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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Justice Denied ~ Harassed by the Police ~ The Story of Ian Puddick

Ian Puddick found himself a victim of police corruption. The City of London police colluded with Kroll, a UK Intelligence Unit, who work for MI6. They have former American CIA operatives on their payroll.

Kroll helped to set up Ian Puddick along with the police making ridiculous claims of harassment, counter terrorism charges, and cocaine charges. The managing Director of Kroll is Roman Catholic, Benedict Hamilton. Here again we see Roman Catholic's in important positions in the UK. This Roman stooge has access to MI6.

How much of Kroll use "satellite" technology on targeted individuals would make an interesting investigation. The scope of their technology, the use of it, and whether electromagnetic and ultra sound weapons are part of their arsenal is unknown. Yet this company is on MI6 payroll.

Ian Puddick was put on satellite surveillance from this company. His story can be seen below. The experience has led him to expose corruption and help others who fall victim of conspiracies.

Justice Denied ~ Harassed by the Police ~ The Story of Ian Puddick

West Yorkshire Police stitched up one of their own. A police offer Danny Major was stitched up by two police officers and a police force which cover up sexual assaults and drug dealing of one of their police officers.

Justice Denied: The Danny Major Stitch Up (UK’s justice system the scene of corruption)

Monday, 24 November 2014

Chanukah: 16 - 24 December 2014

Chanukah this year begins 16 December to 24 December 2014. This is a time to light candles on the menorah, give presents, eat chocolates, and fry latkes, enjoy oil fried food.

We remember the Jewish elite over us are Sadducees. They have stolen the birth right. They have wormed their way into power even despite we have previously fought these parasites in brave battles.

They defame Sabbatai Zevi, (pictured), who realised that Islam is a continuation of his Jewish faith. His followers continued to observe Jewish laws whilst coming into the knowledge of Islam whilst attacking the Jewish elite. The great Maimonides in the Jewish world converted to Islam whilst continuing to practice Judaism. To this day these parasites speak evil of Sabbatai Zevi and excuse Maimonides speaking evil of all who know the truth about the Prophet Muhammed. There are Islamic groups who keep the Torah out there. There are Christian groups who believe in the Prophet Muhammed. Over 7 people worldwide know the truth.

We will keep Chanukah as a reminder that evil is present with us. They are ruling. The Temple is a symbol of light and truth. They want to profane something holy by putting an unholy creature inside of it. Let us also remember the victims of "targeted individual" programmes when we light our candles.

Keep these dates in your diary.

Chanukah, Oh Chanukah!

Jewish Cartel Closing down British Businesses

Who said the Jews were not involved in conspiracies? They are KING PIN. Read the Holy Bible and Quran. They were always scheming to get rid of their own Kings (1, 2 Kings, 1,2 Chronicles)

The BBC Panorama has just exposed Lloyd's bank is working with Cerberus Capital Management which is forcing companies to close whilst striping them of their assets. This asset management company is owned by Jews in New York.

Jews are swindling Britons of their assets, their businesses, and forcing them to close. This asset management company uses pressure and techniques only a hound of hell would do.

Lloyds bank is in cahoots with this multi billion dollar enterprise, even scheming to get some of their customer's assets behind their back, forcing unnecessary administrations to collect the war booty.

Time to leave Lloyd's bank before your assets become Zion's financial arm for yet another war. You have been warned!

As for us we will continue to pray and worship the God of Israel. Honour the Creator of the Sabbath, the seventh day and his festivals. We will not be a party to the schemes of Satan.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

A Couple of Jews challenged by Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton, an investigative journalist challenges a couple of Jews. She meets Jacob Rothschild outside in Harley Street in London and tackles Jack Straw on a few issues.

MP Jack Straw reports journalist to police for harassment

Questioning Baron Jacob Rothschild about de-population and more

Friday, 21 November 2014

James Traficant's Last Public Speech

James Traficant, former Republican member blew the whistle on the influence of Israel has on American politics. We know the Jews hold the nation to ransom. They fund the politicians, and are in the government, pulling the strings ensuring that the policy of America favours Israel. The Catholics and Jews work together in a system they devise called ZIONISM. This is to place Jerusalem as world headquarters in a NEW WORLD ORDER, having a newly rebuilt TEMPLE, with an ANTICHRIST and FALSE PROPHET, ruling with impunity over mankind, MICROCHIPPED, MIND CONTROLLED, and deliberately deceived.

He has since died in a freak tractor accident this year in September. Here is his last public speech.

As an interesting side note: The Jews raided Iraq in 1981, calling it OPERATION BABYLON. The Jews also call companies they create BABYLON or use occult terms. The founder of Babylon was Jewish. The end time antichrist will be a Jew (Book of the Bee, Hadith, and Daniel)

James Traficant's Last Public Speech

Justice coming into View

Last year when put on the mind control programme having several attempts to end my life and being microwaved to near death, I prayed for all the victims of these insidious parasites in power who rape, abuse and murder people.

All the victims of these secret societies are prayed for each year particularly around their diabolical ritual times. We hope and pray God makes them escape from the horrors of these Satanic organisations whom use torture, rape, and murder as a means for personal power. They eat excrement, urine, blood in their diabolical rituals, having orgasmic rituals with jinns, using the power of BABYLON to fill this earth with their violence.

In recent months the victims of abuse have been coming forward detailing their horrors they endured from people in power. We learn politicians are involved in sex rings, with some murdering their victims. The media has known for years about individuals working for the BBC who have actively recruited people to join abuse rings. Scandal after scandal has come out.

The elite are involved in magic. They use the qlippoth in the kabbalah--these are the dark energies, the place of the abyss where hell is. They do tortuous deeds to release energies from victims. The Jinn, the male among them, use that energy, in exchange for power and wealth. A Rabbi once ascended into the Seven heavens remarking how different society was up there. He said it is the exact opposite on the earth. The righteous were in power while the lowest human beings had nothing. He learned these lowest forms can only get power on the earth. This means while righteousness reigns in heaven, evil reins on the earth.

Once such blog that tireless seeks to expose the coverups in government is JUSTICE DENIED, detailing the catalogue of horrors which go on. One woman who tried to expose abuse is Andrea Davidson, who had her house broken into, documents confiscated, vehicles stolen to name but a few.

