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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Syria's War over Gas Supplies

Some more proof that the war in Syria being carried out by ISIS is over gas.

In April 2012, Egypt cancels a 20 year old contract with Israel which would have secured 40 per of the gas needed by Israel.

See the article:

The article, Syria, the center of the gas war in the Middle East

The gas from Syria

When Israel began extracting oil and gas from 2009, it was clear that the Mediterranean basin had entered the game and that Syria would be appealed or the whole region would enjoy peace, because the 21st century is supposed to be that of clean energy. According to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP, the think tank of AIPAC), the Mediterranean basin contains the largest reserves of gas and it is Syria that there would be the most important. This institution also hypothesized that the battle between Turkey and Cyprus would expand because of the inability of Turkey to assume the loss of the Nabucco project (despite the contract signed with Moscow in December 2011 for the transport of part of South Stream gas via Turkey).

The revelation of the secret Syrian gas raises awareness of the enormity of the issue about it. Who controls Syria could control the Middle East. And from Syria, gateway to Asia, he will hold "the key to Russia House," as stated the Tsarina Catherine II, as well as that of China via the Silk Road. Thus, it would be ability to dominate the world because this century is the century of gas. It is for this reason that the signatories to the agreement of Damascus, allowing gas to pass through Iran Iraq and access to the Mediterranean, creating a new geopolitical space and cutting the lifeline of Nabucco, had said "Syria is the key to the new era."

From the article: The Great Gas Game over Syria

The past five years have seen discoveries of immense energy reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean; both the Levant Basin located along the shores of Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Gaza and Cyprus and the Nile Basin north of Egypt. According to preliminary geological surveys, the Levant Basin contains 3.5 trillion cubic meters (tcm) of gas and 1.7 billion barrels (bb) of oil. The Nile Basin contains 6 tcm of gas and 1.8 bb of oil.

The energy bonanza has predictably led to competitive resource scramble and its transport to the favoured customers. After all, the control of and access to the natural resources have been fundamental drivers of much of geopolitics. The roads, railways, ports, as also the oil and gas pipelines are the coveted objects of the powerful. The oil and gas have a three-fold merit: as the commodity inside, as the containers of that commodity and as the carriers of that commodity.

Syria alone is estimated to have discovered proven gas reserves of 284 bcm, oil reserves of 2.5 bb and shale reserves of 50 billion tonnes with the possibility of more findings. The production levels are, however, drastically falling. The pre-uprising level of oil was 380,000 barrels a day (bd), which fell to just 20,000 bd, a decline of about 95%. According to some estimates, the natural gas output has halved at 15 million cubic meters (mcm). A lot of gas is used for reinjection into the oil fields to improve the oil recovery. The unrest has not only disrupted the production, but has resulted in the withdrawal of foreign producers and financiers.

In more realistic terms, the project is still-born. Even though the Syrian route makes sense in normal situation, the political circumstances are totally unfavourable at present. Both Syria and Iran are under sanctions eliminating the possibility of external funding. The civil war in Syria rules out pipeline construction over a long stretch of area for many years.

Qatar has the third largest reserves of gas after Russia and Iran. Estimated at 25 tcm, most of its gas exports are in the form of LNG. The shale gas production in the US will impact the sale of Qatari LNG, therefore, Qatar seeks to secure long-term contracts via pipelines to the European countries. The EU has secured its energy imports till 2030, and is looking for secure infrastructural investments for the future thereafter. The Nabucco pipeline project from eastern Turkey to Austria is stalled due to insufficient gas available.

It is in this context that a new pipeline for Qatari gas has been proposed. In 2009, during the Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Thani’s visit to Turkey, it was agreed to build a pipeline and link it up with the Nabucco in Turkey. It is to originate in Qatar and move through Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria reaching Turkey. The European markets would share the resource with an insatiable Turkey.

Syria is a key link in both the rival pipeline projects; the one originating in Iran and the one originating in Qatar. Whether the Assad regime survives or a change of regime happens there would determine the global gas system in a large way. Qatar will not be the sole beneficiary of the pipeline. There are three distinct calculations besides carrying Qatari gas. It would pry Turkey loose from dependence on Iranian supplies, it would severely curtail the Russian near monopoly as the gas supplier to Europe and it would facilitate Israel’s gas export to Europe.

Syria's war over gas would certainly fill the gap in Israel's gas reserves. It would also be strategically important to rule over the Middle East. The rival pipeline Syria was proposing with Iran would have stalled by ISIS. Making available another pipeline that would benefit Israel and the Western reliance on gas knocking out Russia.

Jews are not Israel

Jews are not Israel. That is the House of Israel. They are from the House of Judah.

Listen to Herbert W. Armstrong's teaching:

Jews Elsewhere Than Israel

For more information on British Israelism visit The Herbert W Armstrong Library.

Friday, 29 August 2014

John McCain met Founder of ISIS

John McCain, senator, met the founder of ISIS back in 2013.

Without the financial backing of the Zionists, the Islamic terror group, ISIS wouldn't even exist. They have some front claiming attacks are coming soon. How about you stop funding them then?

James Foley beheaded - Financed by USA

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Christian Patriarchs of the East appeal to the West

The Christian Patriarchs of the East appeal to the international community to help safeguard the future of minority Christian groups in Syria and Iraq.

Christians are being persecuted by the Islamic group, ISIS in the region. This terror group is funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and supported militarily from Israel, Britain, France, Germany and United States. British forces and Israelis have been training them in Jordan. Their boss is a Jew (Source: Veterans Today). The morons who slaughter millions in Iraq and Syria are working for Zion. These morons are high on drugs. They are given drugs before they commit their genocidal acts in Syria and Iraq. These operations are similar to mind control experiments undertaken in the US called MKultra where people were lured off the street by prostitutes and given drugs in mind control experiments funded by black operations within the CIA budgets.

The goal is the defeat of Assad and his regime and to prevent an alternative gas pipeline which they were endeavouring to build with Iran. This would have consequences for the Rothschilds whom are a "heretical sect" of Judaism. Zionism was heresy for centuries and rejected by the Orthodox Jews.

The fate of Ephraim will be judged alongside the remnant of Syria. The fortress of Great Britain will be removed once Syria falls. Hosea says Great Britain will lie in a ruinous heap. Those who profess the destruction of Syria is biblical outlined as a modern fulfilment must equally recognise the destruction of Ephraim in Hosea. And the eventual destruction of half of Jerusalem in Zechariah. We must oppose Zionism and Jews who support this diabolical doctrine. We should work towards peace, not armed conflict and endless war.

Christian Patriarchs of the East Visit Kurdistan, Appeal to International Community for Help

Thank you Obama! Thank you Zionists. Thank you for refusing to Highlight the Plight of Christians

Christians are being beheaded and crucified by jihadists: Backed by the United States..?

To see what the Christians are up against, there is a video made by Russian reporters. Note, it is graphic and not suitable for people who are easily offended. It is:

18+ not for shock, very graphic! Syria | The Scenes Which Are Not Being Broadcasted in mainstream

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Ramadan video on Traditions

Ramadan corresponds to the Hebrew month of Elul. We are in that time. Looking at both traditions we can easily see they are speaking about the same month. The Prophet Muhammed received the Holy Quran this month, on the Night of Power. This is actually the Feast of Trumpets in the Hebrew calendar.

