwaves and synthetic telepathy. The government has no shame putting an old woman under surveillance. GCHQ works for the rich ruling families who use their services to safeguard their financial interests. The book called MI6 claimed that MI6 had hit squads assassinating people. It may have been MI6 that finished the poor woman off. We will never know.

She was killed during the Spring Equinox. Perhaps we ought to call in the Golden Dawn for a magical ritual. Archangel Michael, might be able to help resolve this one.

Times do not change. Life just gets worst and so do those in power.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Bloodlines and Mind Control Programmes

One target individual on the Targeted Individual Europe wrote in the comments:

The World is run by Illuminati. Chances are most people are simply by blood line ... They are known to exterminate the whole famillies.

Remember they want you to kill yourself. As soon as you start to produce seek staff in your head you should turn yourself up to the nearest mental hospital where you will be diagnosed with Paranoid Psychofrenia but YOU WILL STAY ALIVE and that is the only goal here. They will harras you for a couple of days in mental hospital but then the voices will stop, they will tell you it is because they are giving you drugs, remember they all BELONG, that is why you will not get any support from doctors or media because it is controlled by them.

The target individual means they target people based on blood line. The rulers destroy families based on dna and family history. This is one theory which makes the rounds.

Do they really target bloodlines? It does seem so far fetched. Do the powers of evil need any real excuse to justify the mind control terror they use against people?

From the blog: The Vatic Project:

"After the attacks of September 11, the Pentagon began a shift away from its late Cold War–era 'two-war strategy,' premised on maintaining the ability to conduct two major military operations simultaneously, and began to focus instead on irregular warfare against individuals and groups." (Emphasis added; Sharon Weinberger, Black Ops: Secret Military Technology in the Age of Terrorism, August 3, 2010)"
Most people end up on a target list because they are independently minded, have upset someone in authority or some type of political or religious threat. Some might be some ghastly experiment, but not many. It could also be a way to sell more drugs as people are diagnosed with mental illness. The pharmaceutical companies in America are in the hands of the Rockefellar family, who have a board member on all 18 companies (source: Eustace Mullins).

Some of the programmes are silent assassination programmes designed to get people to end their own lives by talking them to their death. A favourite in this programme is getting people to hang themselves, often telling people to end their own lives.

Bloodlines fail to answer all the questions people have. Most can pin point an event which led to them being put on a target list.

They tried to get me into a psychiatric hospital and going to the police when it first began. They get people during the first two months of the "programme" when you are very vulnerable. At this time people listen to the psychiatrists but I refused to take the medication. Today, 11 months later, I am armed with much more information that the psychiatrists will not know what hit them if I showed up again. They will be shown Target Individuals UK where they will be informed on the technology. Knowledge is power. Do not give them an easy ride.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Muhammad Asghar, Blasphemy Charges and Mind Control

Muhammad Asghar, a 69 year old British muslim has ended up in a prison in Pakistan accused of blasphemy laws since calling himself the Prophet Muhammed facing the death penalty, if they still impose this.

The unusual thing about this story is the mind control which is lurking under neath the surface. He was a successful business man in the UK and a person of some financial means since he also had property in Pakistan.

After criticising the Iraq war, writing a letter of complaint to Tony Blair, his life changed for the worst. This is generally what happens to targeted individuals. One event, usually changes the life for good.

After he wrote a letter of complaint to Tony Blair, The Independent, in the article, Death sentence for British pensioner accused of blasphemy in Pakistan

He started to believe the British and Pakistani governments were monitoring his activities through his satellite decoder and claimed he was being bugged after writing to Tony Blair and George Bush to oppose the war in Iraq.
He must have been hearing voices from a satellite laser but not able to detect where the voices were coming from. Voices can come from an appliance, for instance in my case, background voices were heard when listening to music on a cassette recorder. Often the voices will come from the sky through a laser beam or scalar waves. His behaviour is consistent with someone that has been put on a government surveillance programme. Often people report that after criticising people in power they start hearing voices, have microwave or energy weapons attack them, and put under constant surveillance.

He also experienced a stroke. This can be common because of the intensity of the microwaves causing blood clots and other complications in the brain. Strokes do not cause voices to be heard in the brain or externally. The stroke is likely the cover which is used by the government programmes to hide their activities.

The article continues:

“He is receiving no care for his mental condition or receiving prescribed medication. He was taken out of his individual cell and stuffed in with several other people in a very cramped cell. He keeps threatening to commit suicide and we are very worried about him,” she added.

In January 2012 Mr Asghar was found unconscious in his cell and was taken to hospital where he was treated in the intensive care unit.

The suicide thoughts is also part of the mind control programme. The government has black water projects where they place people on hit lists. One is the silent assassination programme. This is designed to drive people towards suicide, cause life threatening accidents, financially destroy them and to discredit them. This is the new way the global elite get rid of people. Make everything look as normal as possible. Hide behind some type of medical problem which they engineer. Strokes can be induced by the technology. Voices are beamed to people telling them to kill themselves. Suicidal thoughts are put into people's brains. Microwave heating is done to increase the effect and torture. He appears to be on this programme.

Insulting the prophet must have been put into his mind since under the mind control programmes they take people to the opposite view. A devout muslim will be encouraged to insult the Prophet, break fasts, eat pork, and not to observe any holy days. The programme is designed to systematically destroy the morality and individuality of the person. The tragedy is that the Pakistani government are ignorant of these mind control programmes and the horde of "ignorant" muslims in Pakistan quick to cast judgements calling for the death penalty. They make a terrible situation worst without considering the possibilities of the "mind control" programmes and what they are capable of.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Darpa's Lifelog Program

An interesting piece from the following article which reveals much about the technology which we experience as targeted individuals.

From the article, DARPA on Your Mind by Jonathan D. Moreno

Think your brain is being controlled or disrupted by the Pentagon? You risk being called a nut, but the notion is not so far-fetched. Current research at the intersection of neuroscience and national security might one day produce weapons that literally boggle (or, if desired, enhance) the mind. This would give us unprecedented war-fighting superiority as well as a set of ethical dilemmas that could make genetically-modified-organism issues pale in comparison.

DARPA’s now cancelled LifeLog program was a step away: The idea was to create a database with every communication an individual has written, all pictures taken of them, and every bit of information about them. Then use the Global Positioning System to track all their movements and sensors to record what they say, see, and hear and add that to the database. The unfolding events in a potential terrorist’s life could be reconstructed in all their dimensionality. But so could yours or mine, and a civil-liberties outcry after DARPA disclosed the project led to its demise.

The project is likely still going on secretly and saying that it is cancelled is likely to be a cover story. The Life Log programmes seems to want to monitor and track the individual through satellite possibly through these particle laser beams linked to GPS. They admit they can see and hear everything people do. This is complete mind hacking capabilities.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Council on Foreign Relations 1999 Report on Non Lethal Weapons

The Council on Foreign Relations commissioned a report back in 1999 to look at the use of non lethal weapons in armed conflict situations. From the article, Non-Lethal Technologies: Progress and Prospects
Reports indicate that Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Israel have developed or are developing significant non-lethal capabilities.

Electromagnetic pulse and radio frequency weapons could have disabled Serbian air-defense and other military electronic systems.

Serbian military headquarters and other sensitive buildings might have been rendered temporarily unusable by the precise delivery of revolting smells.

Radio frequency or microwave technologies to stop vehicles or disable electronics. • Acoustic and directed-energy technology designed to interfere with local communications, to disorient, to set up buffer zones, to deny access, or to repel mobs.