We know most of this abuse must be linked with Satanic or occult activity. It is difficult to prove. Our job is to pray for the victims hoping that Allah will release them from their torment. God will hear our prayers and collectively they can make a difference.

Former British Intel Operative Andrea Davison, on the run for exposing abuse

Andrea Davison, former intelligence is on the run in South America after exposing the child abuse cover ups linked with the British establishment. The fact she is on the run says how seriously they take child abuse. Here is her testimony as a "targeted individual" for standing up for truth and justice.

Sonia Poulton Andrea Davison interview Thursday Dec 19, 2013

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Sabbatei Zevi - Islam

One of the conspiracies making the rounds comes from the work of Dr. Marvin Antelman who is now deceased. But during his life time he promoted the idea that leading Jews were part of the sect of Sabbatei Zevi.

He promoted the king pins of Zionism came from a Jewish sect which embraced Islam and Judaism, the founder of which was Sabbatei Zevi. He claimed they were a heretical sect.

We know is not true. The king pins of Zionism hate Islam. They are not followers of Sabbatei Zevi who was a student of the "kabbalah" but unfortunately had religious ideas that he was the Messiah.

Some believe he merely had political ambitions which drove him to conversion to Islam. But we cannot always rely on the writings of the Rabbis whom denounce any unorthodox sect as heresy. We cannot even rely on the accusations they make against Sabbatei Zevi and his followers. Jesus no less doesn't escape condemnation either for his messianic aspirations.

We learn of the followers of Sabbatei Zevi:

Whether through his efforts or their willingness to follow in his latest steps, about 300 families of Sephardic Jews converted to Islam, becoming known as the Dönmeh (also spelled Dönme), convert.[3] Some of the followers adhered to a combination of their former Jewish practices as well as Islam.

It is a ridiculous assertion of Rabbi Antleman to suggest families such as the Rothschilds are following a man who embraced both Judaism and Islam. Rabbi Antleman describes Sabbatei Zevi sect as a gnostic heresy.

The people in power are not gnostics in the form of early Jewish gnostics (as outlined in The Gospel of Barnabas). They do not follow Islam or Judaism. Any suggestions that they are is pure fantasy.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Julianne McKinney on Targeted Individuals

US Army Intelligence gives solid credibility on gang stalking and electronic harassment.

Testimony of Justin Smith, Bombared with Electro magnetic Weapons

Justin Smith was thought to be a member of the IRA by the British establishment, and soon found himself bombarded with electromagnetic weapons. He became a targeted individual. They put a laser beam on him called a MASER.

These laser beams are purple/blue in colour and can be seen through a digital camera when pointing it towards a source of light such as a light or the sun.

His story can be read here:

MKULTRA in Canada (drugs, torture, mind-control)

Project MKUltra, or MK-Ultra, was a covert, illegal human research program into behavioral modification run by the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) Office of Scientific Intelligence. The program began in the early 1950s

The research was undertaken at 80 institutions, including 44 colleges and universities, as well as hospitals, prisons and pharmaceutical companies.The CIA would operate through these institutions using front organizations, although sometimes top officials at these institutions would be aware of the CIA's involvement. MKUltra was allocated 6 percent of total CIA funds.

Project MKUltra was first brought to wide public attention in 1975 by the U.S. Congress, through investigations by the Church Committee, and by a presidential commission known as the Rockefeller Commission. Investigative efforts were hampered by the fact that CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all MKUltra files destroyed in 1973.

MKULTRA in Canada (drugs, torture, mind-control)

Frank Confessions: Catholic Church Magical Evocations

In the book, Ceremonial Magic and the Power of Evocation by Joseph Lisewski, he talks openly as a Roman Catholic about the church and magic. His book is a recipe for those striving to practice evocations or summon up demons.

Joseph Lisewksi mentions the Heptameron - this is a list of demons which must be contacted through holy angels.

He comments:

Joseph Lisewski asks a Jesuit priest to help him consecrate a sash for magical purposes. Jesuits no stranger to magical pursuits does this discreetly. Have you noticed the astrological signs on Jesuit retreats gates etc?

A Catholic priest helps Joseph in his magical evocations and helps him not to make a fundamental mistake. The Catholic church is much more magical these days. No wonder they are one of the richest on the planet. Talking to spirits has its financial rewards.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Jesuit Oath to Exterminate Protestants

The Jesuits have an oath to wage war to exterminate heretics and Protestants and Jews. A brave woman confronts the Black Pope with this oath and he denies such a thing exists.

The Jesuits was founded as a military order to eliminate the enemies of the Roman Catholic church. This is established fact, but they deny that they continue the practice.

A Jesuit was advisor to David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain until recently. They are masters of political intrigue and have sometimes been founded murdered in Russia under strange circumstances. They are behind neuro science and mind control technology through "computer brain interfaces". George Town University worked on Patrick Flannigan's Neurophone, an electronic device to send voices to the head via carrier waves. This technology would later be developed to use on "targeted individuals".

Many occult books have Jesuits practicing magic. The Encyclopaedia of Demons lists some Jesuits that went into the dark arts. The True Magical Work of the Jesuits give instructions on how to summon up demons. Liber 777 mentions one Jesuit.

The Jesuits originally had many Jewish members when it was founded. They were later thrown out by the Italian bloodline. Many suspect they are now welcome in the Order since they promote Zionism with an emphasis to ensure the Pope one day resides in Jerusalem.

THE BLACK POPE Adolfo Nicolas said he never saw the Jesuit Oath before

Catholic Bishop Admits Saturday is the Sabbath

A Catholic Bishop admits that Saturday is the Sabbath. He offers $1000 to prove Sunday is the Sabbath. He admits it was the Roman Catholic church which changed the day of worship.

Catholic Bishop Admits Saturday is the Sabbath

Gun Grabbers in America

Liberal Jews are behind the movement to disarm the American people. Try doing this in South Africa and the Jews will end up being murdered and raped by the criminals in the country. Such a high crime rate in South Africa left thousands of Jews fleeing for their lives leaving behind deserted synagogues in Joburg.

The blacks who now run South Africa have no love affair for the whites who made them suffer under "apartheid" let alone rich Jews who believe it is their privilege to be in an African country.