During Elul or Ramadan we are required to fast during the month from dawn to sunset. From a Hebrew point of view we blow the shofar every day. From an Islamic point, we fast. From a Hebrew point, we do repentance, give to charity and reflect on our lives.

What is Ramadan? ~FULL HD~ 2014 Created by

Why do Muslims fast In Ramadan - Truth From Shia Muslims

Everything you need to know about Ramadan | Powerful Ramadan Lecture Collection | Must Watch

Watch this video on the traditions of Ramadan.

Blowing of the Shofar during Elul/Ramadan

The blowing of the shofar is undertaken during the month of Elul/Ramadan.

This Rabbi explains the reason.

Elul: The Sound of the Shofar

Blowing the Shofar in Elul- Rabbi Yigal Sklarin

If you do not have a shofar listen to it every day during Elul. You do not need to be in a "congregation" to blow the shofar it is often done by individuals outside of a place of worship.

Blowing Of Shofar

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Welcome to Elul--Ramadan

Elul began at sunset on the 26th August. This marks the beginning of the "fasting" period for Ramadan from dawn to sunset. So the fast begins tomorrow at dawn (where red hits the horizon).

Welcome to Elul, a time for repentance. Fasting begins this month except for those travelling, ill or have medical conditions which do not allow this. Days missed need to be made up. So if you decide to skip a day, it must be made up.

This is a time when Heaven's gates are opened up where prayers are answered more than throughout the rest of the year. The period of Elul marks the final point we have to repent and make any necessary changes prior to the Judgement we will be facing on the Feast of Trumpets or (Night of Power).

Ramadan, Elul, the month of Blowing the Ram's Horn (Shofar)

Elul is a time when the blowing of the "ram's" horn is blown throughout the month with a break of one day before the Feast of Trumpets. The ram's horn is the "shofar". This is where "Ramadan" probably gets its name from, the month of blowing the ram's horn.

Kavanat Ha'Shofar (Meditation)

Fasting is no drink or food from dawn to sunset. No sexual relations and no vain talking between the hours of dawn and sunset.

Take time to learn more about ELUL, its customs and traditions from Judaism. Chabad is a good place to go to learn more. Also learn more about the period of "Ramadan" during this time. We have to increase in giving to charity and repentance during Elul.

The Prophet Muhammed had a pre-dawn meal before "dawn". So people will have to get up before dawn to eat some food and drink plenty of water. The fast is customary broken by eating "dates". These can be purchased from the supermarket.

Normal work activities are carried out during Elul except for the Sabbath. Fasting can be broken off to keep the Sabbath but the days will have to made up during the Days of Awe (this is the ten days from Trumpets to Atonement).

If you cannot manage the entire fast do not worry, it is a learning experience.

Happy Ramadan-Elul

Take advantage of the month of Elul

Ramadan - The Angels Descend

Monday, 25 August 2014

Rome is burning whilst the Jesuits look away

The Roman Catholics in Syria and Iraq are getting a raw deal not only from those Islamic terrorists called ISIS but from the lack of inaction from their own Jesuit clergy men. This militia turns a blind eye when their own sacred vessels get destroyed and even when one of their own Jesuits was brutally murdered by NUSRA, terrorist organisation.

Centuries ago these crusaders would have been the first to the rescue of the "pilgrims" against the terrorists in Syria and Iraq which are torturing, murdering Christians and cutting the heads of children in the name of their god.

The Catholic church has done nothing to support their own Christians in these affected areas much to the dismay of many of their followers. Protestants continue to ignore their plight since they do not want to upset the Zionist lobby, much of whom owns the media and their "ministries" will be booted off the air.

The Catholic church on the other hand has enough power on her own to thwart Zionism and begin assisting these Christians. Let's hope that they do. Somebody, needs to step in and help them. The world has gone mad. Nobody is taking any responsibility.

The Islamic terrorists desecrate Catholic churches as this video shows smashing up the idols of the Virgin Mary. Yet another instance of intolerance.

Syrian Criminal Rebel Smashes Virgin Mary Statue

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Qatar Funding Islamic Isis who Murder Christians / Golden Dawn and the Jews

Qatar, is funding ISIS giving them military arms given them by the West and Germany.

German Development Minister, Gerd Müller, accused Qatar on Wednesday of financing militants of the so-called "Islamic State", formerly known as "Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant" (ISIS).

German Minister Accuses Qatar of Funding ISIL, Germany then Regrets Upsetting its Rich Partner

Christians a Nice Sacrifice for our Philip Hammond

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, who has worked for the World Bank, and has gas and oil interests has no interest in saving Iraqi or Syrian Christians. He is definitely a Zionist. He places the interests of Zionism above the plight of the suffering Christians in Iraq and Syria. Zionism shows the pillar of "severity" on the world stage.

Jews, the Golden Dawn and Diabolical Zionism

Zionism is not a religion system based on the Torah. It has support from "occult" societies, believe it or not! Madame Blavatsky said all the pagan mysteries can be found in King Solomon's Temple. This temple she said was the temple of the Sun or temple of SOL, OM and ON. The temple of Solomon thus has their pagan mysteries in it.

The Zionists are hiding behind "Egyptian" mysteries to carry out their diabolical plan of control on the earth. The Jews at the time of the Prophet Muhammed were worshipping three pagan gods. Today these are Osiris, Isis and Horus. How can we make such a bold claim? They admit it in their own occult books.

From The Essential Golden Dawn by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero on page 41:

At this stage, Madame Blavatsky identified her inner contacts or Secret Chiefs as nonphysical masters from an Egyptian Order that was carrying on the work of Zoroaster and Solomon."

Today the Golden Dawn magical Society, carries the mantle of these Egyptian mysteries. They are carrying out the work of King Solomon and Zoroaster. In other words they are working towards the rebuilding of King's Solomon's Temple. In time for an elaborate deception palming off some "despot" as the World Messiah fulfilling 2 Thess 2:4.

Jewish Roots in Golden Dawn

An Orthodox Jewish woman, Moina Mather's was initiated into the Isis-Urania temple of the Order of the Golden Dawn by the three Secret Chiefs in 1888 (The Essential Golden Dawn by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero on page 51). She married Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers who played an important role in the Golden Dawn. She was instrumental in channelling the images of the Egyptian deities of the Golden Dawn. Israel Regardie also Jewish played another important role in shaping the Golden Dawn.

It is for this and many other reasons we cannot support Zionism. It mixes up the worship of pagan deities with the worship of the one true God, who is known as Allah. Zionism does not propose any Torah obedience and is an anti-Torah movement. The religion of Judaism and Christianity is hijacked by these Zionists who are the super rich on the planet. This is contradictory to what all scriptures reveal. From the Torah, Prophets, to the New Testament, Holy Quran to 1 and 2 Enoch we learn the righteous are the persecuted in the world not the rich and wealthy. The only exceptions have been King Solomon and Job, and Joseph to name a few.

Iraqi Christians Fleeing ISIL Again: US Must Fix What it Started... Maliki, Where are You?

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Early Islam: A Critical Reconstruction Based on Contemporary Sources

written by Karl-Heinz Ohlig

About the Book:

This successor volume to The Hidden Origins of Islam (edited by Karl-Heinz Ohlig and Gerd-R. Puin) continues the pioneering research begun in the first volume into the earliest development of Islam. Using coins, commemorative building inscriptions, and a rigorous linguistic analysis of the Koran along with Persian and Christian literature from the seventh and eighth centuries--when Islam was in its formative stages--five expert contributors attempt a reconstruction of this critical time period.