They admit their weapons can blow out electronics and send unusual smells to people.

Other interesting files can be viewed at

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Occult Musings on Azelle Rodney

We can glean occult information by looking at the deeper more significant esoteric significance of some of the people killed by the Metropolitan Police which was brought to my attention by a recent BBC Panorama Documentary. Although they did not mention the occult significance behind these tragic events. There are always strange events that can be seen. But strange things can also be seen in tragic events involving police officers, take for example Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone.

Occult Musings on Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone

The tragic death of the two police women, Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone, gunned down by Dale Cregan has some strange occult things behind it. Nicolas Hughes is 23 and Fiona Bone is 32. Notice the numbers. 23 is the reversal of 32. 32, apart from 33, is close to the highest degree in Freemasonry. Apparently, both didn't usually work together either. They were gunned down on a Tuesday. This is the ruling planet of MARS: used in occultism for military and intelligence operations. Mars is the number 5 which is 3 plus 2. The police officers worked for the police--intelligence driven. The mad man, Dale Cregan, fired 32 gunshots. Again, the numbers 3 and 2. Dale Cregan is aged 29. Masonry's important number of 11, chaos and disorder according to Biblical numerology.

Source: Wikipedia Article

The tragic death of Azelle Rodney also has some strange occult significance.

Azelle Rodney

The Metropolitan Police shot dead Azelle Rodney on the 30 April 2005.

April 30 is Beltane, an occult holiday. Adolf Hitler was so called murdered on the 30th April 1945. Osama bin Laden was also killed on 30 April 2011.

Beltane marked by bone fires and human sacrifice.

According to Wikipedia on Beltane:

According to 18th century writers, in parts of Scotland there was another ritual involving the oatmeal cake. In this ritual, the cake (called the bannoch Bealltainn or "Beltane cake") would be cut and one of the slices marked with charcoal. The slices would then be put in a bonnet and everyone would take one out while blindfolded. According to one writer, whomever got the marked piece would have to leap through the fire three times. According to another, those present would pretend to throw him into the fire and, for some time afterwards, they would speak of him as if he were dead. This "may embody a memory of actual human sacrifice", or it may have always been symbolic.[2] A similar ritual (i.e. of pretending to burn someone in the fire) was practised at spring and summer bonfire festivals in other parts of Europe.
From Pagan Wiccan About:

Beltane kicks off the merry month of May, and has a long history. This fire festival is celebrated on May 1 with bonfires, Maypoles, dancing, and lots of good old fashioned sexual energy. The Celts honored the fertility of the gods with gifts and offerings, sometimes including animal or human sacrifice. Cattle were driven through the smoke of the balefires, and blessed with health and fertility for the coming year. In Ireland, the fires of Tara were the first ones lit every year at Beltane, and all other fires were lit with a flame from Tara.
The person who was shot by the MET had the initials R.A. RA, refers to the sun god, RA in ancient Egypt.

From Wikipedia on RA::

Ra /rɑː/[1] or Re /reɪ/ (Egyptian: 𓂋ꜥ, rˤ) is the ancient Egyptian solar deity. By the Fifth Dynasty (2494 to 2345 BC) he had become a major god in ancient Egyptian religion, identified primarily with the midday sun. The meaning of the name is uncertain, but it is thought that if not a word for 'sun' it may be a variant of or linked to words meaning 'creative power' and 'creator'

The Metropolitan Police stopped Azelle Rodney at 7:43 pm. Here, we see 7/7. 7, being an important occult number. The London Bombings happened on 7/7. One of Aleister Crowley's important books is called Liber 777. 7 can represent Babylon.

The police used 14 officers to stop Azelle Rodney. Again, we see the number 7, divisible by two.

An ancient sacrifice to a sun god was Azelle Rodney.

We also have a similar link with Rodney King, a black African American who was stopped by police and beaten to a pulp. He was a victim of police brutality sharing the same name Rodney. (See Wikipedia on Rodney King).

The MET also use police operations called Operation Osiris. Why would an organisation like the MET use occult terms to describe its operations? Osiris is a demon worshipped in ancient Egyptian magic. His appearance can be described in one occult publication.

Pegasus, the Horse of the Prophets

Pegasus, known as the white horse with wings is also known as the "horse of the prophets" transporting such dignitaries as Abraham and Muhammed.

Islam has a tale of the Prophet Muhammed being transported from the house in Mecca to the house in Jerusalem on the back of a white horse. This is taken from commentary on Surah 17:1 - The Journey by Night.

From Wikipedia on Al-Buraq:

Al-Burāq (Arabic: البُراق‎ al-Burāq "lightning") is a mythological steed, described as a creature from the heavens which transported the prophets. The most commonly told story is how in the 7th century, Al-Buraq carried the Islamic prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem and back during the Isra and Mi'raj or "Night Journey", which is the title of one of the chapters (sura), Al-Isra, of the Quran.

Another description of the Buraq:

Then he [Gabriel] brought the Buraq, handsome-faced and bridled, a tall, white beast, bigger than the donkey but smaller than the mule. He could place his hooves at the farthest boundary of his gaze. He had long ears. Whenever he faced a mountain his hind legs would extend, and whenever he went downhill his front legs would extend. He had two wings on his thighs which lent strength to his legs.

He bucked when Muhammad came to mount him. The angel Jibril (Gabriel) put his hand on his mane and said: "Are you not ashamed, O Buraq? By Allah, no-one has ridden you in all creation more dear to Allah than he is." Hearing this he was so ashamed that he sweated until he became soaked, and he stood still so that the Prophet mounted him.[2]

According to Islam, the Night Journey took place 10 years after Muhammad became a prophet, during the 7th century. Muhammad had been in his home city of Mecca, at his cousin's home (the house of Ummu Hani' binti Abu Talib). Afterwards, Prophet Muhammad went to the Masjid al-Haram. While he was resting at the Kaaba, the angel Jibril (Gabriel) appeared to him followed by the Buraq. Muhammad mounted the Buraq, and in the company of Gabriel, they traveled to the "farthest mosque".

The Buraq was also said to transport Abraham (Ibrahim) when he visited his wife Hagar and son Ishmael. According to tradition, Abraham lived with one wife in Syria, but the Buraq would transport him in the morning to Mecca to see his family there, and take him back in the evening to his Syrian wife.

The Wikipedia article states Muhammed went to a Mosque in Jerusalem. This is incorrect. It is referring to the Temple in Jerusalem, not a mosque. "Al-Masjid-al-Aqsa" in Jerusalem, the neighbourhood whereof We have blessed" is the House or Temple on the Temple Mount.

Jesus Christ comes back on a white horse (Rev 19:11) and the saints who come down from heaven (Rev 19:14) were also sat on white horses. Pegasus comes back with our Lord and Saviour sat on him followed by an army of white horses.

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Truths of Herbert W Armstrong

In the Worldwide Church of God we are all aware of the 18 truths restored by Herbert W Armstrong to the church. It made me think about where I differ from these truths.

Essential differences to the 18 truths:

1. Baptism in the name of Jesus Christ as opposed to the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

2. Tithing likely to cease after the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, and enforceable only through a Levitical priesthood, whilst maintaining three holy day offerings on a yearly basis.

3. The Passover is a Passover meal where a seder is eaten on the 14th Abib.

4. The Bible is not a closed cannon of scripture. The Quran is a commentary on the Bible originally written to Jewish Christians living in Arabia. The Prophet Muhammed, was a foreign work, to the House of Judah and House of Israel. We can haggle over textual interpretations, and explanations.