Thank God common sense prevails in South Africa. They keep themselves an "armed" nation. You need it down there. It is like the wild west. Gun grabbing liberal Jews can get a one way ticket to Hillbrow.

So imagine my surprise to learn a man who went on a shooting spree in America was himself a Jew and an admirer of Adolf Hitler reading Mein Kampf. His name was Jared Loughner.

Yet this one episode amongst many is used by these liberal Jews to grab America's guns. Every citizen has the right to bear arms and in some countries it becomes a necessity. In the UK they have long since banned fire arms for self defence and we have to respect this even if we may or may not agree. But we shouldn't allow the liberals to take away rights from others.

Some claim this Jared Loughner shooting spree was yet another false flag event to take away gun rights. He must be a budding communist. There is a strong Jewish movement in the US which supports the rights of people to bear arms. So even in the Jewish world they are conflicted on the issue. Certainly Jared doesn't represent most Jews who wouldn't care about gun rights either way. This insidious Jewish left is a mental disorder plaguing Judaism. They neither advance Torah and often conflict with Orthodox Judaism. This insane Jewish left is responsible for supporting the Rothschilds and covering up the trail of death and destruction their fellow cohorts did in Russia.

It is about time Jews stopped supporting communism. It is not Godly nor does it advance Torah. Communism only serves the Rothschild cartel not humanity. Let's support humanity not despotism.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Journal's Lies about David Koresh

The, publication of the Churches of God recently published an article penning the usual lies against David Koresh. There are many videos and documentaries on youtube questioning the official account of events, with testimonies from survivors.

Koresh, is the name chosen by David, because it is the name of the Prophet Muhammed's tribe.

Some of see through the Zionist rubbish. They cannot explain the Holy Quran. Compare Judaism and Islam. Even there own Jewish scholars, those worth their salt, admit the similarities (eg. The Jewish Foundation of Islam by Charles Torrey, 1929).

David Koresh was not responsible for setting his compound alight. Video footage later which came out showed it was the ATF. Bill Clinton is responsible for many murders, the body list almost exhaustive. See the video documentary earlier in this post. He was in office at the time of the event.

William Colby, a staunch Roman Catholic, was director of the CIA, released a tape. He was soon found dead in a freak boat accident which many believe to be murder. See the article: WHO MURDERED THE CIA CHIEF?


The damning evidence at Waco was a Forward Looking Infrared record taken from an orbiting FBI surveillance aircraft. According to Gordon Novell, these images were first provided to the Davidian defense team by former CIA Director William Colby. Shortly afterward, Bill Colby died in what was ruled to be an accidental drowning.

The allegations made against David Koresh are unsubstantiated by many of the survivors of Waco. May I remind you they make the same allegations against Herbert W. Armstrong, and many other non-conformists.

One Islamic researchers which could give most Christian conspiracy theoriests a run for their money is Omar Zaid and his book, The Hand of Iblis.

To find out about the banking system, research Eustace Mullins.

Cathi Morgan - UK Mind Control Site

Cathi Morgan's research first alerted us that the mind control programmes are happening in Salisbury, in Porton Down. There they have a scientific and technological unit that specialises in electro magnetic frequencies.

RAF Rudloe Manor, nor Corsham, Wiltshire, is home to underground "bases". These seem to be linked to a computer system hosting the UK's nuclear's deterrent, Trident. There are rumours of even more levels to these underground bases where top security passes are required with everyone sworn to top secrecy. Wiltshire appears on the surface to be an important place for the Zionist elite, and it wouldn't surprise us if heinous mind control experiments are not being carried on there.

NATO Command Bunker Under Our Feet: A Bristol Indymedia Exclusive To most of us it's just another chain link fence off the road from Bath to Chippenham, but investigative journalist Duncan Campbell believes the underground Corsham Computer Centre houses a top-secret and top-level NATO command post. Recent anonymous reports by contract workers who have been deep underground say a gigantic new U.S. computer system has just been installed. And the Ministry of Defence press office still have the cheek to deny that there are underground facilities in Corsham. So are the U.S. Department of Defence and our MoD hiding from Al Quaeda... or from the public who pay their wages? Phil Chamberlain takes a peep down this and some of their other nearby multi-billion pound rabbit holes.Porton Down, should be of interest to the establishment outside of the UK. (source:

She has her own website, called,

It is certainly worth having a look at.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

O.T.O Sex Magic is what its about! & The Caliphate

The O.T.O have their own "Caliphate". A new and improved OTO. Just when you thought it was an Islamic term. O Children of Edom, your destruction draws near. Jesus Christ will destroy you imposters.

"In 1977, a new American Ordo Templi Orientis, (O.T.O.), called "Caliphate" selfstyled itself to be the worldwide "Grand Lodge" when his protagonist Grady Louis McMurtry (1918–1985) signed a paper: "Let all Thelemites know that I, Hymenaeus Alpha, 777 IX° O.T.O., 9=2, Caliph of the Ordo Templi Orientis of Aleister Crowley, Baphomet, 666, do hereby Charter Thelema Lodge as Grand Lodge of O.T.O.". (source:

The people who join the O.T.O are perverts and social delinquents. They enjoy feasting on Cakes of Light with their special ingredients of semen, blood and honey. They also partake of sex inside the magic circle.

The most depraved of sex acts are encouraged inside this insidious order. Those making it to the 11th degree enjoy the art of sodomy as a form of initiation.

Crowley who encouraged underage sex, human sacrifice, and bestiality is the founder of the O.T.O who encourage child blessings during the Equinoxes. These disgusting perverts have the audacity to undermine Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Their own founder died a penniless humiliated fool.

Why anyway would take such an occult order like this seriously is beyond me? There appears to be very little light and much darkness and the activities of these groups are covered up by those in authority. How many of our politicians are members?

To learn more about what they get up to, read:

See also: Secret Rituals of the OTO by Francis King (PDF)

We have to be "Zealots".

Some people may wonder why we expose the Jews when we have a high regard for the Torah and followers of the God of Israel? The reason is because the Jews are the trouble makers who throughout history have made alliances with Rome.

We have to be like the ancient "Zealots". This sect was the fourth sect of Judaism. They would have exposed their fellow Jews and accused them of being collaborators with Rome.

