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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Sandra Bland - Armstrong's Followers Turn a Blind Eye

Armstrong's followers turn a blind eye to injustice. Black people have increasingly become the target of abuse by the American government and the police as if coming from the cauldron of a sinister plan to create race wars in the country.

Sandra Bland, a black activist was recently stopped by a police officer, detained by Texas police, later found hanging from suicide the following day.

There has been a history of black people being killed by the police in America. At least 15 black women have been killed through police action one way or another or their deaths labelled "suicide". See the article, These 15 Black Women Were Killed During Police Encounters. Their Lives Matter, Too

All of these human rights abuses are swept under the carpet by the Armstrong's churches as if their nation is a Christian nation of any virtue. America is the home of occult knowledge, hardly Christian is it?