Despite the scholarly nature of their work, the implications of their discoveries are startling:

• Islam originally emerged as a sect of Christianity.

• Its central theological tenets were influenced by a pre-Nicean, Syrian Christianity.

• Aramaic, the common language throughout the Near East for many centuries and the language of Syrian Christianity, significantly influenced the Arabic script and vocabulary used in the Koran.

• Finally, it was not until the end of the eighth and ninth centuries that Islam formed as a separate religion, and the Koran underwent a period of historical development of at least 200 years.

Controversial and highly intriguing, this critical historical analysis reveals the beginning of Islam in a completely new light.

The book is available for purchase at

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Neo Nazis should rescue the Aryan Yazidis ?

One man reckons that Neo Nazis and members of the KKK should go into Iraq and rescue the Yazidis from Isis fighters. This is upon hearing the news that Yazidis are Aryan in origin.

No wonder why the world looks on and does nothing.

What has this got to do with the Yazidi's? Well, I suspect they are the descendants of Jews which moved to the area after the destruction of the Temple in 70AD. They would be non Ashkenazy Jews much like the Sephardi's. Could they have also been amongst the "lost tribes" of Israel?

The man writes after hearing the news Isis fighters are raping Yazidis to destroy their blood line:

Yazidis are originally Aryan and since that is true then where are all the Neo-Nazi? They need to protect and maintain the Aryan race! And where are the KKK? This is an opportunity for those two groups which people view negatively to stand up and actually earn praise from christians by going and kicking some ISIS ass. I really don't care what barbaric methods they use either; just get rid or those assholes!

He is responding to the article, ISIS Kidnaps 300 Yazidi Women For One Purpose: ‘To Smash The Blonde Bloodline’:

The group of terrorists known as the Islamic State (IS) kidnapped 300 Yazidi women last week during a brutal siege on Mount Sinjar, but the reason they were kidnapped is equally as disturbing as the fact that they were.

According to MailOnline, the Islamic extremists kidnapped the women with only one purpose in mind – to break up their ancient bloodline by raping and impregnating them.

Yazidis are originally Aryan and keep their blonde hair and blue eyes by marrying only within their community, which is something that the IS fighters despise. Since they realize that they can’t kill all of them off, they’ve adopted this more sinister plan to destroy their 4,000 year old heritage.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Documentary: The Zionist lobby in the United Kingdom - Peter Oborne

Broadcast on 16 November 2009 at 20:00 this episode investigated "one of the most powerful and influential political lobbies in Britain", the Israel Lobby. The documentary detailed donations to Britain's MPs and featured the Conservative Friends of Israel. Also covered was the Israel Lobby's alleged influence on the BBC and other British Media and the programme further claimed that many media outlets were frightened of broaching the lobby. The Conservative MP Michael Mates said: "The pro-Israel lobby ... is the most powerful political lobby. There's nothing to touch them." Also featured was the Israel Lobby's funding of ex Prime Minister Tony Blair and the subsequent Cash for Honours scandal. It also mentioned the BBC's refusal to broadcast the appeal for the Gaza humanitarian crisis in 2009 while broadcasting appeals for other crises.

The Clean Break Plan in Action in Middle East

The Clean Break Plan highlights a new approach of the Israel government to dealing with its hostile enemies.

Israel will reserve the right to do anything it likes to the Palestinians. Economic aid will no longer be relied upon from the American government with the Jews holding America hostile to its desires. The nations of Jordan and Turkey will help Israel to destabilise the area. Saddam Hussein would be removed with a policy of containment being applied to Syria.

From Wikipedia:

The introduction specifically proposes three new policies:

1.Rather than pursuing a "comprehensive peace" with the entire Arab world, Israel should work jointly with Jordan and Turkey to "contain, destabilize, and roll-back" those entities that are threats to all three.

2.Changing the nature of relations with the Palestinians, specifically reserving the right of "hot pursuit" anywhere within Palestinian territory as well as attempting to promote alternatives to Arafat's leadership.

3.Changing relations with the United States stressing self-reliance and strategic cooperation.

"This can only be done if Israel takes serious steps to terminate aid, which prevents economic reform."

We can see that parts of this plan have been accomplished.

Iraq War Defected AlQaeda leader exposes ISIS and US alliance

John Lewis, Subject to Jewish Boycotts, now Promoting the Hijab to Schools

John Lewis Department Store, which owns Waitrose, was previously subject to Jewish boycotts for false rumours circulating by a Rabbi that the store was considering boycotting Israeli goods.

Such was the hysteria that the store lost much Jewish business with many cancelled orders.

Now, the store, is promoting the Hijab to school children. They are promoting "Islamic extremism" in the eyes of many with fundamental Christians vowing to boycott the company (along with Travel Lodge).

The founder of John Lewis, is thought to be Jewish by the KGB research team.

From the KBG:


Yes, John Spedan Lewis, the founder of John Lewis Partnership, was born in England into a Jewish family.

Updated on Sunday, February 05 2012 at 05:07PM GMT


Back in 2009, The Jewish Chronicle writes in John Lewis quashes false boycott claim,

Department store John Lewis has moved to quash an allegation in a Jewish freesheet claiming that it was considering a boycott of Israel goods.

The false claim was made in an article in the Jewish News by Mill Hill rabbi Yitzchak Schochet, who called for a boycott of the store, and which John Lewis says has cost it thousands of pounds in cancelled sales.

After a viral email campaign supporting the boycott call, John Lewis has been inundated with emails, letters and complaints from customers, many of whom have cancelled orders. Waitrose, the supermarket chain which is part of the John Lewis group, has also been hit.

The company is set to meet an angry response from Christians who do not like its promotion of the Hijab for young school girls. The Daily Mail writes in John Lewis's new line, hijabs to wear at school: Department store signs contract with schools in London and Liverpool to offer conservative Islamic clothing

John Lewis is offering the hijab in its school uniform department for the first time.

The headdress is to be sold in the company’s stores in London and Liverpool after it signed contracts with two schools – one which was set up to educate Muslim girls and a second that welcomes pupils from all religious communities.

Christians are being deliberately marginalised in the country. The two religions are being played off against each other. Islam is being openly and secretly financed by the West. It will get a lot worse before it is all over.

Rather than wasting time and money pandering to Islamic extremism, teach the Muslims the true origins of their religion. They are following a Jewish Prophet. They claim to follow Jesus, and He is Jewish. So why aren't Muslims keeping the Torah like the Jews? The Holy Sabbath is mentioned 5 times in their Holy Quran. So why are all their shops open on the Sabbath? Why if alcohol is forbidden that they continue to sell it to the masses? And if alcohol is so bad why did Jesus turn water in wine? Did God yet again change His mind as they will have you believe? Then what can you trust? You might as well forget religion.

John Lewis and Waitrose should be boycotted by any sensible person. We do not need to give our money or custom to those people who have political aims to empower our enemies.

Buddha, an Israelite

As crazy as it may sound there is research that makes the case that Buddha was an Israelite. He was the son of the Prophet Ezekiel. But since we are no stranger to controversy or uncovering life's strangeness.

The British Israel World Federation publishes a booklet, called, Buddha The Israelite.