From Wikipedia:

The Zealots were a "fourth sect", founded by Judas of Galilee (also called Judas of Gamala) in the year 6 against Quirinius' tax reform, shortly after the Roman Empire declared what had most recently been the tetrarchy of Herod Archelaus to be a Roman province, and that they "agree in all other things with the Pharisaic notions; but they have an inviolable attachment to liberty, and say that God is to be their only Ruler and Lord." (18.1.6)

We hold the same spiritual values as the Zealots. We love liberty and desire the freedom to worship God. Our only acknowledgement is Allah, the one great God--the God of Israel.

The Prophet Muhammed is a good example of a Zealot. He fought mighty battles against the Jews in his day. He fought against tribes which caused him trouble. God is not a pacifist. He outlines for us the "Law of Equality" whereby we exact vengeance according to the ancient Torah law, "eye for eye". These laws applied to the Prophet Muhammed since he was under attack.

The Apostle Paul is thought to be a Zealot by some researchers.

The Jews do not follow the God of Israel. Less than ten per cent are Torah Observant. We are not to follow a race of people, a religion, or a nation. We should only follow the God of Israel.

Rich powerful Jews seem more interested in occult arts than the Torah. This can be seen by the things they promote, the lives they lead, and the images in the media. We can see this by the number of Jews involved in magic groups such as the Golden Dawn.

There have been reports of O.T.O rituals going on under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem reported by survivors of ritual abuse in America. What is happening in Israel? Why do the Jews permit this type of evil amongst their midst?

We have to be Zealots in our desire to follow God. Forget the Jews. Forget the nation of Israel. They are all in apostasy and some dabbling with dark arts. Their destruction is coming. The God of Israel will destroy that nation before the advent of Jesus Christ. We need to hope and pray that we are counted worthy to escape such punishments which are coming on the whole world.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Police Arrest Chris Spivey, Conspiracy Theorist at 2am

The police made a 2am raid on Chris Spivey, a notorious conspiracy theorist studying the murder of British soldier, Lee Rigby. He claimed after much research and studying over 8 hours of video footage that the event was a staged affair with his murder being a hoax.

The police accused him of harassment and later was hand cuffed away.

There are many people who have suspicions about the events of Lee Rigby. Some conspiracy theorists have got murdered in the past for their views. It is not uncommon in the UK that they should attempt to discredit or destroy people they believe are promoting a revisionist form of the events.

The Jews and Catholics, the two blood brothers, own the UK Corporation. Their intelligence services set up and stage these anti Islamic events. One Labour MP wrote one of the 7/7 bombers was on MI5 payroll. One attacker behind Lee Rigby was contacted by MI5 prior to his murderous spree. Islam is the only true opposition to the Roman Catholic cult and Sadducean Judaism (which make up the Jewish elite). Hell, their abode is where they will go because they reject the afterlife, giving us a worthless bunch of scriptures missing out hell, heaven, the resurrection, angels, demons, and many other mystical matters.

Some poor souls end up on "mind control" programmes being harassed with electronic weapons by satellites and microwave towers. These weapons monitor, track and harass individuals. Sadly many have lost their lives under them since they cannot cope with the abuse. They are designed eventually to "kill" people off. They are not experiments.

The news report says he was not charged with offences. It appears to be a campaign to discredit him and possibly remove his child into care. An update on his situation can be found on his website.

See related article:

Chris Spivey talking about his ILLEGAL arrest for speaking the TRUTH

Bill Maloney Helps Fight Against Child Abuse

Bill Maloney is a person on youtube who attempts to expose the criminal activities of people in power. He names the names and tirelessly campaigns against the system.

He has been followed by the police and no doubt he is on a target list.

In one of his videos he tackles Ken Livingstone.

Bill Maloney Rattles Ken Livingstone

Bill Maloney asks Pope's Priest 'Can you tell me Father'?

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Brain Implants to connect Humans to Internet by 2020

Michael Synder writes that we will have microchip implants which enable people to connect to the internet by the year 2020.

In the article, A Chip In The Head: Brain Implants Will Be Connecting People To The Internet By The Year 2020 he reports:

According to a Computer World UK article, Intel believes that they will have Internet-connected brain implants in people’s heads by the year 2020…

By the year 2020, you won’t need a keyboard and mouse to control your computer, say Intel researchers. Instead, users will open documents and surf the web using nothing more than their brain waves.

Scientists at Intel’s research lab in Pittsburgh are working to find ways to read and harness human brain waves so they can be used to operate computers, television sets and cell phones. The brain waves would be harnessed with Intel-developed sensors implanted in people’s brains.

The scientists say the plan is not a scene from a sci-fi movie, Big Brother won’t be planting chips in your brain against your will. Researchers expect that consumers will want the freedom they will gain by using the implant.

And some very prominent Internet firms simply take it for granted that most of us will eventually have brain implants that connect us directly to the Internet…

Google has a plan. Eventually it wants to get into your brain. “When you think about something and don’t really know much about it, you will automatically get information,” Google CEO Larry Page said in Steven Levy’s book, “In the Plex: How Google Thinks, Works and Shapes Our Lives.” “Eventually you’ll have an implant, where if you think about a fact, it will just tell you the answer.”

In the future, the minds of most people could potentially be connected to the Internet 24 hours a day. Imagine sending an email or answering your phone by just thinking about it. According to the New York Times, this is where we are eventually heading…

Soon, we might interact with our smartphones and computers simply by using our minds. In a couple of years, we could be turning on the lights at home just by thinking about it, or sending an e-mail from our smartphone without even pulling the device from our pocket. Farther into the future, your robot assistant will appear by your side with a glass of lemonade simply because it knows you are thirsty.

Researchers in Samsung’s Emerging Technology Lab are testing tablets that can be controlled by your brain, using a cap that resembles a ski hat studded with monitoring electrodes, the MIT Technology Review, the science and technology journal of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, reported this month.

The technology, often called a brain computer interface, was conceived to enable people with paralysis and other disabilities to interact with computers or control robotic arms, all by simply thinking about such actions. Before long, these technologies could well be in consumer electronics, too.

Brain decoder can eavesdrop on your inner voice

The New Scientist admits in one of their latest articles that it is possible to read the thoughts of human beings confirming what many have been saying for years under "mind control" technology.