5. There are two Resurrections not three.

6. The Hebrew calendar is a false calendar system, based on postponements and counting back 177 days from Trumpets to determine the first of Abib. God's true calendar is likely to be the Enochian calendar. But in the meantime, I observe a calendar without postponements based on the astronomical conjunction of the new moon to determine the first of Abib.

7. Mezuzah, the placing of the commandments on the doorpost, is a literal law required. To keep the letter of the law, we should place at least a mezuzah at the front and back door.

8. Tassels are not necessarily required today because our garments do not have four corners but a garment made of four corners can be made so that tassels can be worn. Tassels like the other laws are not ceremonial Levitical laws (i.e for the priesthood only), but laws for the whole nation of Israel.

9. Universal salvation can only be found in the scriptures during the Messianic age, ie., the return of Jesus Christ. During the Great White Judgement there is no second chance. Everyone is judged by their deeds. The overwhelming will enter into salvation, whilst the others will be sent to hell.

10. Esotericism was purposely removed from Christianity and by Herbert W Armstrong. This means that our religion is only half complete. The true religion is half orthodox and half esoteric. The Quran expounds on some esoteric terms known to people who study the Kabbalah (whether Jew or Golden Dawn). Our Bibles deliberately have esoteric information missing.

11. Souls have an existence after death. The soul is carried away by two angels where it is taken up into the Seven Heavens (see the Quran). Evil souls get slapped on the face by the angels. What happens next is open to debate.

12. God is sitting on the Throne in Seven Heavens (Quran, Jewish Kabbalah) and we are living in the first heaven called "malkuth". Fallen spirits rule this earth with Samuel (Lucifer) who has a consort with Lilith or Isis. People in power worship these "demons" by a variety of names. They use the Jewish Kabbalah system to contact demons using the "Qliphoth". The demons and Satan will rule until the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) where they will be dethroned by a returning Jesus Christ.

13. Angels are both male and female. King Solomon summoned up demons (see Testament of Solomon and Quran) and put them to work to build the Temple.

14. There are seven gates of hell and seven heavens (see Quran, B Talmud, Zohar, Jewish Kabbalah).

15. Eternal punishing and eternal punishment both exist. Eternal torment in hell exists so does annihilation. Some souls will spend eternity in hell (Quran) and others will cease to exist (Bible). Book of Enoch says the same, both states exist.

16. There is a Royal Court in Heaven called the Sanhedrin ruled over by 72 angels. The Jews have a physical representation on the earth under the Levitical system. Decisions on the earth can be overturned in the Heavenly Court. Yom Kippur is the day people's fate is decided.

17. Every person has two guardian angels who keep a record of our lives writing it in a book called The Record (Quran). At the Great White Throne Judgement angels will accompany the individual and the record of one's life will be known. There is a scale of balance that takes place. Those who have enough good deeds and lived a righteous life will inherit salvation, those who fail will face either a life time in hell or be burned up into ash. Those who enter salvation will have to confess Jesus Christ is Lord, before they enter the gates of Paradise.

18. There is no reincarnation nor second chance to live life. We all face Judgement, those who are called now to salvation, the firstfruits, are being judged now. The rest of humanity will face their judgement at the Great White Judgement.

19. One of the ingredients in the Holy oil of Exodus 30 is the hebrew, kanneh bosem. This is known to be cannabis, even in Jewish circles.

20. We have to maintain a biblically kosher diet, but God does allow the eating of unclean food only in the case of starvation (Quran). This is the same as the Jewish position where the Torah law can be broken to save human life. We know it in the church as the "ox and the ditch". In the case where people put us to the test, we would have to make our own judgements.

21. God's Holy Days and Sabbath exist for humanity (Lev 23) but mankind observes pagan occult days based on the worship of the sun, and nature. The Testament of Solomon tells us the demons turn themselves into "gods" which are worshipped by people. God is ruler in the Seventh heaven and His day of worship is the Seventh day. The majority of mankind worship on the first day of week, Sunday, in honour of Lucifer, who resides in the First Heaven.

22. Jesus was born around 10-11 September. Ernest Martin places it on 11 September.

23. The Infancy of Jesus Christ seems to be an accurate account of Jesus' live with some of these stories finding their way into the Quran.

24. The Gospel of Nicodemus tells us the story how the Jews in the time of Jesus believed He was the Messiah after doing an investigation following His death.

25. The Gospel of Adam and Eve fills in some of the gaps missing from the Bible telling us about the life of them both in the Garden of Eden and their departure.

26. Adam and Eve could see the angels in Heaven whilst in the Garden of Eden and had a bright nature which was later removed from them. They were created from the four elements.

27. The Star of David is not the sign of the Illuminati or evil. It is a sign given to angels stationed at the gates of the Seventh Heaven before one can enter. This sign allows the gates to open. This is used in the Jewish Mekerbah.

28. The Jewish Mekerbah is a legitimate practice. Through a process of meditation by repeating holy names, the person summons up an angel who takes them into the Seven Heavens. A dangerous journey where sometimes people are killed in heaven. People have to pass through seven halls or palaces, meet frightening angels, give their names, signs or passwords to proceed through the halls until finally arriving at the entrance to God's Throne, the Seventh Heaven. The Star of David is used to pass through the gate. The person is taken in a chariot sitting next to Archangel Gabriel to meet God in His throne. Behind Him is a curtain which contains the future. This curtain contains all the information people aspire to know.

29. The Microchip is the mark of the beast not Sunday worship or observance of pagan holidays. The microchip is a counterfeit of the Record which is placed in the right hand of those who enter Paradise (Quran). The Record is a book containing a record of a person's life. The microchip in the right hand takes the person to hell. The Record in the right hand takes a person to Paradise.

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History of Black Magic Occult Books

The New World Order is comprised of Rome and a network of occult magical societies. They use magic. Here is a history of their magical books they use to enslave mankind.

Eyes Wide Shut

Verus Jesuitarum Libellus - (Libellus Magicus or The True Petition of the Jesuits): (Circa 1508 CE):

The Verus Jesuitarum Libellus ( Libellus Magicus). Translated by Major Herbert Irwin in 1875, with its first publication by Scheible in 1847. The manuscript is now held in the John G. White Collection, with the latest edition being transcribed and edited by. Stephen J. Zietz.. Purported to have been published at Paris in the Latin in the year 1508, however this has not been established.

The Libellus Magicus is a Grimoire which presents the dark arts in a Christian context: demons find their proper place in hell, and angels are called on to appear to give assistance to the magician.

According to A.E Waite. “The Verus Jesuitarum Libellus, or "True Magical Work of the Jesuits, containing most powerful conjurations for all evil spirits of whatever state, condition, and office they are, and a most powerful and approved conjuration of the Spirit Uriel; to which is added Cyprian's Invocation of Angels, and his Conjuration of the Spirits guarding Hidden Treasures, together with a form for their dismissal.

The "Citation of St. Cyprian” is interesting as it is designed to gain the help of angelic forces, and this request for help apparently appropriate for every situation that we experience in life.

Grimoirium Verum: (circa 1517 CE):

Reputed to have been translated from the Hebrew by Plaingiere, a Dominucan Jesuit and published by Alibeck the Egyptian in 1517. The book, like many others, claims a connection to Solomon, but many believe that it was really written in the 18th century. Author unknown.