About the book:

Fascinating study detailing how the original Buddha was Buzi, the father of Ezekiel the prophet, who was a missionary to the lost tribes; that the current version of the buddhist faith is a corruption of the monotheistic belief of the outcast tribes of Israel.

We also know that the Prophet Muhammed was a Jew. He was part of the 20 plus Arabian Jewish tribes which Islam labels some of them "pagan" tribes in the area since the mass exodus from Palestine in 70 AD. Little if any research is made available to the public on this because of the nature of the fundamentalism which exists within Islam. People are intimidated from publishing conflicting material or research which goes into the true origins of Islam.

Makes you wonder about Krishna! Was he some long lost Israelite prophet as well?

Brit Am, writes the article, Was Buddha an Israelite? by Cam Rea:

It sounds crazy, it sounds stupid, and it just cannot be true or possible. Nevertheless, maybe it is possible that the one known as Buddha was indeed an Israelite.

In order to understand how this could be or how this is possible, let us backtrack for a short bit to something many of you are already familiar with, and that is the Assyrian invasion and deportation of the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

In 734 BCE, the Assyrian forces invaded the Kingdom of Israel and took part of the tribes into captivity this was the first invasion. The second invasion was around 720 BCE in which the Assyrians deported the rest who stayed who were not deported during the first invasion.[1] Now according to the Bible the Israelites were sent to various locations to the east of their former kingdom. The books of I Chronicles and II Kings give us a description as to where they were resettled. In the book of I Chronicles 5:26 it says:

"And the God of Israel stirred up the spirit of Pul king of Assyria, and the spirit of Tilgathpilneser king of Assyria, and he carried them away, even the Reubenites, and the Gadites, and the half tribe of Manasseh, and brought them unto Halah, and Habor, and Hara, and to the river Gozan, unto this day."

However, the book of II Kings 18:10-11 gives us additional detail to where the exiles were sent:

"10And at the end of three years they took it: even in the sixth year of Hezekiah, that is in the ninth year of Hoshea king of Israel, Samaria was taken.

11And the king of Assyria did carry away Israel unto Assyria, and put them in Halah and in Habor by the river of Gozan, and in the cities of the Medes:"[2]

The Israelites were scattered and settled in five different areas throughout the Assyrian Empire and maybe even more. However, our focus will be the areas further to the east where some of the tribes of Israel were sent such as Hara and the possible vassal states to Assyria, which were Magan and Meluhha. These areas just mention were located in Aria/Hara[3] and in the Indus valley or in India itself.[4] Now from these areas emerged a people known as the Saka or Scythians. These various Saka/Scythian tribes were none other then the exiles or the descendents of the exiles from the northern Kingdom of Israel. The name Saka is a form of the name Isaac for the consonants S-C or S-K and we must understand that in Hebrew no vowels were listed.[5] These various Saka/Scythian tribes eventually migrated to the east entering into what is today the nation of India particular the northwestern part of India. However, some seem to have penetrated and settled in what is today the nation of Nepal, and this is where are investigation begins on origins of the one called Buddha.

Buddhism, a religion that has millions of followers worldwide may in fact have Hebrew roots and Hebrew origins. We will not discuss the spiritual beliefs of Buddhism but rather the founder's origins in terms of ethnic and tribal identity.

Buddha, whose real name is Siddhartha Gautama, was born sometime in the late 6th century BCE[6] in Lumbini grove, which is said to be a royal park of the Sakyas,[7] which is located in between the Kapilavastu and Devadaha townships.[8] While others suggest he was born in a village of the Sakyas rather then Lumbini grove.[9] According to tradition, his father was King uddhodana of Kapilavastu and his mother was Queen Maya who was the daughter of Devadaha. Devadaha was the brother of King Suddhodana. The tribe, which Buddha is associated with, was known as the Sakyas. Buddha is said to have come from the Gautama or in the Pail language Gotama's clan, which are a branch of the Sakyas tribe. The clan from which Buddha comes from is noticeable in his name, Siddhartha "Gautama or Gotama".[10] But who were the Sakyas and who was this clan called Gautama? That is what we are about to discover in this next piece.

The Saka tribes that settled in what is today Nepal was known and referred to as "Shakya". However, the Shakya also referred to themselves as "Khathiya"[11] and are said to be a branch of the Gautam family or clan.[12] The name Shakya is another rendering of the name of Saka, which translates to Isaac.[13] The Shakya/Saka also refer to themselves as "Khathiya". The name Khathiya is also rendered as Koushal, or Kushal,[14] and the name Kushal seems to be another form of the name of Cush/Kush. The name Cush can be applied to Ethiopia and Africa. However, the name Cush was also applied to indicate ancient India or rather portions of what are today the nations of Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as northwestern India. However, due to the vast amount of land that is called Cush by the classical writers, the specific area from which the Shakya came from within the land termed as Cush is nearly impossible to determine.[15] In addition, and before we forget, these Shakya in particular are said to be a branch of the Gautam family. The name Gautam is of interest for the name itself seems to point to none other then the Israelite tribe of Gad. When we take a closer look at the name Gautam and break it down, we get the name Gaud for the "t" can sound as a "d:[16] and thus be interchangeable, and sounds and looks similar to the Hebrew name for Gad, which is "Gawd".[17]

In conclusion, when we break down the names, we get a partial picture of the migrational trail in which these Shakya/Sakyas took. First is the name that they are identified with, which is Shakya/Sakya, and as you can see it is another rendering of the name Isaac, thus indicating that they are from the land of Israel. This particular branch also refers to themselves as Khathiya, which as you have just read is another name for Kush/Cush, and suggests that when they were taken into exile by the Assyrians and were placed most likely in Hara and from their migrated eastward to the land called Cush otherwise western portions of India at a later date. Now, Buddha's clan as you already know by now is Gautam/Gautama/Gotama. All of these names point to none other then the tribe of Gad as already stated. When we add the fact that they referred to themselves as Khathiya, which translates to Cush, then Gandhara seems to be the area of choice for Gandhara is next door to the lands called Cush. Gandhara [im Old Persian was named Gadar meaning Hara of Gad] and had been named after the tribe of Gad.[18] This suggests a presence of that tribe at one time before this particular clan made their push into the land of Cush and then finally settling in the land of what is today the nation of Nepal.

Bible Banned at Jewish Owned Travel lodge

The Gideon's Bible has been removed from Travel lodge hotels to make way for "cultural" diversity.

Few realise Travel lodge is in Jewish hands. Although the company has a beleagued history with several owners and even going into administration, Jewish barons now control the assets.

One of the owners of Travel lodge is Avenue Capital Group, founded by Marc Lasry is a Moroccan-American billionaire who is Jewish sharing ownership with his sister, Ruth Lasry.

Goldman Sachs is another owner of the Travel lodge. Goldman Sachs was formed by German Jewish immigrant, Samuel Sachs.

The other investor behind the Travel Lodge is Goldentree Asset Management.

Reports The Daily Mail, Travelodge removes the Bible from every room: No one had complained... but chain 'doesn't want to discriminate'

One of Britain’s biggest hotel chains has removed Bibles from its rooms to avoid upsetting non-Christians.

The decision by Travelodge has been condemned as ‘tragic and bizarre’ by the Church of England, which says Bibles in hotel rooms are important to provide hope, comfort and inspiration to travellers.