In the article: Brain decoder can eavesdrop on your inner voice we learn:

... researchers have eavesdropped on our internal monologue for the first time. The achievement is a step towards helping people who cannot physically speak communicate with the outside world.

Pasley and his colleagues recorded brain activity in people who already had electrodes implanted in their brain to treat epilepsy, while they listened to speech. The team found that certain neurons in the brain's temporal lobe were only active in response to certain aspects of sound, such as a specific frequency. One set of neurons might only react to sound waves that had a frequency of 1000 hertz, for example, while another set only cares about those at 2000 hertz. Armed with this knowledge, the team built an algorithm that could decode the words heard based on neural activity alone (PLoS Biology,

Another seven participants ... Each participant was asked to read the text aloud, read it silently in their head and then do nothing. While they read the text out loud, the team worked out which neurons were reacting to what aspects of speech and generated a personalised decoder to interpret this information. The decoder was used to create a spectrogram – a visual representation of the different frequencies of sound waves heard over time. As each frequency correlates to specific sounds in each word spoken, the spectrogram can be used to recreate what had been said. They then applied the decoder to the brain activity that occurred while the participants read the passages silently to themselves (see diagram).

Despite the neural activity from imagined or actual speech differing slightly, the decoder was able to reconstruct which words several of the volunteers were thinking, using neural activity alone (Frontiers in Neuroengineering,

Several other researchers are also investigating ways to read the human mind. Some can tell what pictures a person is looking at, others have worked out what neural activity represents certain concepts in the brain, and one team has even produced crude reproductions of movie clips that someone is watching just by analysing their brain activity. So is it possible to put it all together to create one multisensory mind-reading device?

In theory, yes, says Martin, but it would be extraordinarily complicated. She says you would need a huge amount of data for each thing you are trying to predict. "It would be really interesting to look into. It would allow us to predict what people are doing or thinking," she says. "But we need individual decoders that work really well before combining different senses."


Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Brains behind Mind Control Technology

Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the founder of the NEW AGE MOVEMENT is the brains behind mind control technology through his theories on the singularity.

Today we have a Jesuit controlling the Vatican. Their members are now funding and working on neuroscience. They are interested in linking our brains to computers so our collective thoughts can be monitored in what they call "brain computer interface" technology.

One organisation none other than the European Commission are pushing forward this mind control technology, writes Toward the Omega Point - The Future of Human-Technology Interfaces

Brain-to-brain communication will become instantaneous thanks to the advent of brain implants that will enable reading memory and emotional states in real-time and will enable the sharing of data with other humans or machines through quantum communication links.

Data will be received by brain implants and actuated instantaneously, i.e. the rational and emotional states of the originating human will be perceived by the receiving human(s) as if they are actually experienced. This will allow achieving the myth of telepathy.

With increasingly reliable communication between multiple brains and bodies at the speed of quantum networks, thoughts will be instantaneously captured and shared between humans at a global level.

This will mark a significant step towards the vision of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin of a supreme point (Omega Point) toward which the universe is constantly developing to reach increasingly higher levels of consciousness and unity.

This type of technology is currently being used by mind control victims who are called "targeted individuals." Robert Duncan blew the whistle on this technology in his book, Project Soul Catcher. Dr John Hall also campaigns against the use of electronic harassment technology.

The technology is being experimented on by disabled people. As we can see by the quote from the European Commission the goal is mass surveillance of human thoughts or minds. They hide behind the disabled whilst they further research for mass mind control.

See some of their research in the videos on this website:

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Babylon's Jewish Flavour

Most Christians will not be aware that the founder of Babylon had a Jewish father.

King Nebuchadnezzar, the head of Babylon, was the son of King Solomon and Queen Sheba. This is recorded by the Jews and there is no reason to disbelieve it. Apparently this information is also supposed to be in the book, Legends of the Jews.

From the Jewish Encyclopedia,

Nebuchadnezzar, the "wicked one" ("ha-rasha'"; Meg. 11a; Ḥag. 13b; Pes. 118a), was a son—or descendant?—of the Queen of Sheba by her marriage with Solomon ("Alphabet Ben Sira," ed. Venice, 21b; comp. Brüll's "Jahrb." ix. 9), and a son-in-law of Sennacherib (Targ. to Isa. x. 32; Lam. R., Introduction, 23, says "a grandson"),

King Solomon must have married Queen Sheba, whom the Quran describes as a "practicing witch". She came to King Solomon to learn about his wisdom ending up as one of his wives.

They had a son that would produce the nation or kingdom called BABYLON.

Russian Doctors become "Targeted Individuals"

The Baranov Family claimed to have taken out a court case in California exposing the use of electronic weapons against the citizens. The Russian doctors have ended up being targeted themselves.

Their story can be read on their website:

Remote Control Project

The UK government is behind research, funding and bringing forward "remote control" military assignments on its enemies abroad including psychological operations and satellite surveillance. We can see this by the continual use of "remote control" drones and technology which doesn't require human combat.

The Oxford Research Group, part of The Oxford University are behind the research.

They are following the lead of the American government who use "remote control" technology in militarily combat.

From Murky Special Ops Have Become Corporate Bonanza

The U.S. government is paying private contractors billions of dollars to support secretive military units with drones, surveillance technology, and “psychological operations,” according to new research.

A detailed report, published last week by the London-based Remote Control Project, shines a light on the murky activities of the U.S. Special Operations Command by analysing publicly available procurement contracts dated between 2009 and 2013.

The Remote Control Project states,

"One dominant idea now is countering threats at a distance without the deployment of large military forces, what may be ‘remote control’ ... The trend is paralleled by the evolving privatisation of military forces. Connected with these ‘discreet’ military measures are cyber and surveillance activities."

This means the UK military are using "targeted individual" technology against individuals. This technology falls under remote control technology via microwaves, cell towers, acoustic weapons, "voice of God" weapons etc.

The Oxford University are behind "brain computer" interface technology. They research linking up the human brain to computers. They are involved in hideous animal experiments and mixing up the genetic pools of human and animal DNA in attempts to create hybrid embryo's.

Is there an evil these men are not involved in?