The work concentrates on rituals for summoning of demons, and gives "Characters" for some of these demons and therefore has gained the reputation of being one of the most notorious Grimoires of Black Magic. However, it is a lesser known Grimoire of which the Lemegeton, The Greater Key of Solomon, and The Lesser Key of Solomon are more widely known

The book draws on material from the Greater Key Solomon and the Lemegeton

The Secret Grimoire of Turiel: (Circa 1518 CE):

Translated from the Latin version of 1518, this famous Grimoire is well illustrated with the sigils, signs and symbols of medieval magic. It came to light in 1927 after being sold to Marius Malchus in Spain by a defrocked priest and was then translated into English from the original. There is some opinion that the text may have been taken from an older magical manuscript, which one? Is not known.

It is interesting to note that the Angel Turiel (Rock of God) is mentioned in the 1 Book of Enoch as one of the angels who fell from grace.

The Grimoire gives the magician instructions on how to contact Turiel.

The Grand Grimoire (Red Dragon): (Circa 1522):

The Red Dragon or Le Dragon Rouge is a black Grimoire, also known as a Grand Grimoire. First published in 1822, it is said to have been originally produced around 1522, however this cannot be substantiated.

From a practical perspective its only value, if you can call it that, is a way of making a pact with the Devil (Lucifer).

The first part of the Grimoire, gives instruction for finding hidden treasures by the evocation of an evil spirit. In the second part the magician is required to fully submit himself, body and soul, to the demon who will serve him!

Three Books of Occult Philosophy: (Circa 1533 CE):

De occulta philosophia libri tres (Three Books of Occult Philosophy,) by Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535), published in Cologne 1533. Agrippa was one of the most influential writers on the occult during his lifetime, and still today his work is acknowledged as a major contribution to our occult knowledge. Unlike other Grimoires these books are not do-it-yourself manuals on magic but a collection of philosophical thought.

The first Book focuses on natural magic. The second Book focuses on Celestial Magic and examines such concepts as the Cabbala and Gematria. The third Book concerns celestial entities, Angels, Angelic beings, their names.

From a Pauline Art perspective this work is important as it introduces the seven magical squares, or planetary kameas and the four philosophical Elements, the gnomes, sylphs, salamanders, and undines.

Agrippa magical philosophy therefore combines angelic elements with the natural sourced were the power comes from God.

Finally, a fourth book appeared call the Book of Magical Ceremonies, for which some this book supplies the “how” to the first three books of Agrippa. This Grimoire was not produced by Agrippa but compiled by Robert Turner from various sources.

De Nigromancia (Concerning the Black Art): (Circa 1550 CE):

De Nigromancia, or, Concerning the Black Art, is a Latin manuscript attributed to Roger Bacon. The manuscript first appeared in the 16th century. The text is concerned with Goetic summonings, especially of wraiths or the conjuration of infernal spirits and demons.

Nigromancia (Necromancia) is a branch of magick, generally considered black, which consists of divination by consulting the dead and their spirits or corpses.

The point of Nigromancia (Necromancia) is the study of death and the raising and controlling of the dead.

The Praxis Magica Fausti (Magical Elements): (Circa 1571 CE):

The Praxis Magica Fausti, or "Magical Elements" of Dr. John Faust, Practitioner of Medicine," claims to have been printed from the original MS held in the Municipal Library of Weimar, and is dated 1571. However this has been disproven.

There is an English manuscript at the Cleveland Public Library which compared with Latin and German version indicates a number errors and mistakes not only in the translation but also the source documents.

From a practical perspective, due to the inherent errors, the manuscript is only of value The work is in the style of similar 1700 Century works on magic such as the Lesser Key of Solomon.

Essentially a work of the Black Arts, it gives details on the conjuration of Evil Spirits, who are commanded to do the petitioners bidding through Lucifer.

Arbatel of Magick (Arbatel de Magia Veterum): (Circa 1575):

The Arbatel of Magic (Arbatel de Magia Veterum) first appeared in Latin in 1575, first being published in Basel Switzerland and translated into English by Robert Turner in 1655. Thought to have been originally produced in nine volumes, see below, the available text is the first book called Isagoge, or, A Book of the Institutions of Magick, which is the only book found todate, the remaining may have never been produced or have been lost. The Arbatel introduced the concept of the seven planetary Olympic Spirits, whose names are Aratron, Bethor, Phaleg, Och, Hagith, Ophiel, and Phul. Dr. John Dee is reputed that have owned a copy of the Artbatel.

Below is an extract from the manuscript indicating those volumes which were presumably in the original manuscript: ARBATEL OF MAGICK

Containing nine Tomes, and seven Septenaries of APHORISMS.

The first is called Isagoge, or, A Book of the Institutions of Magick: or [illegible Greek],1 which in fourty and nine Aphorisms comprehendeth, the most general Precepts of the whole Art.

The second is Microcosmical Magick, what Microcosmus hath effected Magically, by his Spirit and Genius addicted to him from his Nativity, that is, spiritual wisdom: and how the same is effected.

The third is Olympick Magick, in what manner a man may do and suffer by the spirits of Olympus.

The fourth is Hesiodiacal, and Homerical Magick, which teacheth the operations by the Spirits called Cacodæmones, as it were not adversaries to mankinde.

The fifth is Romane or Sibylline Magick, which acteth and operates with Tutelar Spirits and Lords, to whom the whole Orb of the earth is distributed. This is valde insignis Magia. To this also is the doctrine of the Druids referred.

The sixth is Pythagorical Magick, which onely acteth with Spirits to whom is given the doctrine of Arts, as Physick, Medicine, Mathematics, Alchymie, and such kinde of Arts.

The seventh is the Magick of Apollonius, and the like, and agreeth with the Romane and Microcosmical Magick: onely it hath this peculiar, that it hath powerover the hostile spirits of mankinde.

The eighth is Hermetical, that is, Ægyptiacal Magick; and differeth not much from Divine Magick.

The ninth is that wisdom which dependeth solely upon the Word of God; and this is called Prophetical Magick.2

Mysteriorum Libri Quinque (Circa 1590 CE):

The Five Books of Mystical Exercises of Dr. John Dee, containing an Angelic Revelation of Kabbalistic Magic and other Mysteries Occult and Divine revealed to Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley.

"Enochian" is not a term used by Dr Dee in any of his works. The word Enochian was applied to the philiosophy of Dee by the Golden Dawn, reasons not too clears. For Dee and Kelly they used to refer to they work as the language as "Angelical", the "Celestial Speech", the "Language of Angels", the "First Language of God-Christ" and the "Holy Language".

Five Books of the Mysteries (Quinti Libri Mysteriorum), covers the years from 1581 to 1583. , and covered the magic of the seven Archangels who stand before the throne of God. It focuses upon the seven planets, the days of the week, and the seven Biblical days of creation.

Dee identified forty nine planetary angels, whose assistance could be obtained, through various rituals, in order to gain thinks as knowledge (of the occult arts) and other necessities of life.

Dee was heavily influenced by existing magical Grimoires such as the Arbatel of Magick and the Almadel of Solomon, which he wove into his philosophy and magical practices. However, one cannot dispute that his works have profound power and contributed greatly to our understanding of Angelic Magic.

Lesser Key of Solomon (Lemegeton): (Circa 1640 CE):

This is a collection of five magical manuscripts; Goetia, Theurgia-Goetia, the Pauline Art, the Almadel of Solomon, and the Ars Nova. Some practioners have suggested that the five books were once separate texts, which were combined to form the Lemegeton.