But the chain, which runs 500 hotels, said the country was becoming increasingly multicultural and it had taken the action for ‘diversity reasons’.

It said the policy was implemented ‘in order not to discriminate against any religion’ – despite having had no complaints from guests.

Bibles were taken away at the same time as a refurbishment of its rooms, removing drawers where they were kept.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Christians Murdered by ISIS Including Dutch Jesuit

Christians come under attack by ISIS on a daily basis in Syria. They do not let them live under their "caliphate". Forget them paying a tax, it their blood they want. Bloody videos on youtube attest to the crimes of ISIS.

One such channel that is dedicated to exposing Christian atrocities is Thomas Gate:

The Christian Quarter of Homs, Syria (English subtitles)

Roman Catholics have been murdered by Islamic Isis in Syria. See the video below:

Sombre Easter for Syrian Christians

Dutch Jesuit gets Murdered in Syria.

Death of a priest in Old Homs

American Airstrikes favour Oil Interests than Human Lives

The "harlot" these days is sitting in the White House ruling over a "Protestant" nation. Zionists control Washington and it is their interests that matter. And one of those is "oil".

America's recent air strikes in Iraq to save the "Yazidis" ended up being a bombing campaign on a city, Erbil, where the oil wells are, some distance away from the beleagued "yazidis".

Yazidis flee from İSİS terror to the mountains

From the article, The U.S. Airstrikes in Northern Iraq Are All About Oil:

Last night, President Barack Obama announced that he was authorizing American air strikes in Iraq. He described his intervention as a “humanitarian effort to help save thousands of Iraqi civilians who are trapped on a mountain” and as an effort “to protect our American personnel.” One word that he didn’t mention is “oil,” but it lies near the center of American motives for intervention.

The United States is conducting airdrops to aid the Yazidis who have fled the advance of Islamic State militants, but it is conducting airstrikes around Erbil, which is to the east. There are American consular personnel in Erbil, but they could be evacuated if necessary. What Obama left unsaid was that Erbil, a city of 1.5 million, is the capital of the Kurdish regional government and the administrative center of its oil industry, which accounts for about a quarter of Iraq’s oil. The Kurds claim that if they were to become an independent state, they would have the ninth-largest oil reserves in the world. And oil wells are near Erbil.

If the Islamic State were to take over Erbil, they would endanger Iraq’s oil production and, by extension, global access to oil. Prices would surge at a time when Europe, which buys oil from Iraq, has still not escaped the global recession. Oil prices have already risen in response to the Islamic State’s threat to Erbil, and on Thursday, American oil companies Chevron and Exxon Mobile began evacuating their personnel from Kurdistan. But oil traders are predicting that American intervention could halt the rise. “In essence we find U.S. air strikes more bearish than bullish for oil as the act finally draws a line for IS and reinforces both the stability in south Iraq and in Kurdistan,” Oliver Jakob, a Swiss oil analyst, told Reuters.

In portraying American intervention in Iraq as a purely humanitarian effort, Obama is following the script he read from in Libya, when he justified American intervention as an effort to prevent a massacre in Benghazi. In a March 28, 2011 address to the nation, Obama painted the American intervention as a response to “brutal repression and a looming humanitarian crisis.” Oil was not mentioned, even though Libya was the world’s sixteenth-largest oil producer in 2009 and a major supplier to Europe. But oil was most likely involved, as became clear when, after preventing a massacre in Benghazi, the United States and its coalition partners stuck around to topple the regime of Muammar Qaddafi. If the Obama administration wanted to prevent the world’s peoples from brutal dictators and repressive regimes or from takeovers by terrorist groups, there are other countries besides Libya and Iraq where it could intervene. What distinguishes these two countries is that they are major oil producers.

The United States should worry about the global oil supply. It is important for global economic and political stability. And having a significant chunk of it fall into the hands of a group like the Islamic State should certainly be a concern. But if Obama is worried about the world’s oil supply, then he should say so forthrightly and not leave himself in a position where he will be unable to justify or explain further intervention after the airdrops to the Yazidis are completed. And the administration should also have a plan for making sure that in sending out the Air Force, it will actually end a dire threat to Iraq’s oil production and put Iraq back on its feet. In Libya, the U.S. and its partners succeeded in getting rid of Muammar Qaddafi, but not in resolving the country’s humanitarian crisis or in keeping its oil flowing. Oil production has plummeted as Libya has been plunged into anarchy after Qaddafi’s fall. The challenge in Erbil and Iraq is even more daunting.

20,000 Yazidi's Rescued

Isis, the Islamic terrorist group, are moving over to into a remote part of Iraq and threatening the "Yazidi" communities that have been trapped.

Some rumours abound that this region is lucrative in "gas" supplies.

The Kurd's have been able to save many of these Yazidi's. They are a peculiar sect hated by Islam. This sect may well be traced back to the 20 plus Jews of Arabia which settled in Medina before the time of the Prophet Muhammed. They may have adopted aspects of their religion from the mixing of these Jews (who come from Sadducees and Sephardic and possibly other minority groups).

With all of the death and destruction going on in Syria and Iraq, it is nice to see some of these people rescued and have their lives spared from the "politics" being played in the area by Western powers.

The moment 20,000 Yazidi & Christians rescued by Kurdish Fighters from Sinjar Mountains (English)

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Medina, a Jewish City before Islam

Prophet Muhammed came from the Quraysh tribe which was one of three Jewish tribes in Medina. The article hides this by changing "Quraysh" into "Quraiza". They are the same tribe.

The Jews came to the area after the Roman conquest of Palestine.

Even Wikipedia, lists Muhammed's tribe, the Quraysh as one of the Jewish tribes of Arabia.

Banu Qurayza — sub-clan of the al-Kāhinān, located in Yathrib(Medina), "principal family" fled Syria under Ghassanid rule, then fled Medina, after expulsion by Prophet Muhammed, back to Syria.


From the article, Before Islam, Medina Was Originally A Jewish City

Although the fact is little publicized, the Arab world’s second holiest city, Medina, was one of the allegedly “purely Arab” cities that actually was first settled by Jewish tribes. 1 History shows that Judaism was already well established in Medina two centuries before Muhammad’s birth.

On page 40, of his book “Arabs In History”, Bernard Lewis writes:

“The city of Medina, some 280 miles north of Mecca, had originally been settled by Jewish tribes from the north, … The comparative richness of the town attracted an infiltration of pagan Arabs who came at first as clients of the Jews and ultimately succeeded in dominating them. Medina, or, as it was known before Islam, Yathrib, had no form of stable government at all. The town was tom by the feuds of the rival Arab tribes of Aus and Khazraj, with the Jews maintaining an uneasy balance of power. The latter, engaged mainly in agriculture and handicrafts, were economically and culturally superior to the Arabs, and were consequently disliked…. as soon as the Arabs had attained unity through the agency of Muhammad they attacked and ultimately eliminated the Jews.”

The number of Jews in Medina swelled following the Roman invasion of Israel – the subsequent expulsion of its Jewish population, and from Jews fleeing persecution in Persia2. These refugees were assimilated into the three major Jewish tribes in Medina: the Banu Nadir, the Banu Quynuqua, and the Banu Quraiza. When these Jews resettled in Medina, they took with them a superior knowledge of agriculture, irrigation, and industry. Homeless Jewish refugees in the course of a few generations became large landowners in the country. In addition, the refugees who had come from Israel quickly became the controllers of its finance and trade. This new Jewish prosperity also quickly became a direct challenge to the Arabs of the region, particularly the Quraysh at Mecca (of which Mohammad was a member) and other Arab tribes in Medina.