Our only hope is the return of Jesus Christ to end this madness. God speed that day.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Targeted Individuals in Israel

There are 450 targeted individuals in Israel suffering from various forms of torture who have formed into a support group. One of the victim's stories can be heard at 50 minutes in at:

And we learn most of these are in Tel Aviv. And past 20 minutes we learn a Syrian Muslim man was placed on the target list. This is taken from:

The mind manipulators pick on all types of people including the Jews. The programmes are worldwide and feature people of all religions and races.

They like to incite "anti-Semitism" and "anti Islamist" sentiments in me and other targeted individuals so they can set people up on bogus charges. They implant radical and extremist opinions in the minds hoping victim's will act on them. They then sit back in glee whilst poor victim's act on their evil thoughts.

We always have to be on guard to their evil ways. Their thoughts are not ours and we should do everything possible, though we know it is difficult, to expel their evil thoughts against people's, and religions.

Silent Terror: One family’s history of political persecution in the United States

Arnold Lockshin a scientist working on cancer research became a victim by the American government. He fled America back in 1986 escaping to Russia.

He wrote a book detailing his story, giving us a glimpse of the torture and harassment he suffered at the hands of the American government.

The book is called, Silent Terror: One family’s history of political persecution in the United States and can be read in pdf form free.

It has been featured on the website:

Freedom from Covert Harassment Conference Call Audio

Freedom from Covert Harassment, who is dedicated to exposing electronic harassment, the use of gang stalking and covert technologies on targeted individuals presents its latest conference calls.

You can listen to them on their website or download the following:

FFCHS LiveCast - Saturday October 18, 2014 - Hour 1

FFCHS LiveCast - Saturday October 18, 2014 - Hour2

FFCHS LiveCast - Saturday October 18, 2014 - Hour3

FFCHS LiveCast - Saturday October 18, 2014 - Hour4

FFCHS LiveCast - Saturday October 18, 2014 - Hour5

FFCHS LiveCast - Saturday October 18, 2014 - Hour6

FFCHS LiveCast - Saturday October 18, 2014 - Hour7

FFCHS LiveCast - Saturday October 18, 2014 - Hour8

Obama is Paying MIT, DARPA & Rockefeller For Human Brain ‘Experiments’

by Susanne Posel

The National Institutes of Health has allocated $46 million “to support the goals of the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative.”

•Lawrence Livermore Laboratory was given $1.2 million

•Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was awarded 7 separate grants totaling $4.5 million

•University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic received close to $5 million “for basic neuroscience, generate ways to classify and analyze the brain’s 86 billion cells and trillions of connections, and create new ways to record brain circuits, among other goals”

Other grants were given to “develop systems that use lasers to control the activity of individual cells and circuits in the brain”, differentiate “cell types in brain circuits involved in vision and other sensations”, and use fMRI technology to “show the activity of individual brain cells”.

Along with the distribution of money, the National Photonics Initiative (NPI) created the Photonics Industry Neuroscience Group (PING) to work with the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and BRAIN to involve private industry organizations and investment potentials initially committing $30 million in existing and future research and development spending over the next three years to advance optics and photonics technology.

Francis Collins, director of the NIH explained : “The human brain is the most complicated biological structure in the known universe. We’ve only just scratched the surface in understanding how it works — or, unfortunately, doesn’t quite work when disorders and disease occur. There’s a big gap between what we want to do in brain research and the technologies available to make exploration possible. These initial awards are part of a 12-year scientific plan focused on developing the tools and technologies needed to make the next leap in understanding the brain. This is just the beginning of an ambitious journey and we’re excited about the possibilities.”

The majority of the money is going toward the furtherance of technology designed to:

•classifying the myriad cell types in the brain

•producing tools and techniques for analyzing brain cells and circuits

•creating next-generation human brain imaging technology

•developing methods for large-scale recordings of brain activity

•integrating experiments with theories and models to understand the functions of specific brain circuits

Back in 2013, President Obama devoted $100 million to the BRAIN initiative; made up of:



• Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HMMI)

• Kavil Foundation (KF)

• Salk Institute for Biological Studies (SIBS)

• Rockefeller University

• Stanford University

• Allen Institute

• Cornell University

• University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)

The initial goal of BRAIN was to goal : “Imagine if no family had to feel helpless watching a loved one disappear behind the mask of Parkinson’s or struggle in the grip of epilepsy. Imagine if we could reverse traumatic brain injury or PTSD for our veterans who are coming home. Imagine if someone with a prosthetic limb can now play the piano or throw a baseball as well as anybody else, because the wiring from the brain to that prosthetic is direct and triggered by what’s already happening in the patient’s mind. What if computers could respond to our thoughts or our language barriers could come tumbling down. Or if millions of Americans were suddenly finding new jobs in these fields — jobs we haven’t even dreamt up yet — because we chose to invest in this project.”

Since the creation and implementation of BRAIN, scientists and researchers have made startling discoveries such as:

•Neuroscientists at Cornell University (CU) publishing a paper claiming to have cracked the “code” used by the human brain that controlled how experiences are processed – as either objective or subjective events.

•Researchers from George Washington University (GWU) published a study claiming to have discovered the “on/off” switch inside the human brain where “consciousness” or “sentience” is located, which can be electronically turned on or off completely.

•DARPA releasing information on their new program Systems-Based Neurotechnology for Emerging Therapies (SUBNETS) that will place an implant into the brain of participating patients to wirelessly monitor activity in real-time to facilitate treatments for mental illness such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression.

•Robert Coghill, professor of neurobiology and anatomy at Wake Forest Baptist (WFB) lead a study to explain how pain is registered differently within the general population.

•The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created a new department called the Center for Brains, Minds and Machines (CBMM) for researchers to study what constitutes intelligence and how humans are artificially engineer it.

•MIT scientists have developed a technique to implant false memories into the minds of laboratory rats.

In the NIH report entitled “BRAIN 2025: A Scientific Vision”, it is the future of neuroscience to advance to the level where the US government “can envision a comprehensive understanding of the brain in action, spanning molecules, cells, circuits, systems, and behavior.”

The priorities of the report include:

•Discovering diversity: Identify and provide experimental access to the different brain cell types to determine their roles in health and disease.

•Maps at multiple scales: Generate circuit diagrams that vary in resolution from synapses to the whole brain.

•The brain in action: Produce a dynamic picture of the functioning brain by developing and applying improved methods for large-scale monitoring of neural activity.

