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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Website Hacked Only Hours after Being Restored

My commerce website has been hacked only hours after being restored by the web designer. I had to pay 72 pounds to restore it after the home page was deliberately deleted replacing it with a blog.

My life resembles a science fiction book with Satanic minded people behind a computer screen hacking into servers and preventing access to the administration of the site. These people use laser beam technology. The harassment has gone on for two years from March 2013 with a laser beam, and computer generated voices. A network of psychopaths telling me to do all sorts of things. Of course it has to involve breaking the law. They have destroyed three cars in the last two years with the latest offering being a brick swung from a bridge. Obviously aiming for the head but the psychos missed. They have left us without a fridge, hi fi, washing machine, no hot water, and even had the lights going on and off at one time. Some bad luck or actually the tarot cards are right since they claim we were under surveillance.

Yet again the plan is to destroy economically the people they target. Wasting resources, money, time and leaving people destitute to live as vagabonds on the street.

This time I have reported the website hacking to the police.

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