Goetia (of Solomon): The Goetia is concerned with the Spirits of Evil the evocation of 72 demons associated with the Shemhamphorash, those which Solomon bound to his service. It is worth considering that if it were true that the original Grimoire was in fact five books it has also been suggested that the Goetia is the oldest book. It has also been suggested by Elizabeth Butler that the manuscript the Liber Spiritum, and the Liber Officiorum, were earlier names for the Goetia itself. This may then place the Goetia well before the seventeenth Century.

Theurgia-Goetia: Theurgy literally means High Magic, the tradition which deals with the methods of working with good spirits, especially the conjuration of 32 Ariel Spirits and their servants, who govern the points of the compass.

Pauline Art (Ars Paulina): The third book is called Ars Paulina, or The Art Pauline (The Pauline Art), and deals with the Zodiac, the planets and the related angels and spirits and is divided into two parts: The first part deals with twenty-four Angels who rule the hours of the day and night and the angels are listed with several serviant Angels.

The second part concerns the finding of the Angel of the degree of one’s own natal Ascendant, your Sun and Moon angels which are so important in the Pauline Art. Your moon angel is therefore reputed to hold the mysteries of one’s destiny, career and fortune. The text ends with the full invocation of the petitioners Holy Guardian Angel.

Pauline Art was revealed to the Apostle Paul after he had ascended the third heaven, and was then delivered by him at Corinth. Again the true date of publication is not known, current versions appear to have been published around the year 1641. Possibly a precursor of, or inspiration for, Dr John Dee's Heptarchia Mystica.

Almadel of Solomon: The fourth book deals with the evocation of the angels of the four "Altitudes" which has been interpreted as the angels of the four cardinal points. These angels also rule the equinoctial and solstice points, the seasons, and the signs of the Zodiac.

The fourth book also introduced the Almadel a magical technique of using a wax tablet, to contact the celestial spirits. In the production of the Almadel, correct colours of the angels had to be applied to be successful.. The fourth book has a major effect upon Dr. John Dee (circa 17th Century), which he developed into his renowned “Enochian” or Angelic system of magic. Ars Nova (The New Art): The fifth book is concerned with prayer and orations revealed to him (Solomon) by the Archangel Michael.

The Red Book of Appin: (Circa 1640):

Translated by Scarabaeus, but the date of the original manuscript is unknown. The Grimoire, primarily a dark Grimoire, is in two parts. The first part concerns the requirements to become an adept who follows a wizard (evil spirit) who initiates the adept into the secrets of the book. The second part of the book introduces Superior Demons and evil spirits together with their seals and invocations.

An extract from the actual books Preface:

“Some say that The Red Book had been dictated by Vlad Tepes himself to some monk Kirill. If it is so or not, we cannot say, but the devil-worshipping of the great romanian general is an unquestionable fact, which no serious black adept can deny. It is well known that this document, enwrapped in blood-red leather of some unknown creature (according to rumors , that was one of lower demons, invoked by Vlad specially for this purpose), was kept by the english merchant Joseph Appin (from this comes the title of the book), who died in 1689 and bequeathed to bury it together with him. Having accomplished their father`s behest, two of his sons afterwards digged his grave out in order to get the access to the source of terrible transcendent knowledge, but found no book there.

It is possible that the book had been stolen by some offspiring of Vlad, and since then it was imparted from father to son until the year 1869, when it got into the hands of the Hungarian secret community , which afterwards turned to one of branches of the Great Black Lodge under the abbreviation A.C.C. The copy had been imparted to the Pontiphic of the Lodge Johan Kellenheim in 1901 and translated to polish and German.

The further destinity of the original is unknown. It`s written in the purest version of the enochian language, in comparison with which the language of John Dee is just a pitiable senseless murmuring, and not with enochian symbols but with latin letters, which confirms the version of writing it by the monk, unfamiliar with the Heavenly Language.”

Semiphoras und Shemhamphoras Salominis (Shemhamphoras): (Circa 1686 CE):

A Hebrew manual of magic the Semiphoras und Shemhamphoras Salominis is the title of a 1686 occult book attributed to King Solomon printed by Andreas Luppius and edited by Johann Scheible in 1846. Its text cannot be traced to an earlier date, but it is possible that it is a late medieval manuscript, the title being mentioned among grimoires by earlier authors such as Johannes Hartlieb.

The title is probably a corruption of the Cabbalist term shem hammephorash "the distinctive excellent name", viz., the divine name YHWH.

The much of the text has been drawn from Corneius Agrippas works, pseudo-Agrippa, Jewish Magic and the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. "The Seven Semiphoras of Adam" and the "The Seven Semiphoras of Moses" closely match book 7 of the Liber Salomonis.

The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage: (Circa 1700 CE):

Translated by S. L. Mathers, who indicates that the text was probably produced between the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth centuries.

The Book is divided into three parts. The first part gives detail about Abraham the Jew, who is the author of the book, who lived during the years 1368 -1437 CE. According to Abraham he produced the book for his son, after being given the secrets during his travels in Egypt by Mage called Abramelin.

The second part gives the aspirant magician detailed instruction on a purification process that the Magician must undergo prior to invoking his Guardian Angel. Having contacted and communicated with your Holy Guardian Angel, Abraham assures the Magician that having secured this contact and assurance from his angel he may the summon and control certain demonic princes such as Astarot, Belzebub and Lucifer, to name a few.

The final part is a comprehensive collection of magical squares which has the unique ability to command certain spirits to perform what the specific task of the square has been designed to achieve. .

The Grimoire of Pope Leo French (Enchiridion Leonis Papae): (Circa 1749):

The Grimoire of Pope Leo is a French Grimoire written in 1749 that claims to be authored by Pope Leo, although this claim in not substantiated.

We have little information concerning the background of the Grimoire

The Black Pullet (The Science of Magical Talismans): (Circa 1790 CE):

This Grimoire is unique from the perspective that its main purpose is to introduce the Magician to the “science of magical talismans and rings". Apparently the Grimoire was written in the late 18th Century by a French Officer, but its actual origin is unknown.

During one of Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt, the French Officer managed to survive an attack by Arabs apparently near one of the pyramids, which one was not identified. The Grimoire then explains that from the pyramid, appears an old man, who takes the French Officer into a secret chamber, were he attends to his wounds. Once recovered the old man discloses the secrets of this Grimoire. The Grimoire describe the various rings and talismans and what may be achieved by their application. The talismans assure the individual the use of unique powers such as proficiency in all spoken languages, the power to discover hidden secrets, and invisibility.

The ability to master this “Secret Science” the Magician is granted the ability to conjure a Hen that lays Golden Eggs, along with the power to discover hidden treasures, a source of unlimited wealth! Some have associated the Black Pullet is another Grimoires, The Red Dragon (or The Grand Grimoire).

The Magus (Celestial Intelligencer): (1801 CE):

Produced by Francis Barrett, and first published in 1801 this work was to be the basis of teachings that Barrett use in his occult school, he ran with the ultimate intention of establishing an occult order.

Much of the contents of the Magus is taken directly from De occulta philosophia libri tres (Three and Fourth Book About Occult Philosophy,) by Cornelius Agrippa, including the Magical Elements (Heptameron). And other sources as indicated by Barrett himself:

"we have collected out of the works of the most famous magicians, such as Zoroaster, Hermes, Apollonius, Simon of the Temple, Trithemius, Agrippa, Porta (the Neapolitan), Dee, Paracelsus, Roger Bacon, and a great many others...."

The Magus actually comprised of two main volumes covering the main occult work with the third volume being a biographical section. It is not certain if Barrett intended the inclusion of this volume or if it was added by the printer. Today it is available as one volume.