According to Alfred Guillaume,

At the dawn of Islam the Jews dominated the economic life of the Hijaz [Arabia]. They held all the best land … ; at Medina they must have formed at least half of the population. There was also a Jewish settlement to the north of the Gulf of Aqaba…. What is important is to note that the Jews of the Hijaz made many proselytes [or converts] among the Arab tribesmen.5

Other Quotes

“The More we go to Hajj and Umrah the more Muslim will get killed with that money! The Banu Qaynuqa (also spelled Banu Kainuka, Banu Kaynuka, Banu Qainuqa, Banu Qaynuqa, Arabic: بنو قينقاع‎) was one of the three main Jewish tribes living in the 7th century of Medina, now in Saudi Arabia. In 624, they were expelled during the Invasion of Banu Qaynuqa, by the Islamic prophet Muhammad for allegedly breaking the treaty known as the Constitution of Medina.”

(source: )

From the article, Medina, Islam's second holiest city, was originally a Jewish "settlement"

Bernard Lewis writes:

The city of Medina, some 280 miles north of Mecca, had originally been settled by Jewish tribes from the north, especially the Banu Nadir and Banu Quraiza. The comparative richness of the town attracted an infiltration of pagan Arabs who came at first as clients of the Jews and ultimately succeeded in dominating them. Medina, or, as it was known before Islam, Yathrib, had no form of stable government at all. The town was tom by the feuds of the rival Arab tribes of Aus and Khazraj, with the Jews maintaining an uneasy balance of power. The latter, engaged mainly in agriculture and handicrafts, were economically and culturally superior to the Arabs, and were consequently disliked.... as soon as the Arabs had attained unity through the agency of Muhammad they attacked and ultimately eliminated the Jews.

(source: )

From The Jews of Arabia

Arab historians mention some 20 Jewish tribes, including two tribes of Kohanim. The Jews spoke Arabic, were organised into clans and tribes just like the Arabs, and seem to have fully assimilated the values and customs of desert society. “

Arab sources maintain that the Jews of Medina were survivors of the Jewish revolt against Rome.

Another theory is that the Jewish date-growers - and the cultivation of dates was the most common occupation - might have come from the Jordan valley as refugees from Christian Byzantine persecution. Another obvious source of immigrants was, of course, Babylonians.

The Jews were engaged in agriculture, not trade which was exclusively in the hands of the Arabs. According to Arab legends, Jews introduced the date palm and the honey bee into Arabia. Also, advanced irrigation and other new agricultural crafts. The Jews appear to have been educated. It was their ability to read and write that made Bible stories and Midrashim generally familiar to the pagan Arabs - and those were the seeds from which Islam developed.


From “Massacre in Medina,” Segula Magazine, issue 3.

The Jewish community of northern Arabia was one of the largest ancient Jewish communities in the history of the Jewish people.”1

They were powerful and wealthy. They were respected by the local Arabian tribes for their religion, culture, erudition, and literacy. They built castles on mountaintops and developed productive plantations. They had military prowess, horses, and advanced weaponry. And they were almost totally annihilated in the short span of a few years. Their story should make every Jew shudder.

The Jews of Medina were divided into three groups: The Banu Qaynuqa were blacksmiths, weapon wrights, and goldsmiths. The Banu Nadir had date plantations. The Banu QurayUa were wine merchants. These groups often quarreled. Sometimes the hostility among them broke out into actual fighting.”


In The Jewish Kingdoms of Arabia 390-626 CE Decimated by the rise of Islam:

The origin and previous history of these Jews is unclear, but they may have arrived shortly after the destruction of the Second Temple. They formed three main communities, Banu-Lnadir, Banu Kainuka, and Banu Kuraiza, who occupied themselves mainly with the cultivation of palm-groves but also exercised other callings….

BANU KURAIZA: One of the three Jewish tribes in MEDINA. They inhabited several villages to the S of the town, and their main occupation was agriculture. “


It is in the Quaraish language that the Quran was written,

“He then commissioned Zaid, in conjunction with three members of Muhammad's own tribe, the Quraish, to produce a recension of the work. At least this is what his language seems to imply, for he said to the three Quraishites, "Whenever ye differ, ye and Zaid ibti Thabit, in reference to any part of the Qur'an, then write it in the dialect of the Quraish, for it was revealed in their language." (source: The Original Sources Of The Qur'an Its Origin In Pagan Legends and Mythology By W. St. Clair Tisdall, M.A., D.D., 1905 AD )

“It was the tribe that took care of the sacred Ka’bah, or house of worship, and gave water and food to pilgrims who visited it. The Quraysh tribe is one of three Jewish tribes at Mecca.

The Quraysh was divided into 10 clans.2 The Prophet (SAW) and his family hailed from the Hashimi clan, but the most powerful clan within the Quraysh was the Umayyad, whose most famous member was Uthman.”


The Quraysh Rebuild the Kaba

From the book, MUHAMMAD his life based on the earliest sources, page 41 (Islamic Bulletin):

“… when Muhammad was thirty-five years old, Quraysh decided to rebuild the Ka'bah. … But such was their awe of the Ka'bah that they hesitated to lay hands on it….

ISIS, Nice old Western Creation

The Guardian Newspaper reports the British and French were providing training and assistance to Syrian rebels in Jordan. The amazing fire power of the rebels comes from UK military training. How despotic our leaders must be to train savages who haven't evolved much beyond the "9th" century. Assad, on the other hand is much more educated.

Isis, a Mossad, British, French and American fraud.

ISIS is set up to destroy Israel's enemies through the Zionist West. There were 20 Arab Jewish tribes in Arabia at the time of the Prophet Muhammed. It is likely these Ashkenasi's are getting rid of some of these tribes. When Rome destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD, some of the Jews fled to Arabia. Islamic and Jewish historians trace about 20 tribes of Arabia coming from the Jews. These Jews must descend from the Sephardic line. (For more information see Wikipedia article, Jewish tribes of Arabia). Sephardic Jews were targeted by the Ashkenasi's for diabolic experiments in Israel. (see video: Israeli Nazi Eugenic Experiments on Jewish children 1/5 )

From the article, West training Syrian rebels in Jordan:

Western training of Syrian rebels is under way in Jordan in an effort to strengthen secular elements in the opposition as a bulwark against Islamic extremism, and to begin building security forces to maintain order in the event of Bashar al-Assad's fall.

Jordanian security sources say the training effort is led by the US, but involves British and French instructors.

The UK Ministry of Defence denied any British soldiers were providing direct military training to the rebels, though a small number of personnel, including special forces teams, have been in the country training the Jordanian military.

But the Guardian has been told that UK intelligence teams are giving the rebels logistical and other advice in some form


From article, Blowback! U.S. trained Islamists who joined ISIS:

Syrian rebels who would later join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, were trained in 2012 by U.S. instructors working at a secret base in Jordan, according to informed Jordanian officials.

The officials said dozens of future ISIS members were trained at the time as part of covert aid to the insurgents targeting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The officials said the training was not meant to be used for any future campaign in Iraq.