•Demonstrating causality: Link brain activity to behavior with precise interventional tools that change neural circuit dynamics.

•Identifying fundamental principles: Produce conceptual foundations for understanding the biological basis of mental processes through development of new theoretical and data analysis tools.

•Advancing human neuroscience: Develop innovative technologies to understand the human brain and treat its disorders; create and support integrated human brain research networks.

•From BRAIN Initiative to the brain: Integrate new technological and conceptual approaches produced in Goals #1-6 to discover how dynamic patterns of neural activity are transformed into cognition, emotion, perception, and action in health and disease.


Patrick Flannigan's Neurophone for Sale 2015

This must be a sick joke. But it isn't. The man who was responsible for discovering that voices could be beamed inside of the head carried via microwaves was Patrick Flannigan at the age of 13.

This man's invention has been responsible for the American government snatching the technology which was later worked on by George Town University. Jesuits must have perfected this system of torture to perfection. This torture device is used against targeted individuals who have voices beamed to the head via these carrier microwaves. The voices are sent directly to the head and no other person can hear them. The voices are part of an "assassination" programme devised by America to destroy, disarm and murder people around the world.

Writes Flannigan, "Says Dr. Flanagan about his amazing Neurophone he first invented in 1958 at age 13, "I do believe the Neurophone will eventually enhance every person that uses one."

The neurophone claims to beam microwaves to the brain. Available for $399 next year in 2015.


See also article: Hear with Ultrasound Using a TL494 as a Flanagan Neurophone:

Patrick Flanagan invented the "Neurophone" over 40 years ago. His original patent (US3393279) was basically a radio transmitter that could be picked up by the human nervous system. It modulated a one-watt 40kHz transmitter with the audio signal, and used very near-field antennas to couple it to the body. It also used extremely high voltages.

Fortunately, we don’t need to work with radio transmitters or high voltages. Over a decade later, Flanagan came up with a version of the "Neurophone" that didn’t use radio, or high voltages. (Patent US3647970)

The second version of the "Neurophone" used ultrasound instead. By modulating an ultrasonic signal with the audio we want to listen to, it gets picked up by a little-known part of the brain and turned into something that feels like sound.

Peter Sutcliffe, Yorkshire Ripper Hears Echo Voices

Peter Sutcliffe, known as the Yorkshire Ripper, who went on to murder 13 women, claimed back in the 1980s that he heard the "voice of God", a voice which sounded like an echo, talking to him in a grave yard.

Sutcliffe, a known Roman Catholic, began to hear this echo at the age of 18. He is now a devout Jehovah Witness.

See the following news article,,1081966

The Times stated, "He claimed he heard the voice of God, speaking from tombstones while he was working in a graveyard, telling him to kill prostitutes. He was given 20 life sentences after his Old Bailey trial in 1981 trial but no minimum term was ever formally imposed until now."

Muhammed Asghar, who wrote a letter to Tony Blair condemning the Iraqi war began to hear voices from his satellite receiver soon after. Sutcliffe heard voices from tombstones. Muhammed Asghar is now on death row in Pakistan after he became convinced that he was the Prophet Muhammed. Sutcliffe heard voices telling him to murder prostitutes.

Robert Duncan who worked for the CIA on mind control programmes to hack into human minds, remote control people and behaviour, mind reading, coined the phrase "Voice of God" weapons as part of his research. Technology was worked on by him to send voices into people's heads via microwave technology. See his book, Project Soul Catcher.

We do not know if Peter Sutcliffe has been influenced by this technology but his unusual statement about "echos" is familiar to many under mind control technology. Echoes are heard when voices are transmitted via the technology from external sources (ie from the sky). Synthetic telepathy, that is beaming voices internally into the head (ie inside the head), does not have echoes. The CIA, NSA, MI6 and possibly MI5 have this technology. The Jews have been working on it in Israel through Rothschild dollars, and Shimon Peres was promoting it with a million dollar grant. As yet we are unable to confirm if Mossad uses this type of technology from any legitimate sources.

Herbert W Armstrong's Eccentric Jews

Delving into the archives of co-worker and brethren letters written by Herbert W. Armstrong we can make some interesting discoveries. We often overlook some of these letters.

We discover Garner Ted Armstrong had emotional issues, enjoyed drinking and gambling. Nothing said of his womanising ways which was to later come out by former members.

But of interest, Herbert W Armstrong called Jews who wanted to build a third temple, "eccentric". Or simply put delusional.

Today there is a strong movement to rebuild the Temple with the Temple Institute. They are ready with all the necessary ritual items already prepared.

Herbert W. Armstrong meets with three ultra Orthodox Rabbis from Jerusalem who know all about his church holding conversations with them until 2am. They want him to help them rebuild a third temple.

Writes Armstrong,

... He said his group of ultraorthodox Jews had been studying the New Testament. He said (and I have since verified the truth of this) that these Jews expected a pre-Messiah to come almost immediately prior to the coming of the Messiah or Christ, and that he himself is that pre-Messiah or “ante-Christ” as he termed it. He insisted it is necessary that I help him politically become the Israeli Prime Minister. They seemed to know all about me personally.

"At 2 a.m. they left. I gave them my very definite answer. I cannot in any manner join him in politics. The rabbis left rather downhearted. I have checked and this man is in fact who he claims to be. My real appraisal I will not now state.

But I have heard from other sources that some rather eccentric Jews are planning to build a temple in Jerusalem. This could certainly provoke a serious crisis in the Middle East. It could inflame the Arab nations as never before. It could lead to a withholding of oil and using an Arab oil boycott as a weapon to force Europe to oppose the State of Israel. This could lead to the formation of the prophesied United States of Europe, and lead directly into the Great Tribulation.

These Israeli rabbis did positively express the conviction that the Second Coming of Christ is very near at hand.

Herbert W Armstrong contrary to most of his splinter groups did not want a third temple to be rebuilt in Jerusalem. He called such ideas eccentric which would lead to the Great Tribulation. A group of Rabbi's admit their system leads to the "anti-Christ" before the advent of the return of Jesus Christ, the Messiah to Israel. Zionism is creating the Anti-Christ system. How could we be so blind?

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Targeted Individuals in the Media

Spare a thought to some famous people who also become victims of "electronic" harassment and microwave technology. These people have reached out to a support group in the United States.