Transcendental Magic (Various Texts): (Circa 1830CE):

Eliphas Levi (the pen name of Abbé Louis Constant, 1810-1875), French occultist, Roman Catholic, whose works have been appraised as being highly interesting, but lacking accuracy.

Levi is well know for four main books, The Dogma and Ritual of High Magic, A History of Magic, Transcendental Magic and the The Key of Great Mysteries, and other occult books. Levi "believed in the existence of a universal 'secret doctrine' of magic throughout history, everywhere in the world."

In The Dogma and Ritual of High Magic, Levi devoted 22 chapters to the 22 trump cards, or Major Arcana, of the tarot. He linked each to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and to aspects of God.

Levi’s most well known work covers Transcendental magic which is a far more practical from text an occult perspective than Levi’s other works. The work is split into two parts. Part 1 covers theory, and examines traditional interpretations of magic and religion. Part II covers the practical aspects of ritual magic.

His other works are:

Clefs Majeures et Clavicules de Salomon

Dogma et Rituel de la Haute Magie Part I

Dogma et Rituel de la Haute Magie Part II

Elements of the Qabalah

The Conjuration of the Four Elements

The Key of the Mysteries

The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum.

The Sixth & Seventh Books of Moses: (Circa 1849):

Of the books ascribed to Moses the manuscripts know as the Sixth and Seventh books of Moses in particular important to the occultist.

This was a German magical Grimoire first published in Stuttgart in 1849, with an English translation of the Books first appeared in New York in 1880. Subsequent reprints have suffered from a number of deficits, poor editing and poor reproduction of the drawings and Hebrew lettering. Therefore a caution is given to those that intend to apply the principle of the Grimoire.

It teaches how to conjure spirits, how to make and use healing amulets, charms and talismans. Contains over 125 seals reputed to have been used by the Egyptians.

These Books became extremely popular in the Americas particularly amongst Dutch and German communities, reaching even to the West Indies where it became entrenched into American folk magic and voodoo.

Oupnekhat. (Circa 1882 CE):

According to Lewis Spence in An Encyclopaedia of Occultism, the Oupnekhat or Oupnekhata (Book of the Secret) is a work written in Persian providing the following instructions for the production of wise (Machqgui) visions. These vision will unite the practitioner with Brahma-Atma or the Divine Spence also suggests that this book is possibly a revision of one of the Hindu Upanishads.

Oupnekhata and was introduced into Europe probably from a nineteenth-century German translation titled Das Oupnekhat; die aus den Veden zusammengefasste Lebre von dem Brahm in 1882. However, there are some who believe that it was derived from an earlier Latin edition of 1801.

The Grimoire of Armadel: (Circa 1890):

The Grimoire of Armadel translated from the original French and Latin of a manuscript in the Biblotheque l'Arsenal in Paris. This is classed as a Christian Grimoire and contains many important seals and sigils of the various demons and planetary spirits. First translated by S.L. McGregor Mathers in the late 1890’s. The Grimoire of Armadel remained unpublished until 1980.

What follows is an unabridged introduction taken directly from the version of the Grimoire by Frator Alastor: “…….When Mathers made his translation he notice that the title page was the last page of the Grimoire, so he moved to the front but keep the rest of the chapters in the same order. He also notice that this Grimoire began speaking about the magick circle like if it where something that the reader should already know. Now it is my believe that the whole Grimoire was written backward, this is to say that you should read the last page first (the title page) then the last chapter and so on. If you read it this way you will see that make a lot of sense. In Mathers version the first chapter is a reference to the magick circle and the License to depart, it make no sense to begin a Grimoire that way since the license to depart is the last think that a magician read. Also if you fallow the Latin titles in Mathers version the text begin with the Sanhedrin, Jesus and go on to the creation of Adam and the demons and the angels etc. This order is completely the opposite of that one on the bible this is god first, then the angels, the demons, Adam, Jesus, the Crucifixion and the Sanhedrin. So neither to say I had inverted the orders of the chapters in Mathers version under the believing that this is the way that the magic was intended to be read.”

The Book of Raziel the Angel: (Sefer Raziel HaMalakh) (Circa 1250 CE)

The Book of Raziel the Angel is a medieval Hebrew Grimoire originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic. We understand that ther is a Latin translation titled Liber Razielis Archangeli, produced under Alfonso X in the 13th century. Like many other mystical manuscripts the Book of Raziel has suffered many from the production of many versions.

The Grimoire contains five Books which cover such secrets as, the mysteries of creation, the production of magical talismans, the angels, the Zodiac, Gematria and the names of God. It draws heavily on the Sepher Yetzirah and Sepher Ha-Razim.

The Book was reputed to have been given to Adam by the Angel Raziel in order to teach Adam the spiritual laws of nature, knowledge of the planets, stars and the spiritual laws of creation. Raziel also taught Adam the knowledge of the power of speech, thought, the Hebrew alphabet and how to co-exist with the physical and spiritual worlds.

The Book is still available today, and a Hebrew version may be obtained from any good Jewish bookshop for it is still believed that the book has power. However, it is forbidden to open the book or read it because of its inherent power. Therefore many keep their copies sealed. Finally, by tradition no charge may be taken for the book!

The Grimoire of Honorius (Grimoire of Pope Honorius): (Circa 1216 CE):

The Grimoire of Honorius was credited to Pope Honorius III, who succeeded Pope Innocent III in 1216. The Grimoire of Honorius is full of Christian benedictions and formulae for the control of the fallen angels and gaining their assistance in accomplishing certain magical requests.

Translated by Ms Kim Ch'ien from the old German of 1220. The Grimoire not only instructed priests in the arts of demonology but virtually ordered them to learn how to conjure and control demons, as part of their priestly duties. It therefore purportedly gave the sanction of the papal office for priests to practice of ritual magic.

The manuscript appears to be a mixture of other magical Grimoires. From a Christian perspective this Grimoire raises some important questions, if the Church requires the powers to be able to banish (exorcise) evil spirits, in reality this means that he controls them (through Gods power) and therefore is he not therefore able to conjure them also?

The Emerald Tablet: (Circa 1140 CE):

Reputed to be the oldest Grimoires is the works of Hermes Trimegistus. The great Egyptian God Thoth, the creator of writing and aligned with the Archangel Gabriel, became the Roman “Hermes Thrice Great.” Not only was his invention of writing significant but it incorporated the secrets of life, nature, and alchemy. Most famous of these works is the Emerald Tablet. It is reputed to hold the secrets of nature and allow man to perform various magical acts in an effort to turn base metals into gold. A Latin translation of the Tablet was undertaken by Johannes Hispalensis, circa. 1140.

There appears to be are many works falsely attributed to Hermes, a search of the internet will revel quite a number, and many may have been lost in time. Besides the Emerald Tablet the following are closely identified with the Hermes philosophy:

The Corpus Hermeticum consisted of sixteen books are set up as dialogues between Hermes and others, The Kybalion, a Hermetic Philosophy, published in 1912 anonymously by three people calling themselves the "Three Initiates". Many Hermetic principles are explained in this book.

The Picatrix (Ghâyat al-Hakîm fi'l-sihr): (Circa 1256 CE):

The Picatrix "The Goal of the Sage” is a Grimoire of uncertain origins, probably written circa 1256 CE. No author has been identified. The originally text was written in Arabic, with a Latin translation appearing approximately 1256 during the court of Alphonso X of Castile.

The work is divided into four Books. Book I contains a preface, information about the author and a summary of the material found in the four books. The chapters of Book I, delves into occult philosophy and astrology which is its main occult theme.