The Jordanian officials said all ISIS members who received U.S. training to fight in Syria were first vetted for any links to extremist groups like al-Qaida.

In February 2012, WND was first to report the U.S., Turkey and Jordan were running a training base for the Syrian rebels in the Jordanian town of Safawi in the country’s northern desert region.

That report has since been corroborated by numerous other media accounts.

Last March, the German weekly Der Spiegel reported Americans were training Syrian rebels in Jordan.

Quoting what it said were training participants and organizers, Der Spiegel reported it was not clear whether the Americans worked for private firms or were with the U.S. Army, but the magazine said some organizers wore uniforms. The training in Jordan reportedly focused on use of anti-tank weaponry.

The German magazine reported some 200 men received the training over the previous three months amid U.S. plans to train a total of 1,200 members of the Free Syrian Army in two camps in the south and the east of Jordan.

Britain’s Guardian newspaper also reported last March that U.S. trainers were aiding Syrian rebels in Jordan along with British and French instructors.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

American Patriot Tells is Like it I!

An American Patriot tells it like it is. The enemies of America and Britain are in power.

They fund our enemies. Slaughter Christians around the world.

Set up, train and arm Islamic terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria.

People of the world you need to wake up.

ISIS Slaughtering Christians In Syria!

Monday, 11 August 2014

The Game is Over! Mossad Agent is Al-Baghdadi

Simon Elliot, born of Jewish parents is the face of the Islamic terrorist, Al-Baghdadi. Mossad is behind the creation of ISIS to thwart Israel's enemies in the region.

Micah 3:10-11, "Who build Zion with bloodshed and Jerusalem with violent injustice. Her leaders pronounce judgment for a bribe, Her priests instruct for a price ..."

Syria's fate is linked with Great Britain's. Like Judah of old who sold Joseph to Ishmaelite's for 20 shekels (Genesis 37:25-28), the Jews are repeating the mistakes of their father, Judah. Joseph gave birth to Ephraim and Manasseh, the tribes of Great Britain and United States.

Today we see a modern fulfilment with Jewish Zionists handing the nations of Great Britain and United States into the hands of their enemies through opening up our borders to Islamic terrorism. Judah, foolhardy, will also remove the fortress from Ephraim (Great Britain) in their attempt to destroy Syria and Assad.

Syria's fate is judged alongside Great Britain in,

Isaiah 17:3, "The fortress also will cease from Ephraim, The Kingdom from Damascus, And the remnant from Syria".

Once Syria falls so does God's protection or military strength from Great Britain. Judah's treason strikes again. We see yet a modern sell out of Joseph to his enemies in the pursuit of "shekels" or "oil, gas pipelines". The main reason for the war has been that Syria was building an alternative pipeline with Iran which would disrupt the Rothschild pipeline.

Some will ask why are the Zionists funding and bringing Islamic terror groups to the world? The answer is as follows:

1. Discredits true Islam.

2. Fulfils Zoharic Prophecies of the Jews who claim Islamic terror will engulf the world before the advent of the Messianic Age.

3. Creates an Islamic Caliphate that fulfils faulty "Hadiths" which says "black banners" will emerge from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan which all "muslims" must support as the final "Mahdi".

4. Maintains support for the state of Israel since many are exposed to the savagery of the Jihadists of Isis, which gains sympathy for the way Jews behave towards the Palestinians.

5. Destroys Israel's enemies through an Islamic terror network since "white" people cannot so easily go into that area without creating tensions with the religion of Islam.

6. Continually maintains the new threat of "terrorism" since the fall of Communism. Israel gains continually from financial backing from the United States in military aid, weapons, contracts and aid.

In the article, French Report ISIL Leader Mossad Agent, published by Veterans Today:

Simon Elliot, aka Al-Baghdadi, son of Jewish parents, Mossad agent.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, so-called ”Caliph,” the head of ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant is, according to sources reputed to originate from Edward Snowden, an actor named Elliot Shimon, a Mossad trained operative.

Simon Elliot (Elliot Shimon) aka Al-Baghdadi was born of two Jewish parents and is a Mossad agent.

We offer below three translations that want to assert that the Caliph Al-Baghdadi is a full Mossad agent and that he was born Jewish father and mother:

The real name of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is “Simon Elliott.”

The so-called “Elliot” was recruited by the Israeli Mossad and was trained in espionage and psychological warfare against Arab and Islamic societies.

This information was attributed to Edward Snowden and published by newspapers and other Web sites: the head of the “Islamic State” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has cooperated with the U.S. Secret Service, British and Israel to create an organization capable of attracting terrorist extremists from around the world.

Source: Radio

Another source corroborates this statement, the site Egy-press:

With photo support, a Iranian media discovers the true identity of the Emir Daash, a trained Zionist agent.

Iranian intelligence discovered the true and full identity of the Emir Daash, which is known under the name Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi; his real name is Elliot Shimon. Its role in Mossad secret agent in the Zionist espionage. His false name: Ibrahim ibn Awad ibn Ibrahim Al Al Badri Arradoui Hoseini.

The plan: get into the military and civilian heart of the countries that are declared as a threat to Israel in order to destroy to facilitate thereafter, the takeover by the Zionist state on the entire area of the Middle East in order to establish Greater Israel.

Here are the borders of the Zionist project, the “Greater Israel” or “Eretz Israel” for short.

These facts confirm the first that came out a few days ago, confirming that the Caliph Rolex is sent to Israel to sow chaos in neighboring countries the Zionist entity. Please note that EIIL announced it a few days ago that, to want to now take the “barbarians Jews”, a reference to Zionists besiege Gaza.

Practice! Having devastated the area of Israel, it will now allow the Americans and the Israelis to show the fingers as bloody terrorists to shoot at faster to defend the Zionist state, while the same let them proliferate and act with impunity for over two months now. Prepare a project they probably from the famous Arab Spring with the destabilization of Iraq, Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Mali (among others). Clever!

So says this Rabbi, with the demise of Christianity, Islam will dominate the world's affairs at the same time they are opening up our borders to Islamic migrants.

Jewish Rabbi ADMITS - Islam is the Future

Jews are responsible for opening up the borders of Europe to Islamic migrants. One such, is a Jewish woman from Sweden, called, Barbara Lerner Spectre. She believes Jews will get blamed in the future for their role in opening up Europe's borders to immigrants.

Jews will play a leading role in multicultural Europe says Jewish researcher

Sunday, 10 August 2014


Syria's Christians are being attacked by the Islamic horde of ISIS. Catholic nuns have been kidnapped and some have been killed in gruesome ways.

The Zionist west forgets their plight on a daily basis. Seldom do we hear of their plight.

Assad in Syria protects them and so do some Kurdish fighters. Israel has bombed Syrian militarily installations several months ago which does little to help Christians.

We need to pray for them. And do everything we can to put pressure on the Jews to stop attacking Assad and Syria since their intervention costs Christian lives. The Western media should also be informed on their forgotten plight.

As a form of protest we can stop buying Israeli products until they stop bombing Syria and allowing Christians to be slaughtered by ISIS rebels. We can inform them that as followers of Jesus Christ, we find their actions unacceptable.

Islamic Terrorists Destroying Christian Graves (2014)

Syria: Malula and now Sadad. Largest Massacre of Christians in Syria Ignored. (2013)


Syria - Middle East. Rebels murdered over 200 Christians, including families with children.