This is about one of the only blogs in the UK who continues to speak out about the "electronic harassment", and gives the targeted individuals a voice. This no doubt arouses a lot of hostility amongst our government who believe in silencing information relating to this mind control technology. It is real and it is happening to thousands worldwide.

Targeted Individuals in the Media

Presented by Derrick Robinson at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Targeted Individual Conference June 14, 2014.

ELF Technology and Microwave Based Mind Control with Dr John Hall

David Knight welcomes to the Infowars studio Dr. John Hall, anesthesiologist and author of "Satellite Terrorism" to discuss the facts of the possibilities of Government mind control and Satellite harassment.

Dr John Hall wrote a book about his experiences of a young woman who came to him for help complaining of gang stalking and satellite harassment. He has turned this into a movie, see

ELF Technology and Microwave Based Mind Control with Dr John Hall

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Mohammad Asghar in Pakistan was shot

Mohammad Asghar, came to our attention when hearing his story. We are convinced he is under mind control technology unknown to him and his family. We featured his story on his blog. His demise began when he wrote a letter to Catholic Tony Blair protesting the war in Iraq.

No sooner had he done this, he began to hear voices coming from electronic equipment in what began a downward spiral. His family could not cope with his odd behaviour so they sent him back to Pakistan. Here he began saying he was the Prophet Muhammed and wish to die, having suicidal thoughts.

Mohammed who is on death row in a high security prison in Pakistan was shot at by a man who managed to smuggle a gun into the top security prison.

His sad tale began with Tony Blair, a Roman Catholic. He is part of a Roman secret society. His is also on the Zionist pay roll with being the Ambassador for Peace in the Middle East.

Asghar was the victim of a mind control programme. These can be carried out by MI6 covert operations unit in Porton Down who specialise in terrorising the British public. MI5 may well also have access to this technology and carry out their own operations.

Certainly the general public would benefit to know about Port Down, one of the secret hubs of mind control in the United Kingdom used by the government.

From a website:

UK security services have had a very close association with Porton Down since its establishment in 1916 as the Royal Engineers Experimental Station for chemical weapons testing.

Porton Down has evolved into a multi-faceted research and development facility, partly operated by the private international defence and security technology company QinetiQ (one of the UK’s top ten companies employing science and engineering graduates), and the government ‘Defence Science & Technology Laboratory’ (DSTL). The DSTL is a multi-disciplinary department, covering counter terrorism, security, and the mysteriously named ‘cyber and influence’ – which it cites as directing research in ‘human influence’.

The UK military and security services have departments dedicated to developing and researching methods to control people through psychological manipulation. The government has very well-funded and resourced departments whose sole purpose is to ensure both foreign and domestic propaganda and public manipulation is effective.

The hub of military psychological operations (known as PSYOPS) are the Psychological Operations Groups, which in the UK are part of 1 Military Intelligence Brigade of the Intelligence Corp. The operation groups control PSYOPS for the three military services (army, navy, and air force).

Both the UK Security Service (MI5) and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) use various tactics to manipulate and control individuals for the purpose of ensuring local and national agendas are effective.

We hope that common sense prevails and Mohammed Asghar is released from the prison in Pakistan and is returned to the United Kingdom to be with his family. They should never have sent him over there. We should pray for his safe return.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Andy Lewis Targeted Individual Blog

At the time of writing the "targeting" against myself continues hearing British accents through the computer head phones discussing me and the family.

For some reason some of their conversations can be picked up even though synthetic telepathy is also on me. They ironically were discussing a member of family coming down the stairs, the dog sitting in the chair, amongst a host of other lurid details with fanciful allegations, setting me up on charges, etc.

The terrorist network in our midst comes from the sewer pit of Lucifer. He is the god of this world. He is worshipped by their cronies in power. They do not like the God of Israel. They despise the truth in the Holy Bible, the Holy Quran and the book of Enoch. They would rather persecute those striving to obey God and take them down, rather than the evil people who bankrupt our nations and set up these mind control programmes. These programmes have been going on for years, put on thousands of people worldwide.

The Bible foretold a time of evil would emerge when they would persecute those who worship and love God. We are in these days. They do it through intrigue and deception. They call people all manner of names under these mind control programmes in vain hopes to disillusion and disturb the people they are monitoring. False allegations are the only carrot to destroy the people. They have done this for years to many people. Tragically many of their victims are no longer here.

Andy Lewis, a whistle blower, has suffered harassment from authorities for over 18 years campaigning for soldiers of war. He maintains a blog called

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Bill Clinton's List of the Undead

Bill Clinton, whose wife Hilary embraced the screens of the BBC recently, has a litany of people who have died under strange circumstances. Bill Clinton known for Cocaine smuggling, and making women pregnant not his wife, enjoined the murders of Sabbath keepers in Waco.

To be a friend of these despots is an invitation for the graveyard.

In the Sabbath community we remember Bill Clinton for ordering the massacre against David Koresh and the WACO siege. Those who have studied some of the affair know the official accounts come from a devilish source fit only for plebs of Zion, whom swallow things hook, line and sinker.

We say this in tongue and cheek because our own Bibles paints a conspiracy in Jerusalem with an Antichrist who is Jewish (see 2 Thess 4 and Daniel) yet we are expected to believe the Catholic church is behind all of the world's troubles.

The Zionist churches of Herbert W. Armstrong do not get any persecution. They are welcomed on the media and their followers for the most part escape much attention. A far cry from Biblical pronouncements of persecution. Yet those who profess a Zionist conspiracy are the most hounded and persecuted by the Jews, the ADL, the media, the government, even intelligence agencies.

About time we wake up (Herbert W Armstrong). Perhaps we ought to heed Armstrong's final message to us, Do not Believe Me, Believe Your Bible.

The presentation below is a list of strange deaths resembling the list in the film, Cry Freedom. A documentary of Bill Clinton's murders is featured in the video. This man has killed more people than we can even imagine.

Today we have our own struggles for freedom against tyranny and oppression. The world will only be free when Jesus Christ returns. God speed that day!

Are you Clinton's Friend?... then you're DEAD!

Expose on the Bill Clinton Documentary: Censored by the BBC: Some of Bills Murders