Book II continues, but in more depth with the mysteries of astrology, the talismanic art, the planets and the method of invocation of the spirits.

Book III continues with a discussion on the magical tools, inks, incense, perfumes, robes and metals, which are related to the planets. From a magical perspective this is an extremely important Book, as it also covers prayers and invocations of the seven planets and the gifts that can be gained from each, the ceremonies related to each planet, and the talismans of the planets themselves.

Editions appeared in German, being translated from Arabic by Ritter and Plessner (1962). There is also a Latin version by David Pingree, (1986). Ouroboros Press have published Books I and II in English (2002), but as far as we can tell there is no full English edition is available, although we believe that one is being prepared.

The Testament of Solomon: (Circa 200 CE):

The Testament of Solomon is a Grimoire classed as a Pseudepigrapha, or text or a collection of texts, written between 200 BCE and 200 CE that has falsely been attributed to King Solomon.

It is the earliest known compendium of demons and describes Solomon as a Magician. Translated by F.C Conybeare in 1898 who has stated that it may have been re-worked by a Christian, as many Christian passages may be found in certain sections.

The manuscript contains 130 sections, according to Conybeare's translation. Within the text Solomon states that he wrote his testament before his death so that the children of Israel would know the powers and shapes of the demons, and the names of the angels who have power over them.

The story described by Solomon in the Testament provides a framework into which magical formulae and names could be inserted without destroying the content, and therefore due to this, the text has grown over the centuries, so that it is now very difficult to identify original text from later additions.

Source: Archangels and Angels

Did the Vatican Create Islam?

One of the theories making the rounds is that the Vatican created Islam. This seems to stem from testimony of an ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera, which was told to him by Cardinal.

This testimony can be found in How the Vatican created Islam promoted by a Sabbath keeping group, The Remnant of God, former SDA.

The Vatican did not create the Prophet Muhammed nor the Quran. This was the work of God, a small foreign work, to the House of Israel, to get the people back to Sabbath keeping, inform them about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the Great White Throne Judgement known as the Second resurrection.

Islam today has changed from its original Christian Jewish roots. The Quran must be viewed in line of existing scriptures of the God of Israel. Allah is the God of Israel.

Mistranslations have plagued the Quran similar to the Holy Scriptures and it has become the book nobody really understands. It is final revelation, the little book of Rev 10 sent down by an angel prior to Christ's return. It is meant to be "commentary" on the Bible.

From the article: Secret Tradition of Islam By Life Science Fellowship:

By the time of Jesus, the esoteric spiritual side of the Hebrew religion had been corrupted and almost lost. People were enslaved to the "letter of the law," kept in the bondage of ignorance by false teachers, not realising that "the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life." Thus the Essenes, being the true Israelite priests and the mystic precursors of the early Christians, concerned themselves with rediscovering the inner meaning of the Mosaic Law. Within the first four centuries after Christ, the teachings of Jesus underwent the same corruption and loss as those proclaimed by Moses. Christianity emerged as a powerful institution dominated by a clerical hierarchy largely ignorant of the original esoteric truths. The Gospels, like the books of the Old Testament, underwent editing and revision to comply with the exoteric Christian creed. The many Christian Gnostic texts, that spoke of esoteric doctrines, were denounced and confined to the flames.

Messenger of Allah At the same time that in the West the Church of Rome emerged triumphant, in the East arose a new prophet and Messenger of God. In the ancient land of Arabia, in fulfilment of age old prophecies, Muhammed began to proclaim complete surrender to the One God of all mankind. His message became known as Islam, the last of the great revealed religions. And after the manner of Moses and Jesus, the prophet Muhammed distinguished between the exoteric and esoteric dimensions of religion. Being the last of all the celestial faiths, Islam contained the essential divine truths of all the earlier revelations.

At first Muhammed confided his experience only to a small group of close associates. Soon, an inner circle or secret school of disciples began to form around him, and in time they publicly proclaimed the exoteric message of surrender to Allah. Prophet Muhammed never claimed to found a new religion. In fact, he always said he was just continuing the primordial tradition that was working long before him. Like Moses and Jesus, Muhammed came in a long line of prophets who from time to time delivered to their people, under divine inspiration, the same revelation of God's nature and of Man's relationship to Him, as had been given to Adam. Muhammed came to reinstate this eternal pristine message that had been obscured by ignorance, idolatry, and used to enslave rather than liberate humanity. From this perspective the Holy Quran teaches the primordial unity of all religions and the common origin of each. It affirms that there is not a nation or people to whom a prophet has not been sent.

Muhammed sought to bring back some of the exoteric information (which the Jews closely guard called the kabbalah) to the Jewish Christians which was thrown out of true religion. Instead pagan Babylonian mysteries took its place, with the worship of demons dressed up as Isis, Osiris, old hags in women's garb calling themselves Hecate. These demons are worshipped in the Roman Catholic church. The Golden Dawn, a black magic society started with Roman Catholics in the UK. These demons are part of the 72 demons of King Solomon, escaped from the vessel of King Solomon, released in Babylon, to recreate Babylon under Rome.

The Vatican controls all main religions today through Freemasonry, the Jesuits and occult secret societies. We have to leave organised religion to find the truth. Islam has secret societies linked to Freemasonry where the Quran is placed on the altar in Masonic lodges. It is likely many Islamic Imams will be members of these Masonic fraternities. Freemasonry in the UK has a protestant movement to get the protestants back to Rome under political and religious pressure through a movement called Zionism. This will see a rebuilding of a Third Temple, and the Holy See being placed in Jerusalem alongside a reformed Jewish movement.

To understand more about true Islam visit the Islam Resource Centre -- going back to its original Jewish Christian roots.

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18 Year Flanagan Developed Neurophone

Bio Cybernetics II

by G. Harry Stine

Last time around, two issues ago, I reported on the process made by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) concerning computer recognition of human EEG patterns. I stated that this was a major breakthrough in the development of the true intelligence amplifier wherein the human nervous system was linked directly with the electronic circuitry of a large general purpose computer. Soon, the crystalline circuitry of the computer will be able to "understand" the colloidal circuitry of the human nervous system by direct linkage through electromagnetic fields.

And I left you hanging by your fingernails on a figurative cliff overhanging an ammonia sea swarming with methane monsters, so to speak.

I stated that seventeen years ago the breakthrough had been made that would permit the colloidal circuitry of the nervous system to "understand" the crystalline circuitry of the electronic computer. In other words, if the computer signal was in the proper form, the human nervous system could pick up and decipher the electronic computer signal through an electromagnetic field.

In early 1962, I was working as assistant director of research for the Huyck Corporation in Milford, Connecticut. Dr. William O. Davis was the director of research, and he had been charged by the company to look for new products to insure that Huyck would be in business twenty five years hence. There were no caveats placed on us at that time. We could look at or for anything....and we did. Then as now I have all sorts of pipelines into the back rooms of various research and development organizations here and abroad; a science fact or science fiction writer really cant function properly without these contacts. My most valuable Little Black Spy was the former editor of this magazine. John W. Campbell, who in turn had an incredible network of Little Black Spies.

Campbell told me of an 18 year old boy in Texas who had invented a spectacular new hearing aid. I made a telephone call, talked to the boy, and was on a plane to Houston within days.

G. Patrick Flanagan of Ballaire Texas was a boy genius. In addition to being an outstanding gymnast and a pilot, this high school graduate had stumbled upon a technique of introducing audio information directly into the human nervous system without loudspeakers or earphones, and without direct electrical connection between his gadget and the nervous system.