Syrian Christians Getting Attacked by Hardline Wahhabi Terrorists in their Ancient Homeland

Professor Antony Sutton Interview

Professor Antony was ahead of his time. He exposed American corporations financing Adolf Hitler and Nazism. Most appear to go back to Standard Oil or the Rockefellars.

As the Islamic terrorist group, ISIS, is going around the world. We discover America or Israel have been training them in secret bases in Jordan. The terrorist group never attacks Israel, even when the Israelis are bombing the Palestinians into the ground."

This terrible Islamic group has the hallmarks of being a Zionist front. They are getting rid of the enemies of the West.

Zionism has rejected the true Messiah of Israel, Jesus of Nazareth. They have also rejected the Messenger, the Propet Muhammed who came to correct the Jews with the Holy Quran. As we keep exposing, the Quran is written for the Jews. But in typical fashion they lie to the people and distort the message to mankind.

This landmark video tells us the evil of those in power have been funding evil for decades.

The Best Enemies Money Can Buy - An Interview with Professor Antony C. Sutton

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Ramadan, Elul 27 August 2014

Elul, is the month of sounding the ram's horn (known as the Shofar). The ram's horn is sounded on each week day.

We learn in The Complete Story of Tishrei:

Thus, the sounding of the Shofar during the month of Elul is a call for repentance and preparation for the New Year. Being the last month of the year, it is the time for self-searching and spiritual stock-taking. The Shofar is therefore heard every morning on weekdays throughout the month of Elul, except on the day before Rosh-Hashanah. This interruption is made in order to distinguish between the sounding of the Shofar during Elul, which is a matter of custom and tradition, but not an express command in the Torah (hence no blessing is recited before sounding the Shofar during Elul), and the sounding of the Shofar on Rosh-Hashanah, which is the special precept of that festival, as expressly ordained in the Torah.

From the article: Teshuvah, a Time for Opening the Gates of Heaven we learn:


Blowing of shofar during each day

Opening of Heaven’s Gates

Favourable for prayers to be Answered

Time of Repentance and Judgement

Next year’s outcome determined during Elul

During Ramadan "heaven's gates" are also opened. It is a time for repentance and seeking God's favour.

Arfajah said "We were with `Utbah ibn Farqad while he was discussing Ramadan. A companion of the Prophet entered upon the scene. When `Utbah saw him, he became shy and stopped talking. The man [the companion] spoke about Ramadan, saying "I heard the Messenger of Allah say during Ramadan: "The gates of Hell are closed, the gates of Paradise are opened, and the devils are in chains. An angel calls out : 'O you who intend to do good deeds, have glad tidings. O you who intend to do evil, refrain, until Ramadan is completed. [Ahmad and an-Nasa'i]


Ramadan is the month of ELUL in the Hebrew calendar. Islam has their calendar wrong.

Elul begins dawn 27 August 2014

The Jumuah - The Hebrew Congregational Prayer Restored

The Jumuah is the Friday afternoon prayer in Islam. The Jumuah is mentioned in Surah 62.

The equivalent in Hebrew is the afternoon prayer called the "minhah". The Jews had abandoned the practise of going to the Synagogue for afternoon prayers on Fridays. The real reason was "financial" as the Prophet Muhammed alludes. For financial reasons the afternoon prayer was delayed to just before "sunset". This was because Talmudic laws did not allow much business activity after the "minhah" or "afternoon" prayer. This was contrary to the spirit of God's law which allowed business activities after the "minhah" prayer.

Muhammed restores the “minhah” prayer or afternoon prayer on Fridays making it a requirement to attend the "synagogue" or "mosque". He also allows business transactions up until the beginning of the “biblical Sabbath” despite “Rabbinical” injunctions.

m. Taanith 4.3

The men of the [Israelite] Ma`amad fasted on four days of that week, from Monday to Thursday; they did not fast on Friday out of respect for the Sabbath nor on Sunday in order not to change over [without a break] from the rest and delight [of the Sabbath] to weariness and fasting and so [perhaps] die.

On Sunday [they read], in the beginning, and, let there be a firmament; on Monday, let there be a firmament, and, let the waters be gathered together; on Tuesday, let the waters be gathered together, and, let there be lights; on Wednesday, let there be lights, and, let the waters swarm; on Thursday, let the waters swarm, and, let the earth bring forth; on Friday, let the earth bring forth, and, and the heavens [and the earth] were finished.

Two persons read between them a long section and one a short section. At shaharith, Musaf, and Minhah they assembled and read [the requisite] section by heart, in the same way as people recite the Shema. they did not assemble at Minhah on Friday out of respect for the Sabbath.

"The law is, however, in accordance with the opinion that the Minḥah may be recited until sunset, which is calculated to occur at the conclusion of the 12th hour of the day (Ber. 4:1; Ber. 26b–27a). As a precaution lest people forget to pray the afternoon prayer, the rabbis ruled that it is forbidden to commence a large business transaction or sit down to a banquet once the time has begun for the Minḥah Gedolah, without having previously recited the prayer.

During daily worship, the Minḥah prayer in the synagogue is usually delayed until near sunset in order that the congregation may assemble to pray Ma'ariv shortly after the Minḥah service is completed (see Magen Avraham to Sh. Ar., OḤ 233:1).


Minhah prayers are offered in the afternoon; to facilitate attendance at the synagogue, the afternoon service is often scheduled so that the evening prayers (maarib; Hebrew: maʿariv) can follow as soon as night has fallen. The morning period of daily prayer is known as shaharith (Hebrew: shaḥarit).


As we can see the Jews postponed the "minhah" prayers to the late afternoon or early evening to coincide with the Sunset prayers. On Fridays the Mishnah claims the Jews did not attend the "synagogue" during the "minhah" prayers. Muhammed was castigating the Jews for failing to turn up to the afternoon prayer or "minhah, jumuah" prayer.

The Jumuah is not a Sabbath but the "afternoon" prayer of the Jews.

Four Prayers

There are four prayers in the Holy Quran. Islamic tradition holds out that there are "five" prayers. These are carried out during the journey of the Sun around the earth. They include "dawn", "noon", "sunset", and "night (possibly midnight or before bed time). The morning prayer in Hebrew is called "Shacharit" which means "dawn". The prayer then is a dawn "prayer" rather than one commencing at "sunrise".

The prayers correspond to the four elements of the earth (fire, water, air and earth), the cardinal points of East, West, South and North. The sun's direction marks the time for prayer (not the time of the offering or Temple sacrifice as Jews may believe). (see Surah 17:78; Surah 30:17; Surah 50:39-40).

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Judaism and Islam in practice: a sourcebook

Judaism and Islam compare because they concur that God cares deeply not only about attitudes but actions, not only about what one says to God but how one conducts affairs at home and in the village.

In this sourcebook, the authors have selected key passages from the laws of Judaism and Islam which allow a close examination of their mode of expression and medium of thought as well as the substance of the laws themselves. The selected passages concentrate on areas critical to the life of piety and faith as actually practised within the two faith-communities—the relationship between the believer and God, between and among believers, at home in marriage, outside the home in the community and between the faithful and the infidels (for Islam) or idolaters (for Judaism).

Judaism and Islam in Practice presents an invaluable collection of sources of Jewish and Islamic law and provides a unique analysis of the similarities and contrasts between the two faiths.

The book can be viewed at:

It may be purchased from Amazon at