On July 24, 1962 in Bellaire, Texas in Flanagan's shop in the attic of his parents home, I personally witnessed proof-of-principle demonstration of a direct linkage between a crystalline electronic circuit and the colloidal system of the human nervous system.

The device called the "neurophone" by Flanagan, was a very simple gadget. It used those ancient devices known as vacuum tubes. It used a 6L6G tube running as a 35 Kilohertz oscillator; the output of the oscillator was amplitude-modulated by the output of ant single channel hi-fi system through suitable impedance matching transformers, etc. This amplitude modulated 35 kilohertz signal then went through a cheapie stepup transformer so that the output was very high voltage (about 4 kilovolts, as I remember) but at very high impedance. Flanagan fed this signal through a length of ordinary TV antenna twin lead to a pair of rubber pads about six inches in diameter that he had filched from a "relaxicisor" muscle relaxing device. Each pad consisted of a 1/16 inch thick rubber sheet, a piece of copper window screen to which was soldered one of the wires of the twin lead, and the rubber covering of the relaxicisor pad. The rubber insulation kept one from getting zapped, although the shock wasnt painful....just annoying.

Put a signal into the neurophone input, peak the frequency, peak the modulation to 100%, and then hold the two pads to your body....anywhere.

And you heard music playing in your head!

Although the pads worked better and you got a louder signal with the pads on your bare skin, it would work through a layer of clothing.

And it worked regardless of where you put the two pads! You could put one on your shoulder and the other on the sole of your foot...and you would still hear whatever program material was being played into the neurophone form the hi-fi system.

I can freely describe this today because (a) I dont think Flanagan's patent application ever got accepted and I dont believe the patent ever issued. (b) Huyck Corporation is off doing its classic thing of making paper machine parts and isnt interested in the slightest, and (c) I think the time is just about right to get going on this little gadget again.

Flanagan had succeeded where others had failed. Dr Henry Puharich had succeeded in developing a similar device, but the pads were one inch copper plates that had to be rubbed along the skin to achieve the "fricative effect" to permit Puharich's gadget to work.

In a series of long and complex experiments conducted under my supervision at Huyck and by Dr Wayne Batteau at Tuffs, it was conclusively shown that the neurophone effect not the result of (a) the pads acting as electrostatic loudspeakers, (b) the pads exciting bone conduction of the sound, or (c) the pads activating the eighth cranial nerve. Although I tried the neurophone an a nerve deaf medical doctor at Columbia Jesuit University in 1965, I kept the experiment running for only about ten minutes. Dr Wayne Batteau tried it at Tufts and succeed because the brain of his nerve deaf subject had "forgotten how to hear" and needed something over an hour of application of the neurophone signal in order to begin to hear in his brain again! We know now that the Flanagan neurophone operated by direct linkage of the electronic circuitry with the nervous system through electromagnetic fields. We know now that the nervous system will pick up any signal and send it to the brain where the brain recognizes the signal according to the sensory data it represents, then switches the signal to the proper sector of the brain responsible for processing such signals. But we dont know how Flanagan accidentally happened to crack the neural code for audio data.

I can assure you that the Flanagan neurophone is no hoax. Many responsible people experienced it. Just before his death, Dr William O. Davis gave me one of the neurophones we had built at Huyck; I still have it, but a two hour search through my uncatalogued archives of scientific memorabilia and trivia failed to locate it this morning. Im going to dig it out and try it again for fun. And because it does represent a breakthrough that will permit electronic computers to communicate directly to our nervous putting on a beanie, and not plugging a cable into a socket implanted on the top of our heads!

The DARPA work with computers deciphering human EEG signals, plus the Flanagan neurophone capable of permitting a computer to communicate directly with a human, both make inevitable the final computer; the use of the computer as a extension to the human brain as an intelligence amplifier for the human being.

Now, what happened with the Flanagan neurophone, and why havent you heard more about it? I am not sure that it is because of the reaction of Big Science as discussed by Jerry Pournelle last month. There were several factors involved.

First of all, it didnt look like Huyck could get a patent position, so they wanted out. They also discovered that the Huyck Corporate Research Laboratories were producing more inventions, patents, and potential new products than the company could possibly absorb. Huyck also got into production trouble with several products that have come along before Corporate Research entered the picture. So Huyck dropped the entire corporate research program, writing off about 2.5 million spent over a five year period. They also convinced themselves that they could not afford to develop the marketing know-how for any of the new products we were coming up with. They succumbed, as have so many other small companies, to the "Harvard Business School Syndrome": Dont develop new technology and products yourself, but wait until somebody else does and then buy the whole schmear, product, production, and marketing know-how in a big package. My employment agreement was written in a way that I wasnt sure what I could talk about....then.

Dr. Wayne Batteau suffered a fatal heart attack in Hawaii while diving with dolphins. He had also done considerable work in that area.

I dont know where Flanagan is. He worked for NASA in Houston for a time in computer programming. The last I knew, he was somewhere in California as one of the top experts pyramidology. I suspect I will hear from him as a result of this, and Ill welcome it.

Big Science did not kill the neurophone. It was complacent, and it really didnt know anything about the device. Academia was not really consulted. The neurophone has been dormant for fourteen years now because of the failure of nerve and imagination in the sales and marketing department.

But, now, there appears to be a need for the neurophone to take the final step toward direct communication between ourselves and our crystalline symbiotes/servants, the electronic computers.

Yes, I am still interested in this area. I am interested in anything and everything. But do not-repeat, repeat do not write to me or telephone me and ask for free information. I am a writer and a consultant, and my business is information...and the only thing of real value that you or I have in this world is time. I didnt write this soliciting business; I wrote it to report to you that the intelligence amplifier is just around the corner and awaiting you bright people out there to put it together right so that humans stay in control of intelligence amplifiers.

Now, what can we do in the future to integrate the creative process of "invention" more fully into the process of research, development, production, and marketing? Hang in there......


If you thought the above article is science fiction: See a crazy invention: US Patent Application # 20060071122: Full Body Teleportation System

Remote Viewing Manual

A copy of the Remote Viewing Manual used by the Military is on the internet. It seems to be to be referring to these energy weapons they fire on our brains, ie. laser beams, microwaves etc. Manual used by employees of Ft Meade, known for their mind control programs (see Robert Duncan and John Hall research).

Download here:

For other interesting books on free energy:

Pope Francis Meets Rabbis and Has Kosher Lunch

Jewish Rabbi's fall over themselves to meet the Pope, offering him a kosher lunch in his native Argentina.

From Pope Francis hosts Argentine Jewish leaders at Vatican

Pope Francis on Thursday hosted a delegation of 15 Jewish leaders from his native Argentina for an informal kosher lunch at the Vatican’s Santa Marta guesthouse.

The conversation with the pontiff, who was born Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Buenos Aires, focused on strengthening interfaith dialogue, according to Claudio Epelman, executive director of the Latin American Jewish Congress.

Epelman is also the World Jewish Congress official in charge of dialogue with the Catholic Church.

It was an “extraordinary gesture by Pope Francis to take more than two hours out of his busy schedule for a conversation with Jewish leaders from his native Argentina,” said Epelman, who organized the lunch with Argentine Rabbi Abraham Skorka.

Pope Francis expressed hope that “this meeting will help nurture the seeds we have planted together” and said he was looking forward “with great expectations” to his visit to Israel in May.

At the end of the lunch, the group intoned Psalm 133 in Hebrew, which says, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”

Argentina's Jewish community is the largest in Latin America.